A Milestone 100,000 GET!

ZOMG! Is there something wrong with the hits meter or have we just gotten over 100,000 hits!

Thank you for the 100,000 hits get!

Totaling hits from my previous blog and this current blog, this humble site has received more than 100,000 hits! Everything went swell after I made the move to WordPress. In fact I noticed an increased amount of traffic and comments as well. Guess WordPress’ neat and captcha free comment system really is a blessing.

Not only that, WordPress also has its own traffic analysis which made monitoring easy. My blog warming post has the highest comment count ever with 87 comments (including my own)! The More Rear Pics post is the most viewed followed by it’s predecessor series. WordPress’ spam filter is awesome too. I have been getting lots of spam comments lately so its a good thing all of them are filtered out and sent to Internet hell (after i reviewed them of course ^^).

For referrers, Danny’s occasional hijacks and member news section really helped this blog a great deal in getting readership. Feeds aggregator Anime Nano is another great source of my traffic. Those who haven’t sign up for it may wish to check it out.

Last but not least the most important of all, a big thank you once again to the regular readers, many of whom I meet from dannychoo.com so how could I not thank the man as well? Thanks Danny. ^^;

Pic from nyanya.egloos.com


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51 Responses to A Milestone 100,000 GET!

  1. FatB says:

    You’re Welcome… haha j/k

    Congrats, now where are my cookies?

  2. chun says:


  3. Congrats Gordon! I hope you can make it to 200,000! Besides, it’s already OVER 9000!!!

  4. ed says:

    congrats!!!!! i inspire to have a blog like u man. =D

  5. marvin says:

    Congratulations on the newest milestone Gordon, btw you might want to review those spam before sending them off to the nether reaches of the internet. I sometimes find some real comments filtered out by wordpress’ akismet spam filter.

  6. k says:

    congratulations! next milestone’s 200,000? ^^

  7. x33b says:

    Grats on hitting 100,000!

  8. Setsuna-san says:


  9. Saku says:

    Grats, Gordon 🙂

  10. Edward says:

    Congratulations on the milestone Gordon!

  11. Danny Choo says:

    Omedotou desu!
    Its because of your hard work – not me ^^

  12. tflops says:

    Congratulations to you!
    How about the hits from Akismet Spams? Do you get alot? lol

  13. inazumakick says:

    Congrats! Like Ed said, your blog(and this post) is an inspiration to smaller bloggers. Keep the moe coming.

  14. shiro says:


  15. optic says:

    May the force continues to be with you. ^^

  16. gordon says:

    @ all,
    thank you for your comments and support. please come right up so i can give all of u a big hug. ^^;

    next milestone will be 1,000,000 perhaps? *dreaming* :3


    @ FatB,
    I have already sent them to your address together with the stripper.

    @ marvin,
    yes of course. i always run through the spams before i blast them to oblivion.

    @ Setsuna-san,
    cookies are over there.

    @ danny,
    without dannychoo.com there won’t be gordonator.com. it was a inspiration not only to me but may others i believe. 😀

    @ tflops,
    not really a lot but its still annoying to see them. strangely i don’t get any spams when i was at the old blog.

  17. Panther says:

    Congratulations dude, you deserved it. Lol I doubt I will ever reach that mark. I was about to say next milestone to be 500K, but you made it 1 mil. 😦

    Also, the caek is a lie. I want delicious cake. 😦

  18. wcloudxkumo says:

    Nice!!! That was fast~XD

    Congratulations!! ^^

  19. inazumakick says:

    I agree with you gordon, without dannychoo.com there would be much less people otaku-blogging, myself included.

  20. GnuoyKun says:

    Good job ^^
    Keep up the good work o/

  21. alafista says:

    Gambatte! Soon u will be hitting the 1 million mark ^_^

  22. Fariz Asuka says:

    Congratulations Gordon on your 100,000th mark.. The Empire will be proud of you.. ^^

    What did Darth Vader say?? xD

  23. Justin says:

    congrats man! i’ve only met you through dannychoo.com, good friend and blogger you are! ^^

    continue your hard work, and give us more rear ends! =3 Thanks for all!!!

  24. xephfyre says:

    I expect a million GET post soon then!


  25. andra says:

    woohooo~ congrats gordon! ^^

  26. Q says:

    Congratulations Gordon! Keep up the good work mate~

    I personally am not not into the ‘rear’-kind of posts but will be looking to more figure reviews!

  27. リョ Ryo says:

    Congratulation!!! BANZAI to gordon!! anyway, I think I will congrats to you again whenever you reach 999,999 hits. ^^

  28. Pyoro says:

    ah hah time to perhaps monetise all those clicks?
    *rubs hands in glee congrats btw

  29. gordon says:

    @ wcloudxkumo, GnuoyKun, alafista, Justin, andra and Q,
    thanks all! 😀

    @ Panther,
    your blog is also doing well what so no worries bro. the cake is on me. ^^

    @ inazumakick,
    can u post your blog address? i will loe to visit it. 🙂

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    vader says, “GET BACK TO WORK!”

    @ xephfyre,
    no party.

    @ リョ Ryo,
    thanks. do come back in 9 years time when i reach 999,999.

    @ Pyoro,
    i will love to but wordpress.com doesn’t allow ads. 😦

  30. sammyb says:

    whoops! Looks like I was logged in as inazumakick(the name of my blog) and not my handle, sammyb. I was thinking, “but gordon you come to my site sometimes!”. There isn’t any guy called inazumakick, only sammyb ;). Stupid me. My bad.

  31. meimi132 says:


    Whoa!! 100,000!! Much Congrats! I hope to reach that goal someday lol. I’m happy reaching 5000 over a month right now though lol.

    (And no, I have absolutely no idea what it means lol, I dont think anyone does….)

  32. otaku dan says:

    congrats and good job, gordon. i wish for you to get 100,000 more hits!

  33. Jacques says:

    Congratulations of your 100,000 hits! and thanks for bringing & sharing all the great news/articles with us on your blog.

  34. James says:

    Congrats Mister Gordon ^^

    Now where’s the chocolate cake , i’m hungry 😮


  35. sbhboi says:

    Congratz for 100k mark !

    “Thou shall do the dance” for this occasion. XD

  36. phossil says:

    Congrats man for reaching the milestone!!

    Now lets celebrate with some curry… lol

    Omedetou Gozaimazu!!!!

  37. Divine Fang says:

    Osu! Congratulations Gordon!

  38. yumeno says:

    Congratulations!! XDDD

  39. 6pack says:

    Congrats Gordon! That was fast 🙂

  40. Blowfish says:

    Wow we are so awesome for reading your Blog.!
    Lets try to get even more comments in this post^^

    Congratulations! The next 100k are nothing :d

  41. gordon says:

    @ sammyb,
    lol. now i get it.

    @ meimi132,
    BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!! such a catchy and random line. ^^

    @ rest,
    thanks. starfish for all of u. 😀

  42. Persocom says:

    Grats, and nice Pangya picture ^^

  43. Z says:

    Hehe. a bit late of me but…

    w00t! Congratulations Gordon! Your blog deserve all the hits. Awesome contents! Keep ’em coming!

  44. Stifler says:

    Congrats on reaching a huge milestone on your blog, Gordon! Keep happening, man!

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  46. gordon says:

    thank you Persocom, Z and Stifler. ^^

  47. Danny Choo says:

    Thanks for the kind words ^^;
    Cant wait to hook up with you and other comrades when I visit SG.

  48. Mizunaga says:

    Congratulations Gordon (and Gordenette)! You deserve it. 😀
    Keep up the good work!

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