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CLANNAD In a Nutshell

“Kore Dozo!” said Fuko as she hands out wood carvings of starfish to fellow students in her school in the hope that they will attend her sister’s wedding. Fuko is my favourite Clannad girl though I know some of you … Continue reading

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Singapore Concrete Jungle

Was in town a few days ago and since I had my camera with me, decided to do some photo taking of our beautiful concrete jungle. As this is my first time taking night shots, I pretty much screwed up … Continue reading

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Plenty of love for Zakus

Bandai seems to be releasing lots of Zaku for their Master Grade line lately. Following the release of MG Zaku II Black Tri-star’s High Mobility Type ver 2.0 in Jan, two more Zakus, the MG Zaku Minelayer and MG MS-06F … Continue reading

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Evangelion 1.01 a remake of a remake

Anime News Network reports that the first Evangelion movie remake will get a remake of it’s own. O_O

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Pirated Gundams and Bootleg Figures

Folks who frequent VivoCity, the largest shopping mall in Singapore, will probably know of this shop near the cinema that sells cheap figures and gundams. There’s a reason for its low price. They are all pirated and bootlegs. Please pardon … Continue reading

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Cutest Bride Ever

Do you is agree? Me is like very much. ^^;

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Gundam 00 Obituary

Christina Sierra Celestial Being Ptolemaios Tactical Operator Departed episode 24, Mobile Suit Gundam 00

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