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February 29

Today is February 29 in a leap year. Nothing special for me, I’ll be going to work as usual. Perhaps one thing worth mentioning will be a local movie call “The Leap Years” about a love story revolving around leap … Continue reading

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Wing Gundam Zero Progress

Hi! My name is Saber. I’m here today to update my master’s blog on his behalf as master is very lazy busy. My master wants me to show you all the progress of his Wing Gundam Zero which I’m holding … Continue reading

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Singaporean Buddies Wins Amazing Race Asia 2

Left: Adrian Yap. Right: Collin Low Never got the chance to watch Amazing Race Asia 2 since it is only shown on cable (which I don’t have). Read in the papers lately that the duo from Singapore, Collin and Adrian, … Continue reading

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Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

Evangelion fans in Singapore will be delighted to hear that the first of four films will be showing at Cathay Cineplexes on 13th March. Not sure whether other cinemas are showing though. Can’t find it on Golden Village’s website. Anyway … Continue reading

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Bunny Mikuru Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post, here’s more of Mikuru as promised. The money spent buying this figure from selling my kidney was well worth it. ^^;

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MG Wing Gundam Zero

My next MG project. Estimated time of completion is three weeks. Danny if you are reading this, it’s time to finish yours too. ^^;

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L: Change the World

Now showing in theatres. Saw this movie poster in the papers with Misa on it. Did some research online and found out that Erika Toda’s Misa character will indeed appear in the movie as a cameo. The image of Misa … Continue reading

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