I am was Narutard.

This is a long read so please bear with me as I account the memories of me being a fanboy of two of the most controversial manga/anime franchise of this generation.

Many years ago, I started reading Naruto manga since it was the hottest thing during that time. For the anime, I never watch the first 90 episodes as I wasn’t knowledgeable about anime downloading back then. A friend let me copy the later episodes starting from the Sesuke’s betrayal arc.

What happened after that arc were seasons of filler hell which lasted almost a hundred episodes. I watched a few episodes of the fillers and found it to be the crappiest thing I have ever seen. I stopped.

Last Feb I began watching the sequel Naruto Shippūden on a weekly basis. 42 episodes later I decided to call it quits. The series was a dragging piece of awfulness with its slow story telling and sluggish fight scenes.

Not only that, I was a Bleachtard as well.

Soi Fong, my favourite Bleach Taichou

I was crazy about Bleach years ago. I liked Bleach more than Naruto back then. The manga story was not bad with the Soul Society arc. But after the conclusion of that arc, the following Arrancar’s arc was really a disappointment. It wasn’t as fun to read as Soul Society arc with all the cool Gotei 13 Captains and their Bankai.

The first few seasons of Bleach anime were good which covered the manga’s Soul Society arc. As with Naruto, the following season was fillers which were equally a pain to watch. Looking back, I can’t believe I actually sit through the whole of those crap fillers. I dropped the anime shortly after it entered the Arrancar’s arc.

Today I still read the weekly manga chapters of both series on the internet but both are getting increasing crappy and I find myself reading them for the sake of finishing what I have started, like a curse! I am even seriously considering stop buying the hard copy manga of both series as it’s just a waste of storage space and money.

And oh did I mention I read One Piece as well? Well, lets leave that to another day. Btw just curious, Any Naruto/Bleach fans here?


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57 Responses to Confession

  1. Panther says:

    I am a Bleach fan. They are at least finishing that. I should start on Soul Eater manga and Sekirei manga. The anime can go to hell now. Bleach still has its potential, the continuation, but it all needs to be animated…and done well, which is damn near impossible given how people have already given up on the series for the most part.

  2. double says:

    Confession: I never watched a single episode or read a single chapter of Naruto before. I never read a single chapter of Bleach, and only watch the first 10 minutes of episode 1. And I think it’s a real bore.

  3. shiro says:

    I have never watched Bleach or Naruto before. The closest I got into Naruto was playing one of those PS2 games without even knowing the storyline.

  4. phossil says:

    ~Shiro you are missing the good
    Im a Naruto fan (I have some mangas and the first episodes). My Fav. character…Kakashi…and Sakura..

  5. I watched the first 30 something episodes of Bleach on my sister’s computer, but I wasn’t compelled to continue on. That and I was a noob at the time and had no clue how to work torrents. For Naruto, I read a couple of the volumes of the manga and watched some of the anime, but I couldn’t get into it. :/
    However, back when those series started gaining popularity in my area I was a huge Yugioh-tard. orz

  6. Choux says:

    Watched them both (only a few episodes though, and I couldn’t watch through a single episode of shippouden) and read them both. I now am very tired of them and is only continuing to check on the manga once a month or something to see how its doing.

    I suggest you stop buying them.

  7. Justin says:

    Still reading Bleach and Naruto on weekly basis.

    If you asked me about the anime series, I first watched Naruto until EP 123 where the Sasuka betrayal arc ended, and the filler episodes began. What a load of crap that was, hence I stopped there.

    Bleach was my favourite at the time of the Arrancar arc, but until the episode where the brother-sister-being-chased-by-a-Hollow-and-protected-by-Matsumoto/Hitsugaya-combo arc, I stoppped the whole thing altogether. Another filler-load of crap…and another just started, as I heard from a friend of mine.

    I rather stick to the manga which I hope will end soon, what with the dragging of storyline and all. Just for the sake of finishing it, I continue to read them…

  8. Shin says:

    What’s there to be ashamed of? Naruto is still the best anime around.

  9. sammyb says:

    I watched Naruto until the filler, and then I stopped. Good show, I guess. It’s the fans that are really annoying because, as everyone knows, they are the people that claim to be anime fans when that+everything on cartoon network is all they ever watch.

  10. James says:

    A Naruto fan ?

    Stay away from me !

