Nikon Photography Contest

Recently I submitted an entry for a Nikon photography contest. The topic of this contest is “Patterns”. The above pic of neatly placed tombstones is my submission for this contest.

The pattern is not very obvious in the picture. I know I don’t stand much of a chance compared to the professionals with their DSLRs who will be taking part as well. But the process of looking for a suitable subject was fun nevertheless. It made me pay more attention to my surroundings.

Special thanks to pp who inspired me to take this picture. The idea came to me after reading his blog post of his visit to the cemetery.

I found this interesting sign while I was there as well


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21 Responses to Nikon Photography Contest

  1. Panther says:

    I love the Engrish in that notice. Meaningful and so Engrish.

    Good luck.

    PS: The word verfication is rsslsvs for this comment. Wow, 4 s’es. Yes, you read that right.

  2. double says:

    That’s some photo you have there.

    Anyway, good luck.

  3. hynavian says:

    All the best for the competition! Fight!

    I’m a supporter of yours when it comes to photography. Your photography skills leave a deep impression on me and encouraged me to revisit the site as a lurker though I didn’t comment due to my lack of knowledge on those beautifully photographed topics. (:

  4. k says:

    cool photo! i’ve never seen a cemetery that tightly spaced. it looks pretty neat though.

  5. Cruxay says:

    Hey Gordon!

    Thanks for getting my link up. Sorry about the delay but I finally got home and managed to get your’s up as well. Have a look and tell me if you want anything changed.

    Also, from what I can see there are 3 patterns in that picture. But the depth pattern is hard to grasp because of the camera quality. SLR’s make anything look nice!! Wish I had a digital one =(

  6. Caitlin says:

    That’s a great photo and good luck in the contest. Is that the typical style for tombstones where you are? (Just curious)

    The sign is also awesome.

  7. Mizunaga says:

    A very nice picture.. I think it does well under the topic “Patterns”.

    Good luck Gordon!

  8. Deranged says:

    The tomb stones have such an eerie pattern.. I love it XD

  9. Setsuna-san says:

    did you get any shots of spirits??
    nice pic anyway. whats the prize of the Nikon competition if you don’t mind me asking?

  10. gordon says:

    so engrish indeed. lol.

    thanks. no expectations, just entering it out of fun. ^^;

    thanks for the encouragement. i’m still learning the ropes of taking better pictures.

    yes it’s pretty tightly spaced. singapore has limited space to bury the deads.

    yes indeed, a DSLR will be definitely produce better quality. wish i had one. orz. are u using a film SLR?

    i’m not so sure about whether there are various style of tombstones here as there aren’t much cemeteries in singapore.

    Mizunaga & Deranged,
    thanks both of you.

    the prize is a Nikon COOLPIX P50, a slightly lower end camera than the one i’m using

  11. puppy52doll says:

    it’s kinda cool and eerie at the same time ^^; good luck!

  12. Fariz Asuka says:

    Nice pics you have there Gordon..

    Best of luck winning the competition.. ^^

  13. gordon says:

    chun & Fariz Asuka,
    thanks both. i don’t expect to win.

  14. Raven says:

    Panther lucky you do not speak like some of my W*s in office. English (language) = England.

    Liked the top part of the photo. The lines are attractive.

    Kind of resemble the American military graveyards except its super cramp.

  15. Random Misconception says:

    The exp. you gain from the competition is what counts, good luck anyways Gordon!

    And for the record, my own photography skills are teh suck, so it all looks good to me.

  16. gordon says:

    i tried to capture more of the upper portion but can’t find the best angle to do it. if i move too high the pattern will be gone. this area i need improvement. orz

    Random Misconception,
    skills doesn’t really matter as long as one enjoy doing it.

  17. Benjamin Takeyo says:

    Wow I didn’t recognize them as cemetery until you said so. >_< I bet, like Japan, it’s expensive to die in Singapore.

  18. Cruxay says:


    I actually just used my girlfriend’s Sony Cybershot to take all those Japan pictures! haha.

    It’s 7.2 mega pixels and the lense is Carl Zeiss, which is pretty good. It does the trick and fits into my pocket to boot =D

  19. pp says:

    For a moment, i thought that was my picture you submitted. lol

  20. gordon says:

    Benjamin Takeyo,
    yes i do understand that it’s expensive to die in japan. not sure about singapore though (haven’t encounter it yet). most of the deceased here are burnt to ashes if their religion allows it.

    i see. your shots are pretty good. i like your series of pics of osaka.

    i think yours is better taken in terms of angle. in yours the pattern is more obvious.

  21. Cruxay says:

    Really? Thanks!

    I’ll upload my pics from Kyoto & Arashiyama soon. Absolutely beautiful (the place I mean, not my shots haha).

    I just got my set from Yoyogi up. Really amazing now that I look at them because in so many shots there are streets with little to no people on them. Just makes Tokyo look so peaceful.

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