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Konata Trooper

I received a most awesome gift yesterday. It was a hand drawn Konata T-shirt by Anonymous Coward. Man this is so cool! I will be sure to treasure it with love. ^^;

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Reservist Unit and Figma Mikuru

This is my reservist unit’s formation badge. My first ever ICT is coming up soon. I attended the briefing two days ago and will be going back for more action in two more months’ time.

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Haruhi and Neko

Haruhi continues her SOS-dan recruiting efforts and found her next potential target. This is my neighbourhood neko taking an afternoon nap. Neko is very cool and isn’t afraid of humans so I love to fondle it whenever I see it. … Continue reading

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Stormtrooper at Work

This is me and how the typical stormtrooper’s workstation looks like on board the Death Star.

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Gundam 00 Season 2

Season 2 of Gundam 00 will hit the goggle box (and file sharing sites ^^) soon in a few more months’ time in October. Before that, here are some screenshots found by duotiga, one of my gundam modeling comrades from … Continue reading

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Otaku Friends in the News

Featured in this week’s Friday Weekly, a student newspaper, are 3 well known local anime bloggers double, soshi and windbell.

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The Leaning Tower of Shii

Meet Shii. She’s 17, tall, cute and like to lean sideways. I do believe leaning is something we commonly see in bootlegs but I’m very sure my Shii isn’t one. Do you have leaning figures?

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