    Joke aside , i don’t like it but there’s nothing wrong liking it so keep watching/reading what you want 🙂

  11. Gi says:

    Guy cosplayer looks A LOT like the real character, especially the hairstyle (what’s the name, was it Kabuto?). Soi Fong cosplayer is very pretty =)

  12. chun says:

    Ah Naruto 😛 I remember enjoying the manga and was quite horrified after I moved to canada, manga costs a few times per copy here than Singapore (Wah) well thank goodness for internet 😛 But yes am quite disappointed Naruto took the milking it to death route ^^; stopped watching the horrible fillers for a while now, wish the story would move tho ^^;

    And nice picture of Soi Fong cosplayer O_O what a cutie!

  13. 53RG10 says:

    I also used to watch both Naruto and BLEACH…but stopped due to crappiness…I’m still reading both the manga, in bulks and not weekly, and I still like them both…um, manga wise.

    @Coco the Bean: Although I stopped watching/reading Yu-gi-oh…I still have some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards…”’orz

  14. I’m a mini fan of all those you mentioned. I watch them normally when I can get hold of like a lot of them, say 20 episodes. I don’t read the manga tho..

    Come to think of it now that you brought it up, its really crappy and draggy now…

    and that Soi Fong cosplayer, WOW!! :X

  15. otaku dan says:

    i use to the naruto manga back in 2002 but then i got bored of it. i use to watch yugioh and play the card game until i got bored with it. I like bleach and watch it from time to time.

  16. Caitlin says:

    I read the first couple of Naruto manga and watched the first 30 or so episodes. They were pretty good but I just lost interest, mostly due to an aggressive fanbase. That was 1 “squee” too many for me.

  17. nanu says:

    I got into this scene too late, so for zomgneverendingstories and old shows, I never bothered :l

  18. Neutrinos says:

    Naruto anime: dropped like a brick ever since shippuden, srsly that was what they came out after such a long filler break? *roll eyes*

    Bleach is teetering dangerously on the edge for me, since I also read the manga, the anime has to turn it up a notch to make it worthwhile to watch. Fillers still sucks.

    Nothing against narutards/bleachheads. Everyone has their fave shounen anime and I kinda frown on psudeo-intellectual high horsery =D

  19. adaywithoutme says:

    Ah, Bleach, my first encounter with digital fansubs…

  20. Katie says:

    I read the first 7 manga volumes of Naruto and the first volume of Bleach from my old school library. Bleach seemed to have potential, but Naruto just bored me.

  21. Z says:

    I used to like watching Naruto. The first two episodes were funny and got me hooked. It was also the first anime I watched that’s not Gundam. Like you, once the filler came after the Sasuke arc, I said “screw this series”. Crap just drags and drags and drags. I was also sick of how they drag on with the fight too… like DBZ.

    Now for Shippuden, the first arc of retrieving Gaara was fine…until the same crap happened. The fighting dragged out for 6-10 episodes. “30 seconds” became 4 episodes. Dropped this series after 50 or so episodes. This is also why I stopped watching:

    I haven’t seen Bleach at all yet so no comment about that ^^;

  22. Saku says:

    Confession: I still read Bleach and Naruto manga XD and I still download Naruto and Bleach anime lol, however, both of them are like on the bottom of my watch list or I don’t watch them.

    I prefer the manga over the anime now especially Naruto since the story gets really interesting recently.

    I used to like them when it’s still new and has not gone mainstream yet.

  23. GnuoyKun says:

    I used to reallu like Naruto, and Bleach afterwards, since they were one of the first animes I got by downloads ^^’
    But I ended watching Naruto at 220, and Bleach at 50 i think… people keep saying the fillers kill both series, so I take my time watching other series :3

  24. marvin says:

    I watched both anime, enjoyed Bleach more than Naruto though. but you’re right those fillers are a real pain. stopped watching bleach when the started with the bound vampire story. planning to watch naruto in fast forward since I have the DVDs. ^^; but sure wish they didn’t have so much fillers.
    btw soi fong cosplayer looks really nice.

  25. optic says:

    The way how i see it, Naruto and Bleach does not have an ending. They go on and on like forever. A seriously question, will it really end one day?

