Funny Diablo 2 Screenshots and Diablo 3

As you might have already known, Diablo 3 has been officially announced by Blizzard. Nostalgia overwhelmed me when I heard the news. Sure brings back the fond memories of those insane mouse clicking days. ^^;

Anyway I managed to dig out some funny Diablo 2 screenshots in my hard disk which you may see by clicking below. Enjoy.


When Starcraft meets Diablo



This is a reference to The Matrix movie. If offered a choice of taking the blue pill or the red pill which would you choose? Blissful ignorance (blue) or the painful truth (red)?

Frozen Orb. Used to be the most powerful spell of the Sorceress which deals great damages to the enemies and equal damage to your frame rates as well. Blizzard eventually implemented a time delay for all powerful spells.

Bone wall

The “Golden” City of Karust.

The Pandemonium Fortress Blood Bank. Business seems good.

The Butcher quest in Diablo 1 is one of the most memorable gaming moments ever. “Fresh Meat”

A full view of the town of Tristram from Diablo 1. Click to enlarge.

Third time’s the charm. What lousy loot will Diablo drop this time?

The unknown narrator of the teaser trailer. I’m guessing she is related to Deckard Cain or a character from the past 2 games. Hmm… I don’t remember seeing little girls in the past two games.


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27 Responses to Funny Diablo 2 Screenshots and Diablo 3

  1. k says:

    cool! please have a mac version >< !

  2. gordon says:

    don’t worry. there’ll be a simultaneous mac release. blizzard always release mac version for their games. ^^;

  3. k says:

    were those your screen shots btw? i’ve only played diablo 2 multiplayer once…. dialup was probably the main reason i stopped ^^

  4. double says:

    This brings back the memories of the good old days.

    Now, more than half my class is playing Diablo II over TCP/IP, LOL.

    k > There’s a mac version. Check out the Diablo III on wiki.

  5. Fariz Asuka says:

    I sure gonna play this game.. And Gordon, I’m gonna play back Diablo 2 after I read this post..

    Well, we do not have to worry about dialup now do we?? ^^

  6. Katie says:

    Hey, I really like your blog! Can I link to your page from my blog?

  7. puppy52doll says:

    everytime I see diabolo I’m reminded of what one of my ex coworker missed cos he was playing diabolo ^^;;;;; lol

  8. Mizunaga says:

    I never played Diablo.. ^^;

    What did he miss? O.o

  9. Evaritus Lau says:

    Oh boy long-awaited sequel Diablo 3 is going release ~~!!

    Time to dig old Diablo 2 LoD while waiting new one.


  10. Neutrinos says:

    yay for the new diablo, if only i can get my causal gamer friends to join me for a grind fest =x

  11. allentyb says:

    This game remind me of, back then when i started to play this game (Diablo 1) , when i was 14 or 15 years old.

    Its has been a wonderful game, but now, i don’t have time to play game at all =x

  12. gordon says:

    nope. stole them (screenshots) from the internet. i took screenshots myself but not as funny as those I found.

    i’m playing online now. ^^;

    Fariz Asuka,
    well it still lags when i play online (now) eventhough i have broadband and a good rig.

    sure of course. i’ll drop by your blog as well. ^^;

    diabolo? with an extra “o”? ^^;

    u are missing out on one of the gamest PC games.

    Evaritus Lau,
    actually i doubt it will be release anytime soon. a safe bet will probably be 2043.

    u mean they don’t play diablo? how is that possible? how could they not like the game? O_O

    diablo 1 was awesome. especially the butcher quest.

  13. marvin says:

    Brings back fond memories of killing demon spawns and diablo. ^^ want to get this game when it comes out, but worried that I might not have the time to play it. still have the latest command and conquer in it’s sealed box.

  14. Anonymous Coward says:

    ah ha! i felt half my life was wasted on d2.

    mf mf mf mf mf 24/7

    im a legit player on bnet! or at least i felt so. LOL. the only shit i use was mh. LOL! so much for legit :X

    d1 was just casual playing with friends over bnet still.

  15. puppy52doll says:

    gordon he missed his ROM ^^;;;;;; twice in fact ^^;;;;; he was err playing it at work that’s how we knew 😛

  16. meronpan says:

    not sure if i’d call them fond memories ^^; soooo much wasted time! i think i broke my mouse’s left button too…

    gah, all this diablo coverage and in true blizzard style, no mention whatsoever of a release date… think i’m going to reinstall diablo 2 orz … … on the bright side i think i can just download the game from the site after i register my product keys and then patch 1.12 eliminates the need for the cd in the drive! woo! ^_^

  17. rokku says:

    is there Diablo 3 for ps3?

  18. Stifler says:

    Ah, good old times, good old times. Brings back memories.

    The Butcher quest was fun. I remember rushing him over at my friends’ house when we were in primary 5 and we were all screaming away when I opened that door and heard him say “Ahh…Fresh meat.” Great fun.

    I think its about time I wiped the dust off my D2 and play it all over again, in preparation for D3.

  19. andra says:

    now you reminded me that I had accidentally turned the wirt’s leg blue XD

    Diablo III is a MUST to play~

  20. gordon says:

    don’t worry about having no time, diablo 1 & 2 has always been a game where u can play and log off anytime. but then again, the game is so addictive, oen will end up playing for hours. ^^;

    Anonymous Coward,
    i didn’t knew there is bnet for diablo 1. O_O

    really!? GOSH i will never miss my ROM because of a game. well i try.

    ya i just found put the new patch 1.12a doesn’t need the CD to play the game. yay! ^^

    most probably no.

    see u at the cow level then. ^^

    lol u stick a blue gem into it?

  21. Random Misconception says:


  22. wongtcsg says:

    Now i wonder how is the story going to progress?
    Diablo is slain in act 4 of diablo 2, now he is back?
    Who’s the host for his body?
    i play diablo 1 and 2.

  23. gordon says:

    Random Misconception,
    i hope there is. cows in space.

    in the game, there’s 3 prime evils, diblo and his 2 older brother and 4 lesser evils. 2 are introduced in diablo 2. the boss of act 1 and 2 so there 2 more 2 lesser we haven’t seen yet. they will surely find a way to give diablo back.

    and in the trailer, u see something falling down from the sky right? that could be something else. ^^;

  24. Kozta-Boom says:

    this is probably seem like time to upgrade my PC…

  25. Diablo 3 says:

    hehe very nice screenshots

  26. Dude pretty nice man XD fun pics man though heres a pretty good place for some info if needed hope it helps a little bit XD good luck!

  27. Jack Swirl says:

    Brings back fond memories of killing demon spawns and diablo. ^^ want to get this game when it comes out, but worried that I might not have the time to play it. still have the latest command and conquer in it’s sealed box.

    Jack Swirl
    Diablo 3 barbarian skills

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