Donne Anonime and rubber boobs

My 1/8 Donne Anonime figure based on the Nitro+’s eroge Satsuriku no Jango finally arrived yesterday. Manufactured by Alter, this figure looks absolutely fabulous! Loved the pose! ^^

Oh btw, Donne is not castoff-able sadly. But that’s ok. ^^;

This above n00bish picture is taken by me (-_-||) and you can find more professionally taken ones at FooBarBaz . The ones you see at FooBarBaz is of the limited edition that has Donne holding a shotgun in her left hand (a gatling looking pistol in the normal edition), wearing white panties (red in normal edition) and the weird looking dude she steps on is coloured differently as well (see below, limited edition on the left and normal edition on the right).

Ok lastly, so what is this rubber boobs you ask? Well I’m glad you asked. Donne’s boobs are actually made of rubber! Yup that’s right, you can touch and poke those soft boobs like it’s the real thing. ^^

This is my first figure that has rubber boobs (not sure whether other figures has this as well though) and I like it very much! So for those who have not bought it, what are you waiting for? Go get it and touch those boobs! ^^;


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