    One of the reasons I never got into it was because of this never ending cycle. T_T

  26. k says:

    yeap. big naruto/bleach/one piece fan ^^. naruto’s anime is back to the main story now. the transition from the filler to the main story was very smooth. it’s like it was part of the story ^^

  27. ed says:

    i stopped bleach anime long ago and stopped naruto anime few mths back.
    still reads the weekly manga online and still buys naruto manga.
    bleach’s a pain but like you, im just reading for the sake of finishing wd i started.
    but naruto’s different, a lil’ more exciting if you ask me.
    oh, and did i mention im an Uchiha fanboy? XD
    that explains my nick on hwz. hehehe

  28. Stifler says:

    I was once a Bleach and Naruto fan myself, till horrible animation, terrible pacing and a never ending dirge of fillers destroyed what was once a pretty good series (sure, its typical shounen stuff, but it could be worse).

    Now I just read the weekly manga chapters and try my best to forget that it exists the rest of the week.

  29. Watched the first 20 odd episodes of bleach on youtube and then decided to call it quits. Didn’t really strike my fancy, I prefer shows that are overflowing with hot-blooded courage. 光に、なれえええええええええええ!

  30. arkitas says:

    Confession: I never watched a single episode or read a single chapter of Naruto before. I never read a single chapter of Bleach, and only watch the first 10 minutes of episode 1. And I think it’s a real bore.

  31. andra says:

    never liked naruto ^^; me was a loyal bleach fans many moons ago; I have weird fetish for katana so I went crazy over bleach but now its really going down the canal – DROPPED. (maybe will be revived someday lol)

  32. Rokku says:

    Lol, too bored to continue reading Eh?

  33. Keith says:

    I watch Naruto/bleach.. and am still watching + reading the manga :X

  34. Hynavian says:

    I watched an episode of Bleach and read a volume of the manga so don’t worry Gordon, there are many others out haven’t yet confessed. (: You’ve taken the first big step!

  35. Mizunaga says:

    I am continually reading and watching Bleach weekly. It’s not the best series, but it has potential. That’s all it has though ^^; What I really wanna see from Bleach now are the Vaizards.

    Soi fong! I agree with your choice of captain 😛
    That’s a cute cosplayer.

  36. Pyoro says:

    despite the consensus among the anime community that bleach and naruto have degraded to an excuse for gratuitous fanservice, there’s still a loyal fanbase. granted the only saving grace of these two, are the character designs, nothing more.

    i think we have come to a point whereby, if a manga is successful, a spinoff is inevitable. whether or not the nuances of the manga can be fully translate over to the anime version depends on simply budget constraints. Rosario to vampire for eg, epitomises dumb milking of a franchise. Soul eater on the other hand is the pinnacle of what a manga turned anime should be.

  37. BZou says:

    Yeah I totally agree with the Naruto Shippuuden arc being dragged out. Totally like the old dbz.

    I use to like watching naruto and bleach too, but gave up on watching both due to the filler drag.

  38. Mimi says:

    It’s hard for never-ending anime to get better and better…
    As for me, was a huge Narutard and Bleach fan.. first cosplay was from Naruto. xP Quitting my ‘tard obsession was the hardest thing. It was like a fat guy trying to fit into a small bikini. Never quite gained my countless wasted hours back, and the experience is now a part of my repressed childhood memories.

  39. Setsuna-san says:

    Confession: I neither watched Naruto nor Bleach.

  40. suneo says:

    stopped watching the Naruto and Bleach animes a little while ago, but still keep up with the weekly mangas. I just like to see over the top fighting….and seeing Sasuke get his ass whooped lol.

  41. gordon says:

    thanks all for the comments. interesting to find some are like myself, ex-naurutard/bleachtard, some fans (i salute u) and non-fans.

    @ Gi,
    yup that guy is cosplaying as kabuto.

    oh excuse me, i got to go read this week’s naruto and bleach manga chapter now. bloody curse.

  42. tflops says:

    lol’ed here on my country some people started watching Naruto and Bleach before they came a full-time addicted otaku. I started watching anime because I was a fan since child.

  43. Q says:

    I tried reading and watching Naruto but didn’t get far either ways unfortunately. Watched Bleach until the end of the rescue of Rukia then my friend told me that it gets boring afterwards (i.e. fillers), so I shift my focus others instead. I can’t afford to spend so much time on long series anymore so I only watch those with 50 episodes or so maximum.

    I don’t hate Naruto; I just don’t find it to be of my taste. On the other hand it’s not so nice how there is a hatred of popular things, or even hate groups. Are they necessarily at all?

