New Camera

Bought a new camera recently, the Nikon COOLPIX P5100 on the left. That means it’s time to retire my 2.5 years old Olympus FE5500 on the right. Just started learning photography so hopefully with this new camera, I’ll be able to take better quality pictures than my old one. ^^;

Some shots I took with the COOLPIX P5100


Abandoned Railroad

14 wheels mean machine! O_O

Lamp post no. 8




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5 Responses to New Camera

  1. Abao says:

    Wah….rich ar gordon. 12MP camera…

    Got some qns abt your camera though. How does the Anti-Shake mode of your camera function? And how much did it cost :mrgreen:

  2. gordon says:

    the Vibration Reduction (VR) is always on. but as with digital cameras, one must have steady hands so cannot rely 100% on it. ^^;

    official retail price is $699. found one shop selling at $545. remember that lucky day i posted previously? u get the idea. ^^;

  3. Setsuna-san says:

    hmm. shots look really good for the price you pay. good value for money IMO. BTW, what a coincidence we both bought new Nikons.^^

  4. gordon says:

    Setsuna-san, yes coincidence indeed. even out old camera is the same brand. ^^;

    i look forward to great shots from your new camera. ^^,

  5. Jacques says:

    The photos taken with this camera is really good and sharp.

    This should be a good consideration when I finally put my mind set to purchase a digi-cam to take photos for my gunplas.

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