Gacha-Gacha: Singapore’s First Anime

Singapore finally has its own locally produced anime. Titled Gacha-Gacha, the story is about a Japanese girl Asuka (second from the left) and her adventures in Singapore with her three friends.

Produced and animated by 77 Star, a company set up by Japanese Enomoto Shinya, the series is planned for 24 episodes running at 5 minutes each. Like all animes, there is an opening and closing song and even a sponsor message at the beginning as well. Majority of the staffs are Singaporeans and so are the seiyuu too.

Those interested can watch it here. New episode will be uploaded every Tues. Only 4 episodes will be shown at any one time. Meaning to say when episode 5 is released, episode 1 will be gone. (I wonder why they would do that?)

After watching the first episode, I must say although not the best but it’s a good effort nonetheless. As they say, Rome isn’t built in a day. Everything starts with small steps. right?


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16 Responses to Gacha-Gacha: Singapore’s First Anime

  1. samanosuke says:

    It was so bad, it’s good! Minus the good. Lol, sorry, but the show is actually quite terrible! (of course, I could be wrong as I only glanced through the first episode)

    I wasn’t expecting it to be targeted towards the Japanese audience as well, judging from your post.

    So Gordon, are you gonna be keeping up with this anime?

  2. Abao says:

    erm was the show’s title was plagurised from the manga gacha gacha?

  3. Fariz Asuka says:

    I think the shows quite alright.. Although graphics kinda stink, the seiyuu for Asuka is very good..

    Well, will wait for 2nd episode to see how Singapore’s first anime turns out.. ^^

  4. gordon says:

    ya i’ll probably catch it till the end no matter how terrible it is. as a form of support for local production.

    the director says gacha gacha is a slang in japan which means a mixture of everything aka rojak.

    Fariz Asuka,
    ya the seiyuu for asuka is pretty good. her japanese is quite fluent. the songs are sang by her as well.

  5. Mizunaga says:

    Congratulations on your first local anime! ^^

  6. puppy52doll says:

    the opening theme is called Mirai LOL!

  7. gordon says:

    thanks. small step for singapore. still plenty of room for improvement.

    i read about this news in the chinese papers in which u drawn ah min.

  8. puppy52doll says:

    gordon, yes Ahmin reported about it 🙂

  9. rokku says:

    Heard it today at 987Fm.
    Think they are working with mediacorps

  10. gordon says:

    so does that means we are gonna see it on TV soon?

  11. allentyb says:

    I watch the first ep, and instead of giving it an epic fail series, but rather in a good note, the voice acting is still decent, i doubt the production has a lot of budget, so i guess, this series is worthy of a C grade, given it is the first such anime, but i will not watch ep 2 at all.

  12. Benjamin Takeyo says:

    Voice acting for Asuka is good but as you say improvements still much needed.

  13. Hangmen says:

    The only damn thing I care about is rule 34. Doujinz on Rapidshare or Mediafire plz.

    Oh yeah, your blog has been added to my blogroll. WELCOME TO THE HIVEMIND.

  14. gordon says:

    allen & Benjamin Takeyo,
    i also find that the volume inconsistent a times. sometimes the voice is very soft and but the surrounding sound effect is very loud.

    thanks for adding me. ^^

  15. AK says:

    Hey Gordon,

    I can’t seem to view the anime. Firefox says I have to install some sort of plugin, which even the browser can’t identify.

  16. gordon says:

    u will need quicktime plug-in. try using IE see whether it helps.

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