Boss Coffee & Tommy Lee Jones

Found out about Boss Coffee from this post at Was surprised it was sold in Singapore as well.

Do check out the commercial featuring Tommy Lee Jones with a maid (Ako Haduki 葉月あこ) in Akiba at danny’s blog and the rest of series here.

In related news, a friend from sgforums pointed out that Tommy Lee Jones was seen in Lucky Star episode 11 in a scene where Konata was dozing off in the train sited next to him. Those interested to can see for themselves here at the 6:30 mark.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahahaha I saw this a few weeks ago… Gordy you really don’t browse /a/ de arhx?

    Anyway Tommy Lee Jones got appear in Lucky Star as Alien Jones (BOSS Coffee reference)…

    Lucky Star episode 11 at around 6:30 minutes. lolx.

    Here is a screenshot:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aiyo the link too long.. here it is, cut up.. just joint the entire url together paiseh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah one more thing… I went to the Danny Choo page and he was wondering who the girl was.. Someone posted her name as Sakuragawa Himeko(桜川ひめこ) but it is wrong. I wanted to comment but need to register @__@ lol..

    Anyway the real person is Ako Haduki (葉月あこ)[listed by suntory(boss coffee makers)]. Google image her japanese name and you will see that it is her and not the other girl the guy posted on DannyChoo blog..

    here is a google image of her

    ps I come from sgforums and I don’t browse but I hope he can come here and see this message and get the correct info ^__^.

  4. gordon says:

    Hi Anonymous, thanks for your info. great find for the lucky star part (i must have missed it the 1st time). i’ll update it in this blog post.

    anyway i have no idea what is a /a/?

    may I know your real nickname at sgforums so that I can credit you. ^_^

    thanks for finding out the maid’s identity. since danny’s article on it is no longer shown on the 1st page, majority of readers will probably not be able to see it anymore. but nevertheless i’ll help you make a post there on your findings.

    great help. do come often! ^^;

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mai lah mai lah wa mai. =P

  6. Jay Agan says:

    Had finished with the Lucky Star series a few days ago. This post reminded me of that scene. Wondered why that character was more “detailed”.

    Here in the States we have a comic strip called Blondie. Every so often, the artist has a random character who is a little more “realistic” looking. I wonder if they happen to be aquaintences of his.

    A thought or two here:

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