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Signs Part 2

The Colonel only allows inside food inside his restaurant. At first look do you understand what the sign is trying to say? It actually means “Only foods purchased from KFC are allowed to be consumed within the restaurant” or “Foods … Continue reading

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Favourite Figure

Asuka turned an innocent young lad into an otaku.

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Singapore Fireworks Celebrations

My second (n00b) attempt at taking fireworks shots.

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Farewell Beloved Space Playboy

An emotional episode where we mourn the departure of a principal character and rejoice at the return of a once dispirited songstress. *Spoilers ahead*

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I am was Narutard. This is a long read so please bear with me as I account the memories of me being a fanboy of two of the most controversial manga/anime franchise of this generation.

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Chua Churam The Idol is Vampire!?

Beautiful and bewitching. Possibly the cutest vampire ever. She can have all my blood.

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A Milestone 100,000 GET!

ZOMG! Is there something wrong with the hits meter or have we just gotten over 100,000 hits!

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