Doraemon to become Japan ambassador

Japan’s foreign ministry announced last Friday it was appointing the cartoon cat Doraemon as the nation’s first “anime ambassador,” in Japan’s latest effort to promote its soft power through its animation industry.

Doraemon — or at least a person dressed as the earless, blue-and-white cat — will receive his official assignment letter from Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura in a ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, officials said.

The character will appear in films to be shown in Japanese missions overseas, talking about the country’s lifestyle and customs.

“By appointing Doraemon, we hope people in other countries will understand Japanese anime better and deepen their interest in Japanese culture,” said Yuko Hotta, a foreign ministry official.

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11 Responses to Doraemon to become Japan ambassador

  1. Timotei says:

    That was a suprise, I would rather see a more cute character.

    Maybe, Sendo Erika?

  2. Prim3 says:

    Wow.. Doraemon? But not a bad choice, considering Doraemon is kinda well-known throughout the world 😛

  3. Choo says:

    my 1st anime ever. Doraemon XD

  4. decheng (mg) says:

    Sendo Erika? what kinda character is that???
    It was not a surprised for me. I TOTATLY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY support this cute little blue cat robet-Doraemon to become the Japan Anime Ambassador, as it is so well known throughout the world

  5. Rokku says:


    it`s also my first anime
    If you don`t count Crayon Shin-chan

  6. gordon says:

    technically speaking doraemon is the most powerful anime character ever. he can pull out almost anything from his pocket. ^^;

  7. Squee says:

    Doraemon is a good choice as it’s recognized by many people who aren’t anime fans and thus will work well as an ambassador. The only alternatives I can think of would be Astro Boy and Pikachu.

    decheng(mg): Sendo Erika is a character from the eroge Fortune Arterial.

  8. Panther says:

    Haha I read this first day it came out, was so funny. But yea, Doraemon was my first Japanese cartoon even though it was Chinese dubbed when I watched it. So a good choice indeed.

  9. D_Blade says:

    I dunno about this idea, just looking at him gives me goosebumps. ^^;;;
    (And obviously I never watched his show)

  10. Abao says:

    They should have appointed Mikuru.

  11. gordon says:

    d_blade, u never watched doraemon? it’s very popular over here in asia. lots of asian kids grew up watching it.

    abao, they cannot use mikuru cos she’s already appointed as Japan ambassador for moe. ^^;

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