  44. Tirana says:

    Well. I love bleach and naruto. maybe if i were to rank those manga. I’ll say naruto no2 and bleach no3. no1 is one piece! wohooo!

  45. sbhboi says:

    If that so, then should read either Air Gear or ES21 then. Least the story develop more & more interesting, than current Naruto & Bleach’s latest chapter.

    Yes, Naruto makes the show worse by adding fillers. Why it didn’t just finished it for 1st season, then later quite some times on air the 2nd season, like Gundam 00 ? Same goes to Bleach, also had some fillers. Filler kills my interest in watching these 2 anime anymore. ‘=.=’

  46. Orange says:

    I used to be a Naruto fan. Watched pretty much every episode up until the fillers came. Coincidentally, I was watching less anime during that period too, so I basically dropped everything.

    I started watching Shippuuden, but gave up after a couple of episodes.

    Now I just stick to the manga, which drags on forever, so it’s not that good anyways.

    Looking back, I too am amazed at how I sat through all of that…

  47. Rin says:

    Well, Sadly I was one too!!!!!!!
    Still, I don’t watch the anime anymore…only the ops…
    I still am a fan on Hitsugaya since him and his sick dragon!!!!!!!

  48. Persocom says:

    To be quite honest, the closest I got to any of those was playing Mugen (the rogue fighting game with hundreds of fan made/ripped characters) and whooping the crap out of a bad version of Naruto with Ayu from Kanon XD. My son saw a Naruta/Sasuke and that sand bag guy figure at the dollar store the other day but quickly got interested in something else before I had to buy him one lol. I can’t say I hate Naruto or anything because I haven’t ever given it a try. I just saw an amv or two and it didn’t appeal to me much. *shrug*

  49. gordon says:

    @ Tirana,
    i see that u are a big fan of nauro/bleach/one piece judging from your blog.

    @ sbhboi,
    so as to earn viewership because they know people will continue to watch even if the content is crap.

    @ Rin,
    Hitsugaya has a sick dragon?

    @ The P-Meister,
    i’m still traumatized by the curry of life.

  50. misakichii says:

    I guess they had a budget cut for the anime, and thus sloggish battle scenes and more talking then action.

    I recommend reading the Kekkaishi manga.

  51. Naruto has its attractive points, just that people eventually grow out of it. Like a phase. Soon, it might be cool to declare that you are the only Narutard in the village!

  52. Oh. Speaking of the Curry of Life. That was the last straw for me when I saw it on Cable Tv.

  53. Sakura says:

    I watch and read them both, although they are seriously boring me of late.

    For months the only thing in Naruto was Sasuke and Itachi so they might as well have called it Uchiha.

    I understood that story of the clan massacre and the brothers confrontation needed to be told though.

    But its kinda weird when your title character isn’t even in the damn thing.

    As for Shippuden I understand they are dragging it out since they don’t want to catch up with the manga, but its seriously frustrating.

    Particularly when you have something like the Kankuro getting poisoned by Sasori take up like 3-4 episodes when its like a couple of pages at best in the manga.

    At the moment I’m at the same stage you are, reading solely because I started it so I’m damned will gonna see how it ends!

  54. Hangmen says:

    I quit the shounen genre for good eversince I started watching Full Metal Panic. The last shounen anime I watched was Full Metal Alchemist (Full Metal irony?).

  55. Sakura says:

    Funnily enough I adore both of those shows.

    I was particularly impressed by how much I enjoyed Fumoffu which I expected to hate since it was pretty much pure comedy but it was so damned funny I ended up loving it.

    The rugby episode had me in stitches.

    As for Fullmetal, I consider it one of the best animes I’ve ever seen. Maybe it was just brilliant acting by the dub cast, or the great music. But I found the storyline both interesting and engrossing when it came to the characters, their emotions and motivations.

    It was pretty decently animated although nothing really to write home about. All in all I really enjoyed that show.

  56. lovelyduckie says:

    OH NO! Please say you still love One Piece! I think it’s an amazing anime and the best shonen around! Before One Piece my Shonen world revolved around Naruto and Bleach…but as all 3 series continued little by little One Piece really began to show that it was by far the best of the 3. I still enjoy Bleach and Naruto (minus the fillers) but my intense love and admiration of One Piece makes me realize that Naruto and Bleach aren’t as amazing as I once thought.

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