Ronald Gets Lucky

Some clown gets all the luck.


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23 Responses to Ronald Gets Lucky

  1. Panther says:

    That evil smile on his face says it all. Now we know why every Ronald sitting down is always happy.

  2. Lsio says:

    lol, I hate his smile a lot lately, especially after saw this picture. just want punch his face…

  3. Squee says:

    not all of them are happy… remember the black tears version. I can’t wait to see meido Ronald in Akiba lol

  4. wcloudxkumo says:

    Ronald got the “I’m the Pimpz” message all over his face XD

  5. puppy52doll says:

    LOL he looks surprised…. wonder if it was cos of the girl’s face LOL

  6. gordon says:

    apparently some girls digs that. lucky clown.

    why? hope it’s not because he got a kiss. lol.

    a medio ronald will scare the kids and all customers away. he aren’t as friendly looking as colonel sanders.

    the thought of it scares me.

    what’s wrong with the girl’s face?

  7. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    Reminds me of a photo I took in Japan.
    We all know he’s a lolipedo.

  8. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    bah the link got cutted off.

    If that didn’t work, the picture is somewhere here.

  9. ed says:

    i hate clowns. ><

  10. puppy52doll says:

    either very pretty or the opposite LOL!

  11. Mizunaga says:

    Hmm.. Must get me a bench and cosplay as Ronald one day..

  12. gordon says:

    stupid blogger cuts of the URL if it’s too long. u can code the address with < a href="xxx" >< /a >

    anyway your picture of Ronald looks even more disturbing. lol. ^^;


    chun, no comments on this.

  13. Fariz Asuka says:

    That is one satisfied clown.. No wonder he is smiling.. Lucky idiot..

    But why Ronald Mcdonald when the Colonel (KFC) is more handsome than he is??

  14. puppy52doll says:

    gordon, sorry, don mean to be rude if it is someone U know in the picture XP

  15. sk-殿 says:

    face of a pedo… ^^;;

  16. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    i’m not sure if KFC display statues of Colonel Sanders around here. do they?

    no i don’t know the girl. this pic was stolen was don’t know where.

    looks to me the girl willingly give a kiss to him. ^^

  17. Setsuna-san says:

    More reasons for me to hate clowns now. hey should all just disappear.

  18. ed says:

    i thought i left a comment.
    anyway, i was saying since u got that pic from duno where, can i use it for my blog?

    and, my hate for clowns were since young, this just gives me another reason to hate em’ =P

  19. gordon says:

    another clown hater. am i seeing a trend here? lol.

    sure, u may use it for your blog. ^^;

  20. andra says:

    so theres a reason behind for Ronald to get arrested =X

  21. D_Blade says:

    For once let him be… With all the crap he went through. I guess he needs a bit of happiness like everybody else.
    Or that she is a spy on a mission whispering him some top secret information (don’t ask me what though, I don’t know).
    By the way, there is a very odd-placed water bottle on the picture. Try to find where it is.

  22. gordon says:

    your imagination is brilliant. ^^;

  23. D_Blade says:

    Thanks! I like to be inspired for trivial things, when my mind is not required for more important stuff. ^^;
    Wait… I hope this wasn’t sarcasm. 😛 *laughs*

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