Pirated Gundams and Bootleg Figures

Folks who frequent VivoCity, the largest shopping mall in Singapore, will probably know of this shop near the cinema that sells cheap figures and gundams. There’s a reason for its low price. They are all pirated and bootlegs. Please pardon the crappy quality taken by my crappy phone.

Even the powerful Strike Freedom Gundam cannot stop the pirates from making substandard carbon copies of himself

Notice how all the pirated gundams doesn’t have the word “Gundam” on them but “MODEL GD” instead. I assume GD stands for Gundam.

Bootlegs going for more than 50% off as compared to their genuine counter parts as shown by the yellow price tag. My heart bleeds…


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19 Responses to Pirated Gundams and Bootleg Figures

  1. Panther says:

    We should all follow the Ku Klux Klan, and raise a banner for ourselves and burn down the shop.

  2. Abao says:

    How’s the quality of those PVC figurines?

  3. Squee says:

    Bring out the pitchforks and torches! No Otaku shall suffer from this!!
    Vivo City needs to be made aware of their dodgy business practices…

  4. danielmer says:

    i hate those chinese bootlegs

  5. puppy52doll says:

    cheap(er) alternatives for kids?
    but I wonder if people actually buy them o_o; ugh

  6. Fariz Asuka says:

    I think you can’t even make a gundam if you buy the box there..

    The quality are very sucky.. Wonder why no one reports about it..

  7. D_Blade says:

    (panther, I’m saddened you evoked that kind of stuff. Just mentioning them makes me want to puke. Sorry if I were a bit rude there)
    Well gordon, low prices always mean something fishy. Either it is about bootlegs like you said before or that the shop needs space, or even because they are pre-used.
    The worst for me is the bootlegs. No shop should ever sell any fakes.

  8. ron~ says:

    most of retailers in here (melbourne) also sell bootlegs figurines 😦 and they sell them almost as expensive as the original (HLJ price..)

    really sad

  9. Alafista says:

    burn his shop and make him walk the plank!

  10. Setsuna-san says:

    @ron~: bloody murder!!!

    here in MY we have plenty of bootlegs as well. i was almost fooled into buying a bootleg figure at one of the local shops due to the cheap price.
    but hey, if its too good to be true, it probably is.

  11. gordon says:

    @panther, burn down the shop? O_O why not just put my black notebook to good use?

    @abao, the quality of those figures are as good as 5 years olds’ plasticine work.

    @squee, agreed. the logical thing we should do is not buy from them. >.< @danielmer, so do i. @chun, people who bought them are probably not aware they are bootlegs and fooled by the price. @Fariz Asuka, i wouldn’t want it even if they are given to me free. >.< @d_blade, yes i agree with u. what worst is that the shop is inside a well known shopping mall. bad impression to the tourists. >.< @ron~, what? bootlegs selling as same price as original? this really takes the cake. faints~ @setsuna-san, yes indeed. i learnt it through the hard way. i’ll rather spend good money for quality figures rather than cheap substandard ones.

  12. Panther says:

    Lol D Blade I can understand why, though I was more referring to how their blatant use of the raising of the flag and stuff is what we should do, sorry if I invoked any bad feelings.

    Gordon, yes we need to burn down the shop. We must show our anger. Such blasphemy must not be allowed. We must exorcise the bad.

  13. dice says:

    I know this shop! When Vivo first opened I was quite pleased that there’s a fig shop around. The moment I stepped in, I made a face and then I zoomed out. 3 months later, I did the same thing. I mean like is it even legal to import and sell fakes? True its not the original branded name but the similarities in design of packaging is enough to know its a copy! I’m sure Bandai has can collect some infringement monies with its copyrighted blueprint of Gundams. But seriously its been a couple of years and they’re still there. Does that mean people actually buy?

  14. gordon says:

    dice, good point. since the shop is still around probably means that people actually do buy from them. O_O

    hmm… i’ll have a word with the police commissioner and CEO of Bandai when i meet them for lunch later.

  15. AK says:

    Better get to that shop before the police do… ^_^;;

  16. gordon says:

    ak-kun, nice of u to drop by again. ^^

  17. phez says:

    Hell naw man. I have a friend going to China. Going to see if he can scoop up all these he can.

    if a person just wants something to play with this is a great idea.
    yeah sucks that someone is getting ripped off…but if i dont do it, someone else will.

    If nothing else, if i wanted to be a real dick, i could build them and then sell them on ebay as “used gundam toys”

  18. Anonymous says:

    imagine if you bandai kit has break one of it’s part, tiny part like V-fin or something and you’ll need that part.

    do you’ll willing to pay a damm expensive price for original one just to get those part?

  19. Pirated- fan says:

    Helo Kawan.. the GD brand is from Hong Kong. For gundam model, actually they got few brands for it’s. the best one, Bandai (japan)-Origina, follow by the TT- Tong Tian ( China), GD -Gi Da ( Hong Kong), White drangon- Xiao bai Long ( China), & the last one Bandit (china). Note, the TT brand, GD, & White Dragon buy the copy right from Bandai, But they manufacture the model in cheap cost only. So don’t said that the brand – “Pirated Gundams “. The price is cheaper then the Bandai- 1/3. Pointless for people who buy gundam without modify it….suggest u go n search for gundam conversion from Korea & china. Speechless…..

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