Macross Frontier, 4 Episodes so Far

When Gundam 00 ended its current season, I was looking for a good mecha anime to get me through till the new season starts. I found the answer in Macros Frontier.

I want to know where he gets his toothpaste

I have never watched previous installments of Macross before so this is my first time getting into the Macross universe.

娘娘, 娘娘, 你好娘~ That sounds so wrong

The first thing that will catch your attention in the first episode is the catchy “Nyan Nyan” song. It’s so popular the last I checked it was no.1 on the Oricon Chart for 3 consecutive weeks! The song had been translated in 69 languages and an English version performed by Mariah Carey will be release next month. Another exclusive news brought to you by the Gordonator News Network.

Fear Me now! the expression is priceless.

The buns looks so… misleading...

Is it just me or is this guy’s hairdo really funny?

Getting a barely legal junior to provide fan service. That’s so wrong.

And lastly the above is a comic strip I stole from setsuna-san’s blog who in turn stole it from somewhere else.

6 out of 7 Screenshots courtesy of Random Curiosity


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7 Responses to Macross Frontier, 4 Episodes so Far

  1. Fariz Asuka says:

    For Mikhail the guy in the 2nd pic, he must have used the “Oral Me” toothpaste..

    No wonder its very shiny.. ^^

  2. Lsio says:

    I think the guy with weird hair is born to be a bad guy. He seems after Ranka. maybe he wants Ranka to teach him the ‘Nyan Nyan’ song lol.

  3. puppy52doll says:

    Gordon, I sent U an e-mail to ask about some coding (Not sure if it went into your junk mail ^^;)

  4. Shin says:

    The only thing making this episode less awesome is that they cheated Ranka out of her crown ):

    Then again, judging from the thoughts of certain quarters, this seemed to be a good thing, as it prevents her from taking the Minmay path, whatever the significance of that may be.

  5. allentyb says:

    Oh gordon, it seems that your main interest is still mecha, but still i would like to see, less mecha and more MOE factor in your blog, are you trying to appeal to mass out there or simply create just another blog, just a opinion.

  6. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    LOL @ “Oral Me” toothpaste! why didn’t i think of that. ^^;

    ah a closet lolicon i see. not to worry, princess alto will protect ranka.

    already replied your mail. ^^

    i kinda expected ranka to lose but was hoping she get 2nd runner up or something. but hey at least she taken her first step. ^^

    everything i post here is what interests me. besides there are already plenty of good blogs with moe goodness out there.

  7. Rokku says:

    Lol at the tranlation

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