I’m in a dilemma right now. All my figure boxes are piling up so its now either keep or throw. And this is just the figure boxes. There are still lots of gundam boxes lying around. >.<

Do you face the same problem as well?


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  1. Panther says:

    Well I keep my boxes but then again I hardly have as many figures as yours.

    I think you should throw away anything that you feel you have no need to have a box for, and can move around easily if you ever need to. Probably Gunpla boxes will be the first to go.

  2. k says:

    yeap. although i don’t have as big a collection as yours, i have little space for keeping boxes of those few figures that i have. maybe we should consider folding up the boxes neatly? at least for those that we want to keep anyway. good idea?

  3. Random Misconception says:

    In a way I have the opposite of your problem, I buy too many games, being a geimu otaku can be equally painful on the wallet.

    But, games are small, thus my room is TOO empty XD.

    Staggering amount of figurines there though, although if you really have no need for some of them, you should dispose of them, I’d keep the gunpla boxes though, for the sake of memorabilia.

  4. double says:

    You know, you can always give me the manga to clear space for your boxes.

  5. Garion says:

    I have the same problem too…and I only started collecting figures recently. ^^; My boxes are all stacked in a corner of my room.

    I think its the size of the boxes that takes up a lot of space. I mostly keep my figure in the box so I can’t throw them away. Only solution is cut back on buying more figures or only aim at the ones I really want most…until I find an alternative storage solution.

    My suggestion is a painful one..you have to get rid of some of the older boxes since inevitably more newer figures will come in, more boxes to stack up and its a never ending cycle.

  6. wongtcsg says:

    Limit yourself only to buy the figurines you like VERY MUCH.

    It is very painful for my heart to see the boxes getting dispose.

    They are also pretty.

  7. morimoli says:

    Do you have any sort of other storage space? I wouldn’t throw away any boxes in case I moved and had to transport my figures. Plus I like the boxes.

  8. puppy52doll says:

    hmmm how about folding some of them down? it saves a lot of space! I folded some of my doll boxes down LOL

  9. Deranged says:

    I think the only option left is to get used to using only the square metre in front of your door… Damn, that is a lot… Now I am jealous.

  10. Caitlin says:

    I also agree with collapsing them down for easier storage. Sure, you might have to tape them up again if you wanted to use them but it saves space.

  11. sammyb says:

    I wish I had this problem 😉

  12. danielmer says:

    i get rid of my gunpla boxes but i keep my figure boxes

  13. Squee says:

    you could give me some of your figures to make space for the boxes ^^
    My gunpla boxes are all cut up to make them flat. There really isn’t any use for them since you won’t be packing your gunpla in them anymore.

  14. Lsio says:

    I’m keeping the boxes too; not as many as yours but it is getting more and more ^^; I think I will keep them at least until I graduate, so I can pack my figures easier when I move.

    I feel the box is part of the figure when I purchase it; it is very hard and sad to just throw it away… I think it is why collectors like us keep the boxes.

  15. gordon says:

    double and squee,
    i’m sorry but i cannot give u my manga or figures. it’ll be family heirloom to be handed down to my son, grandson so on and so forth. ^^;

    thanks for all your comments. great to hear about how u guys store your boxes as well.

    For me, i guess i’ll just keep the ones I like and throw away the rest. which is like no different since i love them all. >.< i also considered folding them down but i really like to see them in box form so no folding down. one thing i came up with is to put the smaller boxes into the bigger boxes to save space. or use the box to hold something. ^^;

  16. puppy52doll says:

    gordon oh I do that too — smaller boxes in bigger boxes or use boxes to hold stuff (which say don display or use as often) LOL

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey I have the same problem with my gundam boxes.

    What I did was cut that out the corners to flatten them. that way you can save space

    Its better than nothing.

  18. Mizunaga says:

    I can only wish I have this problem ;_;

    Here’s a solution: Send the boxes to me! XD So I can.. uh.. keep them in a corner to collect dust.

  19. gordon says:

    ^5! great minds do think alike. *slap self*

    i like the boxes so much i have no heart to do it.

    when did u become a rag and bone man? ^^;

  20. Abao says:

    I havent reach that stage yet. I propose a simple solution to you though: sell me your freeing haruhi to clear space 👿

    LOL jk

  21. andra says:

    make a wall of moeness with your boxes? =X

    now is still safe, but after all the SOS dan fall in.. ..

  22. gordon says:

    i’ll rather die than then to let go of my freeing haruhi and mikuru.

    i think i have enough SOS dan figures for the time being.

  23. Tammie says:

    I usually toss out my boxes…no room for them all!

  24. The Sojourner says:

    I usually dispose my boxes unless my figures have like an extra set of accessories/body parts that can be stored in the boxes.

  25. Dancing Queen says:

    I keep all my boxes, not only is it good for if you ever change your mind about a certain figure and want to sell it. Plus if you ever move it’s the bet way to store them for moving. I also like to keep the boxes plus the innards since if a figure started to lean i like to fix it up with hot water then place her/him in their box so they can retain their shape better.

  26. phossil says:

    I face the same problem.. (well kind of…) but only with my dvd collections… (I still dont have anime figures, but im planning in getting some..)

  27. gordon says:

    i used to do that too, throw away my boxes years ago. but since last year i can’t bear to do that anymore. the boxes looks so attractive!

    The Sojourner,
    for me i keep all the figure accessories together in a single box.

    yes i know! so excited! ^^;

    Dancing Queen,
    ah yes the boxes do come in handy when u are moving them elsewhere like for a photoshoot. ^^;

    do u have a huge DVD collection? since afterall DVD are smaller in size than a figure box.

  28. ott says:

    I flatten all mine except for gunpla boxes. I notice I’m really running out of space too so I must buy fewer toys now 😦

  29. nanu from dannychoo says:

    Here’s an idea, if you’re crazy enough to do it, because I’m not sure how ugly it could look:

    Hang your boxes from the ceiling, somehow. I think a net or similar system of strings should work. It should be periodically anchored to avoid excessive sag.

    To remove them you would unhook the net. Just don’t drown as a result ^^;

  30. gordon says:

    buy lesser toys? O_O how about buying new shelves/cabinets to put more toys? ^^;

    wow that’s quite a crazy idea. ^^

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