Gundam 00: Afterthoughts of the Final Chapter

A summary of the final episode (25) of season one in 12 pictures (excluding the one above).

Common sense lesson 69: Allelujah finally realise he is able to see and pilot better with two eyes. The colour of his pupils on both eyes are different as well.

Alejandro Corner bit the dust. He choked.

Graham fired his mechanic for taking so long to fix his Gun-flag thus resulting in his limited screen time and rushed fight scene with Exia. Why is it that Graham so timing-ly arrived after Exia defeated Alejandro and not before? Coincidence?

Good news for Patrick’s fans, he’s alive. Bad news for non-Patrick’s fans, he’s alive.

New mobile suits = New model kits = Profits for Bandai

Will the real super villain please stand up, please stand up?

Hannibal Lecter? Tradition is very much alive. Always a masked villain in every Gundam series.

Ali is alive. Yay more butt kicking in season 2.

An unexpected plot twist in which Sunrise surprises us with Louise being married to Tieria, which will in turn completes Saji’s crossover to the dark side. And it also seems to me that by giving characters new hairstyles is a way to indicate the characters had changed over the years? Tieria’s new hairstyle bears an uncanny resemblance to Lockon’s. Maybe as a tribute to his first love.

I don’t know about space fashion in the 24th century but is it just me or does Wong Liu Mei’s spacesuit looks ridiculously funny?

Who’s your daddy?

The Gundam 00. Looks like Sunrise/Bandai is going back to the more classical gundam design. Hope this doesn’t have anything to do with death threats from diehard gundam fans.

Screenshots courtesy of Random Curiosity


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15 Responses to Gundam 00: Afterthoughts of the Final Chapter

  1. Anonymous says:

    New mobile suits = New model kits = Profits for Bandai

    LOL, I love that, it is so true.

  2. puppy52doll says:

    LOL hilarious captions gordon 😛
    that makes up for the bad april fool’s joke LOL

    and how you did know Louise is married to Tieria???? O_o; did I miss something here? gya

  3. Fariz Asuka says:

    Bad news for non-Patrick’s fans, he’s alive.


    And lol at Hannibal Lecter, I mean Graham with the mask on..

  4. gordon says:

    hi anonymous, welcome to my blog. ^^

    chun, was the april fool joke really that bad? lol. andyway I’m kidding when i said louise is married to tieria. heck maybe that wasn’t even tieria at all, if u listen carefully, she sounds kinda female. but then then again tieria himself looks kinda feminine so…

    Fariz Asuka, i have lost count already how many times patrick cheated death. lol.

  5. qingy says:

    I don’t know about Hannibal, to me Graham looks more like Dr.Doom or maybe he’s taking his Gundam obsession to the next level, trying to beat Setsuna and become Gundam.

    And I have to correct you on Louise getting married to Tiera, the Tiera look alike is a new character called Regene (or something similar) voiced by Romi Paku, and do you notice that she’s wearing a ESF uniform?

    All in all, the final episode met all my expectations and I’m looking forward very much to the second season.

    PS soMA peRIEs…now you can’t unsee it

  6. gordon says:

    qingy, another tieria lookalike? i find that some characters are like carbon copies of tieria in the show. like Kathy Mannequin (patrick’s boss) and Shirin Bakhtiar (Marina Ismail’s adviser). lol.

  7. Choo says:

    Woah so fast ended. I didnt catch this series though. Only watched the SEED series. Take care Gordon!

  8. andra says:

    dont worry gordon, it’s not just you who find it funny =X

  9. gordon says:

    choo, er ok, i’ll take care. do come often. ^^

    andra, thanks for coming. trying my best to do an anime review with a bit of humour to differentiate from the many other anime reviews out there.

  10. lanie-emon says:

    Mobile suits with lance/gun combo kinda remind me of code geass.

  11. Mizunaga says:

    Argh! I took that “Louise is married to Tieria” bit too seriously. orz

    BTW- great review. Certainly different from others ^^;

  12. gordon says:

    can’t comment as i didn’t watch code geass. is it good? should i watch it?

    Gotcha! thanks. ^^;

  13. Kevin says:

    sorry, but i am pretty sure Louise is not married to Tieria, i say this mainly because of their expression to each other. From what i have heard, Tieria is a doctor and heals Losise’s hand. also, Lockon is back!! but is it Lockon? some people say it’s his brother,but in the series he only mentioned of a sister, so i recon it’s a clone or something, or maybe like what Tieria is, a non-human

  14. "i am gundam" says:

    kevin it is lockon’s twin brother, that you realize they left small hints in the last series like when locken’s family was at the dinner table, a seat was empty. In the 1st series also it shows two lockons at the funernal site not showing which is which ^_^ i only took notice when someone told me *_* so now kevin look back and see for yourself! XD woo can’t wait for season twoo! oct chicka!

  15. not tieria says:

    that tenth picture no tieria!is another people
    tieria is still use his old hairstyle 😉
    u wan to know who is he go gundam00 offical web to check

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