Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Licensed

Good and Bad news today.

Bad News. Its official, Funimation has licensed Gunslinger Girl season II. Well Triad, I hope you all are happy now. You have the chance to finish the project months ago but you all choose not to. Good job.

Good News. As a consolation, episode 7 was released before the announcement.

Bad News. The torrent’s been taken down from most site so those interested please get it quick.

Good News. Episode 7 comes with a brand new opening animation featuring the main characters. Much preferred this to the original one which consist of series of random photos.


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12 Responses to Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Licensed

  1. Random Misconception says:

    Hot on the heels of D.Gray-Man’s announced license no less.

    The fansubbers for DGM are now in disarray of what to do given this event. THANKS A LOT, Funi.

    Sad that Triad didn’t finish up though, they seemed punctual with their work on Higurashi and Nanoha.

  2. Fariz Asuka says:

    Dang.. I hate when anime get licensed.. I wonder why Triad was slow in subbing this anime though..

    But hey, at least I’ve got to watch episode 7 though.. 🙂

  3. Hangmen says:

    There’s too much QUALITY in the second season. As a fan of the previous GSG, I almost attempt to extend my heights in Mount Fuji. Wonder if the DVD fixes can make me unsee all of the QUALITY parts.

  4. gordon says:

    Random Misconception,
    at least one can get to watch D.Gray-Man on arts centrel. but it’s by ODEX…

    Fariz Asuka,
    Triad likes to troll their fans. it’s a pity. the 2nd season is only 13 episodes. they are only 6 episodes short of completing it.

    i agree with you. too much QUALITY. too much MOE for my liking. not that i don’t like moe, but it doesn’t suit a series like gunslinger girl.

  5. wongtcsg says:

    @fariz asuka – licensed cos they are doing business, earn $, support jap anime by buying their DVD.

    @gordon – Good news here for you. Do you know you have been selected for KKnM minigame event?
    See this –

  6. Mizunaga says:

    Well, licensing is something we can’t avoid.. As anime fans, we certainly should be supporting the companies by buying the DVDs but…

    Perhaps it’s RAW time?

  7. Random Misconception says:

    LOL, +1 for getting selected Gordon. ^^;

    I’m selected too, but I’m only there for an hour, I’ve got to run to work after that. T_T

  8. hynavian says:

    Oh Triad hasn’t finished subbing it yet? I gave up waiting and went ROARRRRRR…raw (I mean ages) ago. Seems like I’m going to burn a hole in my pocket if I’m to collect GSG IL Teatrino.

  9. gordon says:

    thanks for the info!

    even if i want to buy the DVD, it’s not even sold here. and no ODEX products for me.

    Random Misconception,
    Ok see u there. ^^;

    yes maybe i should go for raw for the rest of the episodes. can i er come to your house so that u can er translate for me? ^^;

  10. phossil says:

    I didnt know about a second season, but its wonderfull news. I like a lot GG (specially Henrietta) so i will keep an eye on this!!

  11. hynavian says:

    Nice try gordon, nice try. ^.^

  12. gordon says:


    anywway i’m just kidding. ^^;

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