Shunya Yamashita’s Shion Bust

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

Thank you for coming back. Continuing from yesterday’s post, here we have Shion, another original character from Shunya Yamashita. Similar to Niniane, she is made of porcelain, naked (unless you count the bracers) and carries a sword.

As usual, pics are moderate NSFW. Make sure your boss/teacher/mum is not around.

I bought Shion last year but back then I don’t have a blog nor am I interested in photography so didn’t take any shots of her. Since I was shooting Niniane a few days back, I decided to include her as well.

I’m bringing sexy back

Left yokopai

Right yokopai

Dangerous curves

Side by side with Niniane. Out of the two, who do you prefer?

For legs lover, there is a full body resin kit of Shion in the same pose. You may click here to see it.


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12 Responses to Shunya Yamashita’s Shion Bust

  1. samanosuke says:

    Hey Gordon, nice pictures! I’ve also got pictures of Shion on my blog, but the quality is definitely not on par! (Need to upgrade to an SLR me thinks!)

    Which Shunya bust are you looking forward to next? The newly announced one is nice, but doesn’t look very Shunya-ry.

  2. puppy52doll says:

    Definitely Niniane! 😛 Shion’s bosom is a little too large, looks like… ass =_=; and I think Niniane is better crafted?

  3. Mizunaga says:

    I think I like Niniane better too.. Though, they’re still not my type of figure ^^;

  4. gordon says:

    welcome to me blog. i have checked out your blog and i love your shots. they are pretty good.

    as for buying more shunya’s bust, no i won’t be getting more of them. they aren’t cheap afterall. ^^;

    i would say the craftsmanship on both of them are about the same. but niniane comes with a big sword and that’s a plus.

    what type of figures do u like then? ^^;

  5. D_Blade says:

    Why doesn’t she have legs! *whimpers*
    I prefer this one. Face expression is better as well as all the rest; the other one scares me for a reason.

  6. gordon says:

    must be the orange eyes of the other one right?

  7. Mizunaga says:

    I guess one thing would be to have legs? ^^; And more covered up~
    Covered up because I prefer them that way, and.. well, in the words of Fariz, “My mom would turn into a she-hulk and hulk-smash me

  8. Prim3 says:

    ermmm.. nice.. but your right boob shot.. it just doesn’t look right 😛 and I guess I won’t be able to import this.. my local custom will be a problem 🙂

    Niniane is way better.. XD

  9. gordon says:

    Can you see shot no.7 (right yokopai)? photobucket deleted the pic. do let me know if anyone have problems viewing.

    anyway collection for Niniane was delayed for a week as it was hung up at the customs. luckily it got through.

  10. samanosuke says:

    Hey Gordon, thanks for visiting my blog! I shall be updating soon (I takes much more time than I thought to conjure a post!)

    Yeah you’re not kidding about the price – Hopefully they’ll do re-runs of the busts (lots of vendors are selling Shion at a fraction of the original price now! doh!)

    It took ages for the next bust to be released after Shion, and now 3 comes along! Along with Niniane, Noel and Karin busts are now at!

  11. samanosuke says:

    ^ Wow, so many errors! >.<

  12. gordon says:

    i’m not sure of re-runs. i believe shion was a wonder fest 07 exclusive or something. or so i was told.

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