Gentle Reminder: Evangelion 1.0

Is showing starting from today onwards in Singapore exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes.

For those going, please remember to stay for the credits not only to enjoy the lovely song Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru and also a trailer for Evangelion 2.0 as well.


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9 Responses to Gentle Reminder: Evangelion 1.0

  1. Squee says:

    Gordon, are you gonna watch it later? I’m planning to watch either 720 or 920 show at the Cathay

  2. Squee says:

    I just found out that Cineleisure is giving away a free poster for every transaction with 2 or more eve tickets.
    So… I’m probably gonna keng MC and watch the movie twice later, once at 5 and once at 725….
    I’m such a sucker for freebies

  3. Rokku says:

    WHY NC 16!!!
    I`m 15!!!

  4. Fariz Asuka says:

    Gordon, how was the show? Can you post it in the next post? I’m catching the movie tomorrow..

  5. gordon says:

    squee, i went for the 7.15pm show. how about u?

    rokku, the show is NC16 cos u get to see rei naked. *yummy* ^^

    Fariz Asuka, sure. i’ll write a review soon.

  6. Squee says:

    I was at the 5 and 725 show in Cineleisure.

    Cathay ripped us off… no trailer at the end. There was applause when the credits rolled but when everyone realized that the trailer was cut off they jeered.

  7. gordon says:

    squee, where were u sited at for the 7.15pm show? i’m at D6. if u see a ugly mug with a haruhi armband that’s me. ^^;

  8. Squee says:

    !!! I was at F7, 2nd row from the front, just beside the stairs… I was in a NERV T-shirt and have long bleached hair…
    Dun think I noticed you thou..too dark to see the armband

  9. dice says:

    yeah theres no trailer at the end. only the “tsuki. . .” is audible.

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