Girls’ Slumber Party

Earlier this year, Danny posted an image of a slumber party. Regrettably only one low resolution picture was posted. Recently, I happened to chance by not only higher resolution of the same pic but also a whole series of photos as well. Enjoy. ^^;

The girls are playing Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu (黒ひげ危機一発) aka pop-up pirate. Gameplay consists of inserting plastic swords into slots in the side of the barrel. One random slot will eject the pirate and end the game.

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35 Responses to Girls’ Slumber Party

  1. yumeno says:



  2. puppy52doll says:

    ooh nice series! I love all those legs we’re seeing LOL!!!

  3. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    Dear Lord they need some company, and I willingly volunteer my services!! They need the Hard Gay version of that toy too!

  4. Morgoth Bauglir says:

    Why do you always think about sex? Why don’t you just do it.

  5. Spicytuna says:

    What do I have to do to be part of that sexy 5 women sandwich?

  6. Panther says:

    Argh, the legs! I am such a sucker for those, Chun. But they do not seem like long legs lol.

    Nice find Gordon, but yea, their faces are not generally overall very nice.

  7. FatB says:

    I see you’ve been hunting for treasure gordon. Looks like you found some…

    I have to agree with panther though. Liked it more when we only saw their butts and legs of those girls. De faces… not so goot.

  8. Mizunaga says:

    I want to play KurohiGEI Kiki Ippatsu with them 😀 *Hooooo*

  9. gordon says:

    you’re drooling, come here’s a bucket.

    even girls love the series. ^^

    lol ya i seen that episode of hard gay when he get the chairman of TOMY to make a version based on him.

    Morgoth Bauglir,
    thanks. i’ll keep that in mind.

    er… be the photographer maybe?

    Panther & FatB
    both of u are a picky bunch aren’t cha. the girls looks mighty fine to me. i like the one in white tube top and blue bra. ^^;

    loser gets to kiss the winner. win win situation. ^^;

  10. alafista says:

    woah why didn’t they invite me over T-T

  11. samanosuke says:

    Not safe for when you’re girlfriend is around! Good find nevertheless! 😉

  12. gordon says:

    noted, we will invite u over next time we have such a party, u can do the cleaning up and preparing the food. ^^;

    my girldriend is still hiding somewhere. i have yet to find her. orz

  13. beelze_demon says:

    My new wallpaper!

  14. Timotei says:

    Nice ones, I’m feeling a bit sleepy now though, the only thing I got in my bed is a few dakimakura. ^^,

  15. gordon says:

    welcome here. do drop by often.

    dakimakura are great but still nothing beats a warm breathing 3D girl to cuddle up to at night. ^^;

  16. k says:

    “dakimakura are great but still nothing beats a warm breathing 3D girl to cuddle up to at night. ^^”

    regarding this post… you mean to say nothing beats a few warm breathing 3D girls to cuddle up to at night? or a few daimakura for that matter. haha. nice photos!

  17. Benjamin Takeyo says:

    Thank you for sharing this fine slumbering session with us Gordon! ^^

  18. BeLe says:

    Gordon, I like the same girl as well. Especially that pic where she was kissed. That smile reminded me much of Kaho. XD

    You are awesome!!

  19. phossil says:

    Where’s the boring of this blog??

    Cool pictures, and thank you Gordon!!

  20. Paliodor says:

    Sweet photos, I want to be there ^^

  21. Raven says:

    At least they are generally better than what we have on the sunny island.

    I could happily ditch my pink card to go there.

  22. gordon says:

    one 3D girl is enough for me.

    Benjamin Takeyo,
    u are most welcomed. sharing is caring. ^^

    glad to know both of us share the same taste. ^^

    thanks. i’ll drop by your blog.

    sure. do u mean doing the cleaning up? ^^

    lol are u serious? c’mon local girls aren’t that bad.

  23. BeLe says:

    by the way, any chance anybody know who these girls are? 😀 especially the two girls in the pic where one kissed the other? hehehe

  24. lanie-emon says:

    *Drools* (*¬*)…At this moment, all I can think of is ‘man, I wish I was there’ ^^.

  25. gordon says:

    no ideas who they are. maybe just some cute unknown babes. ^^

    but this is a all girls’ slumber party afterall. guys sleep outside.

  26. 6pack says:

    heh nice images. makes me want to squirm in there somewhere 😉

  27. gordon says:

    thanks for dropping by, i’ll invite u if the girls decide to hold another slumber party. ^^;

  28. BZou says:

    Oh I remember seeing these pictures on I always wondered if there was more to this. I am glad you found it, awesome pics and girls are cute.

  29. Palembang says:

    The beatiful woman..
    i like girl japan..
    girl japan is cute…

  30. Darknight says:

    The one in stripes in maybe my favorite…

  31. I’ve been looking for this image set since I saw the first photo in a de-motivational poster! Thanks a bunch 😀

  32. Shazzsteel says:

    I’m pretty sure any guy would give anything to be at the slumber party

  33. johnsmith says:

    oh God..
    thank you for creating such beautiful creatures..
    really, the first 4 hours i’d be licking all of these babies

  34. I wonder….

    Why japanese girls are shoooo cute….

    I wonder why.

    Onsen, perhaps ?

    Sabah also got what, but girls are “hmm_ok.jpg”.

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