Stormtrooper at Work

This is me and how the typical stormtrooper’s workstation looks like on board the Death Star.


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24 Responses to Stormtrooper at Work

  1. Fariz Asuka says:

    It seems that some Stormtroopers do have a desk job inside the Death Star instead of just running around hunting Jedis..

    Happy working.. ^^

  2. infestor51 says:

    Yes, and Stormtroopers use Windows XP. I bet the Death Star blew up on its own due to BSoDs.

    @Fariz Asuka
    I’d rather a desk job than getting mauled by Jedis.

  3. Stifler says:

    Speaking of Stormtrooper, how was the stormtrooper welcome party last saturday?

    BTW, didn’t anyone say anything about you wearing your helmet to work? lol

  4. yumeno says:

    Can you really see through that helmet?

  5. Anonymous Coward says:

    im er.. not gay but i just cant help but notice your arm is like so smooth. LOL

    or my eyes are playing tricks on me? maybe a resize to the photo somewhat like smudge that area? or a harsh flash?

    no im not gay.

  6. Kozta-Boom says:

    great stormtrooper use XP? first i thought they proably have something hi-tech.

  7. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    yup. lots of admin works to do. got to come up with the Death Star maintenance report to vader next week.

    XP aren’t that bad compared to Vista and ME.

    the party was great man. too bad u couldn’t come. the 501st are a bunch of nice people. ^^

    at for wearing my helmet to work. nope. i have my own room. no one was around except my partner who took the picture.

    sure can. but without my glasses. it can’t fit inside.

    @Anonymous Coward,
    u are not the first one to say i have smooth skin. lol.

    no flash was used for the shot.

    it’s the best the Empire can ofter.

  8. Panther says:

    Where was your gun? I bet you used it on anyone who intruded into Empire-owned space.

  9. fatb says:

    I guess it’s not casual friday for you. You’re wearing clothes and not a harness and diaper.

  10. puppy52doll says:

    lol at everyone’s creative comments lol nice that they let U take this picture at work 🙂

  11. alafista says:

    Haha it would be fun if I went to work today in a stormtropper helmet. LOL

  12. Shaun says:

    lookin good!

  13. puppy52doll says:

    gordon check e-mail!

  14. フェイダムさん says:

    You wear jeans to work? Or was the shot taken on Friday? By the way, thanks for the support for the 4koma idea. Did you link from Danny Choo or C.I.?

  15. allentyb says:

    Clannad ep 24 is still not acceptable, i was wtf when i saw the DVD.

  16. C.I says:


  17. andra says:

    thats a nice summer suit for the stormtrooper ^^

  18. yumeno says:

    Lol I see. Can you tell me what plastic is that lens part made of? Cause I think I found a way to create Zero’s mask from it. Thanks alot. ^^

  19. gordon says:

    ah yes the rifle. still looking for it. :-/


    if i feel brave enough i’ll wear it to other places. ^^ got your e-mail as well.

    no one says u couldn’t so do it.

    thank you. nice avatar.

    i link from danny.

    lol! are u in the right place?

    shut up and give me all your money. lol.

    it’s freaking cold in the room actually.

    sorry no idea what is it made of. clear green plastic maybe?

  20. Stifler says:

    @gordon: Man, I wish I could have been there. It sounds fun. Maybe Vader can pull some strings and get me transfered from the SAF to the Empire. lol

  21. phossil says:

    LOL!! funny picture and cool workstation at Death Star with A/C and window included!!, (nice to know you arent in a windowless cubicle, haha) to work, trooper!!! lol

  22. gordon says:

    lol. that can be arranged. anyway i bought the armour already. ^^

    back to work i shall. lol.

  23. MrMayat says:

    I’ve always been yearning for my own trooper costume. Too bad about the cost. And no specs inside the helmet? I’d be bumping into stuff ever so often.

  24. gordon says:

    if u are really passionate, a budget of S$1600 should be enough. unless u are really short sighted, i think it should be ok to wear it without glasses or one can put the lens inside. ^^

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