No Time for Gundam

I have been busy lately so that means lesser time to build my gunpla (damn you Diablo 2 for addicting me). There are still a few backlog kits lying around waiting for me to complete. The MG Force Impulse above Saber is holding is almost done. Speaking of Saber, I don’t even have time to recharge her mana as well.

Btw I disabled the comment captcha so no more keying in of lousy and difficult to see alphabets when making a comment. Please let me know if this is better?

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20 Responses to No Time for Gundam

  1. Panther says:


    Then you will have real time for the important stuff (such as anime).

  2. C.I says:

    I’m not sure if my captcha is even ON. lol.

  3. puppy52doll says:

    looks like the captcha is off lol
    hmmmm I had been doing some blogger related reading and wonder if I should disable it also lol

  4. Kozta-Boom says:

    lol! I wasn't addicted by D2, but WC3 Dota instead. >▽<

    btw, if you disable the captcha it may brings you some spam comments

  5. nanu says:

    no captcha is great!

    the solution for addictive games is to play only games you can step away from (literally) and be carefree all the same, but in no way am I advocating that you stop playing 😀

  6. k says:

    still playing diablo 2? did diablo 3 coming out soon have anything to do with it ^^?

  7. Anonymous Coward says:

    are they still using charms as currency now?

    the last time I played, SOJ s was still the currency then I heard it was changed….

  8. marvin says:

    hey Gordon, did you paint the grey parts with metallic paint? anyway I’m finding it difficult to find time for gundams as well. though for different reasons. however it does feel sad not being able to build gunpla. hope you find time to build your MG Impulse. ^^

  9. phossil says:

    Oh no!! Please, recharge Saber’s mana as soon as possible…

    Without captcha willn’t you have more spam as Kozta-Boom said?? Anyway, I like to post comments without captcha (but I have it ON in my blog… O_O)

  10. gordon says:

    lol @ insides turn purple.

    it's off.

    turn it off. it's annoying. sometimes i make mistakes typing that stupid captcha. >.<

    no worries, my team of monkeys will delete them for me when i'm not around.

    roger that. that's why i don't dare touch MMORPG, they will eat my soul! O_O

    yes indeed. ^^

    Anonymous Coward,
    lol SOJ. blizzard wants to get rid of all the SOJ spams that they make cube recipes with SOJ.

    yup i painted the frame metallic steel. that's the only thing i'm confident of painting. anyway i guess it's busy been a father looking after baby lacus. wait her name is not lacus right? ^^;

    i'll recharge her mana later tonight. ^^;

    spams also mean that people are visiting my site right? lol.

  11. Stifler says:

    Saber look awfully happy to be able to hold up Force Impulse, even through she isn’t getting her mana from her Master.

    BTW, come over to U.S East! lol.

  12. Reeve says:

    Nice Force Impulse you have done bro 🙂 Your kit building is getting better and better with more you build 🙂 Good Job 🙂


  13. marvin says:

    lol as tempting that sounds, I knew my wife would have none of that. ^^

  14. secretzone says:

    D2 sure is addictive~

    MF MF MF 😀

  15. gordon says:

    can I export my character to US EAST?

    lol. thanks but u flatten me. it’s just out of the box build and nothing special. yours on the other hand looks pretty nice seriously.

    oh i visted your blog yesterday and found out her name already. i saw her pics as well, she looks gorgeous. may she grow up to be as pretty and brave as lacus. ^^;

    MF = Magic Find?

  16. secretzone says:

    yeh 🙂
    used to do lots of mesphisto/pindleskin runs ^^;

  17. Mizunaga says:

    Since you’re so busy, let me recharge Saber’s mana for you.. ^^;

  18. gordon says:

    no thank you. i’ll do it myself.

  19. marvin says:

    whoops, I didn’t mention her name? sorry about that. baby Haley Ryanne and I thank you. ^^ btw I threw the name Kamille into the hat hoping my wife wouldn’t know about Z Gundam. unfortunately it was vetoed off as well. ^^ btw nice comment post plugin. didn’t know you could do this with blogger.

  20. gordon says:

    @ marvin,
    don’t forget to take more pics of baby Haley and post them on your blog. ^^

    the new embedded comemnt is unofficial yet.

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