Testing Thumbnail Preview at Otaku.fm (3rd)

Testing 03


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13 Responses to Testing Thumbnail Preview at Otaku.fm (3rd)

  1. Gregory says:

    It works. It’s also something that I have to figure out as well for my own blog.

  2. Panther says:

    If you are wondering why it does not show up immediately on otaku.fm Gordon, that is because otaku.fm takes some time to update itself. I already noticed this for my own posts and others, so not to worry, if there is an image in your post, it will show up in time.

    I also bet Blogger’s feed has something to do with the slow update. ‘Em biatches.

  3. gordon says:

    thanks for dropping by.

    i know. it takes around 1 hr to show up in otaku.fm but for my lifesize figure and conan post, the thumbnail didn’t show up and it got dumped into the no image section. >.< strangely all the 3 test post works but the main posts don’t. >.<

  4. Panther says:

    Try putting them after some text, and ensure that all spaces are filled with “%20”. The code has to be right.

    Alternatively, put them in Photobucket, then when you select Insert Image option in Blogger, use the direct link provided by Photobucket.

  5. gordon says:

    i’m already using photobucket for all my images.

    previously i upload them all into a photobucket folder with “%20” in it (cos of space). worked well until yesterday i decided to load them to a different folder.

    will upload them tonight back to the original folder with the “%20” and see how it goes.

  6. Panther says:

    Oh you switched folders wtf. All links to the previous folders will break if you do that and you have to reupload the image on your post. By that time even if it shows up on Otaku.fm, your post will be way behind newer posts in Otaku.fm.

    Try to organize pictures and images in advance there so your direct links always work. Or remember to re-edit your posts if you switched them around. Photobucket did warn you right? I remember seeing such a warning.

    Also, I want more of those anime girl pictures you have. Test moar. Lol.

  7. Mizunaga says:

    Agreed with Panther- on the test moar bit anyway ><

  8. gordon says:

    no no no, i think my explanation is misleading. i did not change the image link after i have made the post.

    i always prepare my posts/pictures in advance. last time i will always upload all the pictures to a folder call “blog small” for thumbnails. url = /blog%20small/. works well until 2 days ago i decided to load them to a different folder call “blog_small” and that is when thumbnail fails to appear.

    anyway i think i found out whats going on already. it’s the coding. i found that the 2 posts with no thumbnails are coded as img src= “http” should be img src=”http” no space in between. my mistake for not checking. >.<

  9. Panther says:


  10. D_Blade says:

    *Gets distracted by the picture*

  11. Hangmen says:

    I still can’t figure out why my blog’s first pic doesn’t show up on otaku.fm. Really pissed me off cuz’ blogs hosted on free blog hosting site with images uploaded on Imageshack have their pictures shown.

  12. gordon says:

    i took a look at your site and i found out what causes it.

    the image code must be img src=”http” with no space after the equal sign.

  13. Hangmen says:

    Ah, I see. Thanks. Will try that in my next post.

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