Clare Goes on a Hunt

Clare surveys her surrounding with watchful eyes. With graceful steps, she marches on silently. Her heighten senses tells her that what she is looking for is within the area. Like a seasoned predator, she waits patiently, waiting for her target to make a wrong move. The fugitive yoma will not be her match.

The hunt begins.

Last Saturday me and the gang consisting of Panther, Squee, Jon, Raven, Fariz Asuka and Hirito met up for a figure photo shoot.

There is a group shot of ourselves which you may view it at either our team blue blog or at Jon and Fariz’s blog.

The figures fall in for a group shot. I have listed the names of their owners as well.

This Mikuru frog nendoroid puchi which Hirito gotten as a free gift from KKnM is so cute! DO WANT!

Clare tries out a diiferent weapon other than her claymore. The guandao from Squee’s Kanu looks pretty good on Clare. The colour also suits her armour as well.

It was a fun day and I learnt a few things about DSLR from Jon and Squee. Jon was kind enough to let me try out his D40 with a few shots. Thanks both. ^^;


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22 Responses to Clare Goes on a Hunt

  1. puppy52doll says:

    nice photos gordon ^^ I think you made that figure look better than what I recalled Lol

  2. Panther says:

    The pics of Claire turned out quite well I see…the ones taken with the D40 were about the same as yours I think. Also, thanks for naming the owners of the figures too lol. We shall go for more next time!

  3. k says:

    how come there’re no photos of claire holding her claymore? thinking of a nikon instead ^^?

    i’m almost done with my jeju posts… got a figure post coming up! sprinkled with innuendo ^^

  4. Squee says:

    Claire, Thx for loaning your Claymore to me. We shall hunt yomu and over-ambitious warlords again some day.

  5. James says:

    Nice shots ^^

    i love outside pics but sometime hard to do ^^ (because of people :p)

  6. Fariz Asuka says:

    Those shots of Claire are awesome Gordon.. ^^

    Yeah, we need our own DSLR camera like what Wcloudx have.. I can’t really use my dad’s N82 for photoshoots all the time, can I?

  7. ron~ says:

    nice photos of claire 🙂

    Thought this figurine was big, but compared to those group figurines she seems not that big

  8. wcloudxkumo says:

    No problem, glad to help ^^ Yeah, DSLR is always nice to have~XD

    Love your shots. My favourite is the one with Claire holding Kanu’s weapon~XD

  9. gordon says:

    btw guys/girls, clare is spelled without an “i” in her name. ^^;

    really? personally i think the figure isn’t very nice looking. but i bought it anyway since i like claymore so much. ^^;

    after resizing, the pics looks alright but the ones taken with the D40 are definitely sharper if u view it in original resolution.

    cos clare was on top on a bridge. her hand can’t hold the weapon tightly so i was afraid it might drop into the waters.

    kanu and clare makes a great team, namely fighting power and fan service.

    simple. shoot the people to scare them away.

    Fariz Asuka,
    lets write an e-mail to santa. maybe he can give us one.

    it’s scale 1/8

    time for me to save up for a DSLR. hope to get one by end of the year.

  10. Anonymous Coward says:

    niceee ^^

    i is want see pantsu shots too! :X

  11. Hynavian says:

    *Warning: This is a senseless comment*

    Clare!!! Ditch Raki!!! You’re awesome looking and can get a cuter guy anything anywhere. XD

  12. Rikku says:

    Gordon, the photoshoots are awesome, and I love this Clare figure!

    @Hynavian: You definitely haven’t read the latest chapter of Claymore ^^ Things changed after 7 years.

  13. gordon says:

    Anonymous Coward,
    i wouldn’t dare if i were u.

    no way. i wanna see a love triangle. clare, raki and priscella.

    Hynavian already saw the chapter, she posted it up on her blog.

  14. garion says:

    Beware of the poison that is DSLR…it will suck up your $$$ 10x faster than collecting anime figures…you have been warned! =D

    To the D40 owner (whoever it is), try using a macro lens next zoom in closer for more details. ^^

    Nice pics btw Gordon.

  15. Random Misconception says:

    Great shots Gordon!

    Although Clare looks frighteningly sinister in all of them. >.>

  16. phossil says:

    Nice pictures…
    I think i would like to get involved in this figure photo session stuff too!!!

  17. D_Blade says:

    Cool pics! Loved the last one especially.
    it’s really too bad the Clare figure turned out to be this one and not the prototype one, but it would be a really limited figure then… So it’s not that bad in the end.
    Hope you’re happy having her though.

    By the way, I have ordered Figma Saber very recently, so I’m happy and could resist sharing this piece of info to many.

  18. marvin says:

    it’s cool how you guys can meet up for a photoshot like that. I wonder though do you get strange stares from passerbys?

  19. sk-殿 says:

    woah Claire looks real good, as if straight from the anime itself. what cam are you using? looking for a semi pro one and taking advices…

    BTW how you do the “jump” thing for each post? I sometimes have tons of pics to upload but the post ended up longer than I wanted it to be.

  20. gordon says:

    money is not an issue. i still ahve some leftover money from the kidney i sold. ^^;

    Random Misconception,
    u won’t like her when she is angry.

    if u are interested to join us in the next photoshoot, do let panther know. the more the merrier. ^^

    well done. u are on your way to become a figure collector. so proud of u. ^^;

    actually not many, some curious ones do look while others just mind their own business.

    i’m using Nikon COOLPIX P5100. will be considering switching to DSLR soon.

    i use javascript to hide the pictures. if u want it, drop me an e-mail and i’ll send it to u. ^^;

  21. sk-殿 says:

    do send me the javascript. and some instructions on how to use it too. ^^

    thanks! ^^

  22. D_Blade says:

    Thanks Gordon, but I didn’t promise anything (yet). ^^
    …But if it is really the beginning of a new quest, it’s a really nice start, I reckon.
    Future will tell. ^^;

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