Singapore Cosfest 2008 Air Gear Mikan Cosplay

Bright pink hair, zipped down jump suit. She skates over and shows you her emblem. Will you take up her challenge for a duel of life and honour? To get a closer look at what’s under inside the jumpsuit the legendary Sleeping Forest badge.

The above picture (for the uninitiated, Mikan from Air Gear) was stolen from tassardar. I wasn’t there for this 2 days event last weekend. There was work commitment on Saturday and Sunday was spent clicking my mouse on the Diablo 2 server. It was fun. Every second of it. ^^;

More lovely Mikan pics stolen from dxboy below.

So anyway enough about me. I read through most of the local anime bloggers’ coverage on the event and although the highlight was on Gundam Exia and KOS-MOS. both of them are great but for some reason I like this Mikan cosplayer the most. I admire her courage to pull this off and she was on inline-skates all day. Her feet must hurt like hell.

Mikan from the manga which the cosplay outfit was based on.

As recommded by you guys (and a girl), I’m reading the Air Gear manga now. Currently at chapter 12. ^^;


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21 Responses to Singapore Cosfest 2008 Air Gear Mikan Cosplay

  1. Evaritus Lau says:

    Wait ’til bro read til Chapter 207~~

    Mah can’t wait eh !


  2. TW.FLee says:

    flee dropby to say hi as well.
    Mikan (from the manga) is cute. Got to catch-up with the manga.

  3. puppy52doll says:

    Mikan looks pretty good! I agree her feets must hurt at the end of the day o_o;

    lol at your “every minute of it”

  4. Mizunaga says:

    Whooo. Never noticed her. But now that you’ve pointer her out, I agree- she does look good. I still think KOS-MOS and Exia were the best few though.

  5. Random Misconception says:

    Kos-Mos and Exia were epic.

    Also, D3 – Coming your way the next 100000000 years from now.

  6. ron~ says:

    hoo, really nice mikan cosplay :O

  7. Kozta-Boom says:

    Mikan cosplayer looks so nice >,<

  8. The P-Meister says:

    She sure has a beautiful rack.

  9. Panther says:

    Pffft, so ecchi Gordon. KOS-MOS > EXIA > almost all others in my book for Day 1.

    Then again I waltzed right past the Air Gear group except for that girl with blue hair…assuming she was in that group lol.

  10. andra says:

    her cosplay looks good~ ^^

    maybe I should pick back Air Gear

  11. marvin says:

    cosplayer has pink eyebrows. ^^

  12. Anonymous Coward says:



    LOL! btw, what shirt size do you wear? haha…

  13. gordon says:

    Evaritus Lau,
    Chapter 207!?
    still a long way to go. O_O

    welcome back. ^^

    it’s every second not minute. ^^;
    Diablo 2 is still addictive even after all these years.

    thank you for agreeing wit me. love girls with pink hair.

    Random Misconception,
    i saw your coverage too. the mikuru is hot!

    ron~ & Kozta-Boom,
    sure is. ^^;

    The P-Meister,
    i couldn’t agree more. ^^;

    oh that’s a pity.

    yes u should. i’m glad i did. ^^

    it goes well with the hair. ^^

    Anonymous Coward,
    really!? u are gonna print one for me!? i’m so touched bro! u are kidding right? lol. ^^;

  14. Pyoro says:

    i thought her name was MAD when i first saw her on that pic… hurhur
    wait evaritus lau you say chapter 207? darn i don’t think i have that volume yea…

  15. Stifler says:

    You missed Cosfest for D2?

    lol I almost did too. Which server are you playing at? I’m in U.S East.

  16. Anonymous Coward says:

    size! tell us your size! lol

  17. Evaritus Lau says:

    @gordon & pyoro,

    It’s hard to get these manga 8 my place here, so the only place could read til Chap207 was, fan scans~~


  18. gordon says:

    MAD? O_O

    Asia server.

    Anonymous Coward,
    Size L. What are u gonna do? O_O

    Evaritus Lau,
    yup me get scans too. ^^

  19. Anonymous says:

    haha abit of background. mikan likes retro games and beating up ikki.

    one of my fav airgear characters. the other being kururu who was also cosplayed.

  20. wongtcsg says:

    I love that girl.

  21. YT says:

    Who’s that Mikan cosplayer? She’s such a cutie.

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