Singapore Concrete Jungle

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

Was in town a few days ago and since I had my camera with me, decided to do some photo taking of our beautiful concrete jungle. As this is my first time taking night shots, I pretty much screwed up with the settings. Didn’t have a tripod as well. Will improve on it in future. orz

Day shot. Heavy traffic below.

That tall building in the centre of the picture is Capital Tower, the fourth tallest skyscraper in Singapore.

Dusk shot. Still heavy traffic.

(Above) A shot of the traffic below. Some road work going on. The building on the left is China Square Central, a great place to get toys and anime figures.

On the right is China Town. Those buldings with the identical looking rooftops are known as shophouses


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16 Responses to Singapore Concrete Jungle

  1. Choo says:

    nice lovely shots. ^^

  2. gordon says:

    thanks choo! ^^

  3. RemoteCarrier says:

    Wei Liang here.Thank you for leaving some comment in my blog.

    Looks like it’s a very well organized blog you have here.After reading your blog,I feel like doing some renovation in my blog.

    Well,do keep me updated and hope to meet up one day.

  4. gordon says:

    wei liang! thanks for coming. your blog is not bad as well. neat and clean. ^^;

  5. Setsuna-san says:

    Question: is the heavy traffic a permanent feature?

    looks like a really nice place otherwise. much cleaner than Kuala Lumpur.

  6. gordon says:

    setsuna-san, yes heavy traffic along the streets you see in the photo is a common sight especially after office hours.

    have u considered taking night shots with your DSLR? will love to see lovely pics of KL at night. like the twin towers. ^^;

  7. Fariz Asuka says:

    Gd job Gordon!! Those are nice pics you’ve got there..

    Man your photography skill is so good, it makes mine look like it is still lvl 1..

    How about taking screenshots of the city skyline from the Padang??

  8. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka, thanks but i’m still learning the ropes of photography. as for your suggestion, ya i”ll love to take pics of the city skyline from the Padang in future if there’s a chance. ^^;

  9. Setsuna-san says:

    @gordon: would love to but i dont live in KL, i live in Klang. its a suburb.

  10. sk-殿 says:

    wow singapore is so beautiful! been there only once in my life, in 2005. great place…

  11. Squee says:

    we should go shooting together someday ^^

  12. gordon says:

    Setsuna-san, u mean a suburb right?

    sk-殿, do come again. ^^;

    squee, indeed we shall. i’ll planing of shooting the esplanade next. btw what camera are u using? ^^;

  13. Squee says:

    I is using a Nikon D40

  14. gordon says:

    squee, u win. orz

  15. Squee says:

    What’s important isn’t the tool but is the skills…I’m still a noob at it after 7-8 months of owning the cam…
    I actually considered getting your cam or the D40. didn’t know if I wanted a higher end PnS or low end DSLR but then since my mom could help me get it at interest free installments I went for the D40

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