Oral Me

“Oral me please.” said the young lad to the cute cashier at the counter.

Oh in case you are wondering, no this is not a scene out of a badly scripted porn movie. This is one of the things one might hear in stores when someone is buying toothpaste in Malaysia. ‘Oral Me’ as suggestive as it sounds, is actually a brand of toothpaste sold across the causeway. Well, anything goes as long as it sells right? Watch out for ‘Sodo Me’ mouthwash next. ^^; (From The New Straits Times)


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12 Responses to Oral Me

  1. Panther says:


  2. Mizunaga says:

    Oral Me!

    I kinda.. forgot about that brand ^^; In fact, I’ve never noticed it before! Such shady implications..

  3. Fariz Asuka says:

    Good one Gordon!! Though I feel kinda weird asking for that brand in front of a female cashier..

  4. Setsuna-san says:

    LOL. i read that in the papers.

    feels absolutely ridiculous.

  5. gordon says:

    not as wrong as the zoe tay’s “I swallow” endorsement few years back remember?

    fariz asuka,
    hey who knows? one might get lucky. lol. ^^;

    Mizunaga & setsuna-san,
    hey since u guys are across the causeway, is it possible to find out whether this brand of toothpaste is really sold in stores? U guys can take a pic and post it up cos i can’t seems to find the pic online so this post just have to do with a cute 2D waking up. ^^;

  6. D_Blade says:

    I imagine the scene.
    -Ummm… “Oral me” please.
    -What! Say again?! *Begins to fumble*
    -“O…oral me”…! *Gulp*
    -That’s it! I’m going to free-slap you big time! Get ready!!
    -No, no… the brand! Please don’t hit me! *Curls into fetal stance*
    -Ah… THIS weird brand. I completely forgot about it since it has such a weird and offensive name. There you go.
    -Oh, umm, thank you, thank you! Sorry Sorryyyyy~!! *Runs for his life*
    -*Huge sweatdrop* I wouldn’t have reacted this way if I knew. If only I knew…
    The End.

  7. Stifler says:

    “Oral Me”


    *looks at Sodo Me*

    *laughs some more*

    Man, that really made my day. Bad english crosses all borders.

  8. Mizunaga says:

    @Gordon, Okay- Will try to look for it.

  9. gordon says:

    imagine if the cashier is a guy. ^^

    i think either they are really innocent or they did it on purpose to attract attention.

    do let me know if u found it.

  10. D_Blade says:

    In the case the clerk is a guy, the client would just point his finger to the brand or write it on paper.
    Too much risk. ^^;

  11. misakichii says:

    Tohoho, thats awfully cheeky.

  12. Anonymous says:

    who is the gorgeous anime girl? she should be in one of these slideshows

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