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Was reading a local forum the other day and came across this awesome 3D render of the Decepticon Devastator. From the watermark, I visited the website and find that it is a company that specialises in creating photorealistic 3D … Continue reading

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In Camp Training Debrief

Back in one piece, the past 2 week has been a tiring but eye opening journey for this lad.

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Gundam 00 Gattai

Speculations has it that from the backpack design of Selavee Gundam, a giant head like design can be clearly seen. Does this suggest the 4 new mobile suits might be able to gattai together to form a giant gundam (?) … Continue reading

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Back In Green

Come morning, I will be going back to camp for my 2 weeks In-Camp-Training. I will be confined in camp till the weekend so that means no internet access, no animes and no health care till I am released on … Continue reading

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Heroes Season 3

What do you get when you put together normal people with superpowers, a lovable time traveller and Wolverine in a cheerleader outfit? An awesome series of course.

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Life Before YouTube

Online video streaming has totally changed my TV watching habits.

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Sleeping Neko

Neko, the neighbourhood protector is seen here doing what it does best, taking a nap. I wish I have time for naps and sleep. There’s so much things to do everyday.

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