Biker chick Asuka

Remember the parcel that arrived yesterday? Here’s the answer to what’s inside. It’s a 1/6 scale resin figure of Asuka in biker gear and motorcycle. ^^,

When I first lay my eyes on it in a forum thread, I immediately fall in love with it. But I know getting it will be difficult since this is a resin kit whereby assembling and painting are required. Since I can’t paint and don’t have the tools, I began my search as to where I can get it painted.

I managed to find a local shop that specialised in airbrushing resin kits and a visit to their website shows that they have the Asuka I want. I ringed them up and asked for a price. The price they quoted me was too high but nevertheless I made a trip down personally to their shop and take a look at their work. The paintwork wasn’t that impressive considering the high price they are charging.

I tried my luck at the next best thing, ebay. I found two sellers selling the same figure, fully painted. Judging from the photos posted both of them looks identical and quality is decent enough. Both prices (including shipping) are around the same.

I decided to get from one of the two sellers as judging from his feedbacks, looks more trustworthy. But before that I need to get one thing done first, get a debit card! I never shopped online before so I also have to find out how ebay and paypal works.

The debit card arrived one week after application. I activated it the next day and bought the figure on ebay. Another week later (yesterday), the parcel arrived.

So how was the quality? I got to say I’m 70% satisfied with the figure. I understand that airbrushing is not easy and how the final product turns out depends on how skilled the person painting it is. Overall, the colour scheme is accurate, a few glitches here and there, including a broken handle, badly applied decals and it could do with a better finishing.

I broke a few parts as well. Never knew that resin is so easily broken! >.< guess they are unlike PVC figure which can sustain a few bends here and there. A note to myself to be more careful with resin kits in future…

Ok enough of the long post, here’s 2 more pics, one of Asuka’s huge beautiful “eyes” and one close up of the bike. ^_^


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6 Responses to Biker chick Asuka

  1. Windbell says:

    Ah! The Asuka Vispo Version! Always wanted one of these but it was too expensive. How much did it cost you?

    By the way, I was wondering if I could borrow it for a photoshoot. Could contact me at wind[removethis]bell[at] ^^;

  2. gordon says:

    ah Windbell, never expected you to drop by. got it on ebay for close to S$300.

    the brothers at xemomorph are selling for S$500

    regarding the photoshoot, how is it going to work? i’m apologise but i’m uncomfortable with moving asuka around as this resin kit is kinda fragile. already broken a few parts myself. *stab self and cries*. hope you understand. please don’t hate me. ^^,

  3. windbell says:

    Hey, $S300 is probably on the high side.

    Regarding the photoshoot, I would prefer if it was possible to have the shoot at my place as I have a mini set-up. Will need it just for a day.

    I stay in the Jurong area so it’s pretty near your place (From the address in the parcel).

  4. gordon says:

    i’ll e-mail you regarding your address.

  5. Dancing Queen says:

    i’ve seen her before on, i have one figure from them and while the detail is amazing my post office damaged the box when she was sent out and she arrived headless the first time 😥

  6. Musica87 says:

    Hi someone could tell me where I can buy this model?
    Please contacted me to this mail:

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