New Wallpaper

Note to self: Never mess with girls with big sword

The above picture of Clare is the wallpaper I’m currently using. My last wallpaper below.

The lovely Hirano Aya was my wallpaper for Feb. Loved it.

Not much icons on my desktop as I like to keep it neat and tidy. ^^;


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12 Responses to New Wallpaper

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice wallpaper! Do you know where I can get it without the icons and what not? >_<

  2. Mizunaga says:

    Mm.. I should take a screenshot of my extremely messy desktop too. In fact, I shall do it now ^^;

  3. Squee says:

    Maybe I should post my desktop too -_-;

  4. gordon says:

    anonymous, which one are u refering to? clare or hirano aya? what resolutionare u using?

    btw are the same guy from sgforums? why so secretive? ^^;

    Mizunaga & squee, POST POST POST! ^^;

  5. Anonymous says:

    No no…I’m a new poster. I’ve been a reader for a while but this is the first time I’m motivated to post >_< The clare one? I’m using 1440×900.

  6. gordon says:

    anonymous, i only have it in 1920 x 1200. here u go.

    btw, welcome to my humble boring blog. do come often and post comments. thanks. ^^;

  7. Zyg` says:

    aya ftw~ i never get tired of her :3
    mine’s messy whenever i post something on my blog.. i dump all the images on the desktop and choose from there ^^; (and leave it there for days)

  8. D_Blade says:

    I recently has a XP-tan wallie, but since I got a group project with powerpoint presentation next week, I have changed it into an image with a neat optical illusion, a girl (dunno who she is) and the following message: “There is no Tsukihime anime”.
    Great when you want to be sleepy or be on a trip without more or less illicit substances or practices (especially one I will NOT be talking about. LOL).

  9. gordon says:

    Zyg`, kinda same for me as well, whenever i download or save something. i’ll dump it on the desktop too. but will clear them up if they get too many.

    d_blade, ah yes i know the image u are talking about. nice spinning illusion, made my head spins as well. ^^;

  10. Panther says:

    4Chan /w/ is another good place for anime wallpapers. You can find more of Claire’s from there if you request a thread of her or of Claymore, Anon. Assuming they do not bash you outright, you should get more than a thread’s worth of her wallpapers in different resolutions.

    On topic, this month’s wallpaper is Elwing, the Shining Tears X Wind one. The one where they have her full name and her princess title, green background. Taka Tony’s character designs and drawings are made of win.

  11. gordon says:

    Panther, post your wallpaper at your blog so that i can have a look. ^^;

  12. Anonymous says:

    i just got to ask you for a link to your aya’s wallpaper you have.. pretty please! haha, lol

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