You Are (Not) Alone Rei Ayanami

I love Evangelion. I also love Rei and Asuka as well. I have a 1/5 scale Asuka in plugsuit figure from Alter and always wanted a nice figure of Rei in plugsuit as well. Although Alter also has a 1/5 scale of Rei in plugsuit as well (similar to Alter’s Asuka), I never really like it as Rei had white bandages around her head covering her right eye.

So last year when I find out that Kotobukiya was going to release a 1/6 figure of Rei in plugsuit, I got excited. Looking at pictures of the finished product online, I was convinced that this is the Rei I wanted and placed an order for it through my seller.

After months of waiting, Rei finally arrived. I wasn’t disappointed. The figure lived up to my expectation. Rei is seen with an innocent looking expression, her seductive pose showed off her nice curves beautifully. The base is one of the coolest I’ve seen, it has Rei resting on a statue of her unit-00.

For those who want to take a better look at the base can click here and here.

If there is any flaws I will say it’s the fragile plastic box. The design of the box is simple with no drawings and looks to be falling apart. But that’s the only negative thing I can see for this figure.

Moving on, initially for the photo shoot I wanted to shoot near a lake. While on my way to the lake, I chanced upon this park in my neighbourhood that has this floor of pebbles and rocks. It proved to be an excellent shooting location.

Here are the rest of the shots. Please feel free to comment. ^^;


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11 Responses to You Are (Not) Alone Rei Ayanami

  1. ron~ says:

    nice photos, the background matches her well ^^

    waiting for kotobukiya to release Asuka version 😀

  2. gordon says:

    thanks ron. not sure whether kotobukiya is going to release Asuka in plugsuit as well so lets keep our fingers crossed. ^^

  3. Abao says:

    gordon, u seem to love evangelion very much ^_^

  4. gordon says:

    yes abao. it’s the series that made me an otaku in the first place. ^^;

    love asuka deep deep and so is rei too. ^^;

  5. Kintaro says:

    Beautiful figure! I’m waiting for it to be released.

    Nice pictures, the setting looks gorgeous!

  6. gordon says:

    Kintaro, it’s already released in Dec last year. Have you ordered it?

  7. Windbell says:

    I see you used some of the tips I gave you. Good job!

  8. gordon says:

    windbell, i’m new to photography but will continue to work hard.

  9. SecretZone says:

    nice shot~ I thinking of getting a cam too.. its cheaper here in Japan ^^;

  10. gordon says:

    SecretZone buddy! thanks for dropping by. yes u should really get a decent camera and take pictures of the cute maids in akiba. ^^;

  11. SecretZone says:

    hehe prolly gonna drop by akiba during this week end to get. been asking my colleague abt cameras and also checking out HWZ. Targeting Canon Ixus860IS. think is about same price as your coolpix… thou my collegue recommend me canon G9, but is out of my budget

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