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Weather is getting hot these few days. What better way to cool down than taking a shower or looking at 2D girl taking a shower. Agree no? ^^

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The Not So Secret Origin of Gordonator

A photo from the family album of me having a not-so-friendly duel with Sam Many of you know me as Gordon but in actual fact, that’s not my real name. It’s my alias online.

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Macross Frontier, 4 Episodes so Far

When Gundam 00 ended its current season, I was looking for a good mecha anime to get me through till the new season starts. I found the answer in Macros Frontier.

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Comical Gundam 00

Today I will like to introduce ott, a fellow gundam modeling comrade whom I met in a forum. The pictures featured here are all taken by him. Do check out more funny pics at his Flickr page and his blog. … Continue reading

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Gentle Reminder: Iron Man Movie

It’s showing next Wednesday! I’m a huge superhero fanboy so ya I can’t wait. ^^ Trailer here.

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Miku House

“Welcome to my house!”

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Kenpachi Fried Chicken

A new eatery opened up in town recently. Not sure about the food as I haven’t been to it yet. But words have it that the boss is a 2m tall giant with spiky hair, has a huge scar on … Continue reading

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