Haruhi Goes Sightseeing

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

For those wondering what’s in the box yesterday. Sorry to disappoint, it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. ^^;

I was going to bring Haruhi out for a tour of the town but the morning sky doesn’t look too good. Looks like its going to rain anytime. Haruhi wasn’t too happy.

So we decided to stay indoor until the sky gets better. Haruhi checking out the SOS dan website.

By noon the sun finally came out so off we go.

We had lunch at Long John Silvers. They have this limited time only chicken peg leg meal which consists of 1 piece chicken, 3 chicken peg legs, fries, some chicken pops, a drink and two packets of chili. Yummy.

The Cathay. Good place to catch a movie.

At The Padang with skyscrapers from the central business district in the background.

At The Esplanade, Singapore’s biggest Durian.

The Singapore Flyer. Lightning was bad for this shot as it was nearing dusk.

I bought a gift for Haruhi but apparently she doesn’t like it. That’s ok, I’ll keep it for myself. ^^;

Speaking of gundams…

SOS dan welcomes its new member.

This post was hugely inspired by Danny’s trip to Germany. Instead of doing a run of the mill figure shoot, I decided to bring Haruhi around town instead. Furthermore Figma Haruhi is small and flexible thus easy to carry around. ^^;


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20 Responses to Haruhi Goes Sightseeing

  1. Fariz Asuka says:

    That is sweet of you to bring Haruhi around town.. I might get inspired to doing one too when I get my own figma.. 🙂

    BTW, how do you bring around figma Haruhi with you? Put in pocket?

  2. Random Misconception says:

    Haruhi recruiting the Gundam reminds me of the “Day of Sagittarius”, where Haruhi tells Kyon to “Launch THE GUNDAM”

  3. lu-k says:

    Hehe nice to see your trip with Haruhi ^^ Lovely shots 🙂
    Maybe I should bring her with me too when I am out ^^

  4. puppy52doll says:

    nice picture gordon, what does your girlfriend in box think of your new wif… I mean girlfriend?


  5. Deranged says:

    The idea of Haruhi controlling a Gundam has me interested… XD

  6. danielmer says:

    i want her but i can’t buy her : (

  7. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    i put it in my bag. pocket is too tight. ^^;

    btw which figma did u get?

    Random Misconception,
    did haruhi really said “Launch THE GUNDAM”?

    thanks. not as good as compared to yous definitely. ^^;

    btw, i love your shots of your figmas as well. i look forward to the next episode.

    since when did haruhi become my girlfriend? ^^;

    interested in what? ^^

    why not?

  8. D_Blade says:

    Cool pics!
    Pays attention to the Long John Silver food… Hey, that looks really appetizing for fast food!

    Best pics = Haruhi and the Gundam… A invaluable new member, which obviously is not an ordinary human.
    Welcome to the SOS Brigade, Gundam! Kanpai!!

    And yes, she really said “Launch the Gundam!”, rendered as “Launch the Gun***!” in the “Day of Sagittarius III” episode.

  9. secretzoone says:

    nice~ 🙂 kinda quess it was Haruhi, after u said it wasnt saber

  10. Stifler says:

    @gordon: Yup, she did say “Launch the GUNDAM!” Actually, it was more like “Launch the ***dam!”. They even had a censored video feed of RX-78 (or was it Strike?) flying out of the ship lol

    How she mananged to fit all that food into her little body even have enough strenght to click on the refresh button on the SOS-Dan website continues to escape me.

  11. Lsio says:

    nice pictures; will do the same when I get mine…

    There got to be more right? The box is kinda too big just for Haruhi.

  12. fatb says:

    What can I say? Your pics actually make me want a figma Haruhi. I shall take her when you’re not looking along with your Evangelion DVD. Please place them in an obvious place, so I don’t have to look. Much appreciated.

  13. k says:

    nice photos! there were almost no one else in your shots.

    you could put her halfway in your pocket ^^. like what i did with my eva.

    by the way, what movie were people queueing up outside cathay for?

  14. Tiny Red Man says:

    Hmm..Next time, I’ll ask my wife if she wants to come along with your photoshoot. She has purple hair, likes reading books, and rarely speaks..

    And she seems to like Haruhi-sama a lot..

  15. gordon says:

    got your e-mail. thanks. ^^;

    sorry buddy no prize for u for guessing it right. ^^

    i ate the leftover and help to click the refresh.

    there’s only haruhi in the box. HLJ did a very good job in their packaging to prevent damage to the figure.

    sure. i’ll leave it by the door. i also left a glass of milk and cookies in case u are hungry.

    the crowd isn’t queuing for a movie. there’s an anti-smoking roadshow going on.

    Tiny Red Man,
    LOL! i think i saw her at the library the other day.

  16. Divine Fang says:

    Nice shots, coz your pics do not include Figma’s ugly stands, sugoi!

  17. Fariz Asuka says:

    @ gordon: I pre-ordered figma FATE from Nanoha Strikers and RIN from Fate/Stay Night..

    Inspired to do something similar with Rin when she arrives in front of my doorstep.. ^^

  18. secretzone says:


    anyway Saber has been restocked in Japan awhile ago, i suppose you should be able to get them too.

    Still waiting for Kyon.. Release has been delayed (due to QC?), Pre-order Itsuki today 😀

  19. misakichii says:

    Nice outdoor pics of Haruhi!

  20. gordon says:

    Divine Fang,
    usually i will try my best to take shots without the base getting into the picture. it makes the figure more real. ^^;

    Fariz Asuka,
    have it arrived? if yes u got to show me this weekend when we go for the photoshoot.

    yup already ordered saber at hobbysearch. ^^

    thank you. your nanoha shots are not bad too.

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