Heroes Season 3

What do you get when you put together normal people with superpowers, a lovable time traveller and Wolverine in a cheerleader outfit? An awesome series of course.

As discussed in my previous entry, staring at the goggle box isn’t something I devote most of time to. But I decided to give Heroes a shot after hearing all the hype about it when season one aired on national TV last year. I got hooked.

I like how the story is told in a realistic manner (no colourful spandex wearing superheroes here) which is refreshing compared to the larger than life superheroes we see at the movies. I watched most of season one on TV though I missed a few episodes because of my inability to stick to a predetermined time table of television watching.

That is why I’m glad when a friend passed me the whole of season 2 (open source). That was the first time I watched a TV series without having to wait a week for each episode. Maybe this is why I enjoyed season 2 more than season 1.

Anyway Season 3 will be shown be 2 weeks time in the US on September 22. Local TV is currently showing season 2 so I guess I will have to look for alternatives. ^^;

Are there any Heroes fans here? Do you watch it on TV or open source?

– Season 3 trailer
– More characters promo images here
– Pics source: NBC


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35 Responses to Heroes Season 3

  1. k says:

    would like to have a friend pass me all of season 2 too! ^^. had a friend pass me all of season 1 three months ago. lucky you.

  2. Vaken says:

    I’ve always wanted to watch Heroes but just could’nt find some time to really sit down and watch due to the busy schedule caused by my final year project.. Hopefully there will be a compilation of open source from season 1 to 3 when i finally done with it :|.. And yep.. Panther did lend me his membership card for latendo but i’ll have to go down though.. thats how i found ur post in hardwarezone for directories xD..

  3. Aoki-sama says:

    Been waiting this for a quite long time since there isn’t much drama that interest me for a while now. A fantasy told in realistic manner, seriously I hope they will never add any costume… that would be… ha..ha..ha..

  4. chun says:

    can’t wait to watch it hehe

  5. bk201 says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently for more than a year. I deserve my new season!

  6. suneo says:

    you can always mininova it for the latest episodes 😉
    I wonder why Clare so mean to her savior Peter though 😦 I wanted them to get a little….family bonding, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

  7. Danny Choo says:

    Love Heroes. Cant wait for moar.

  8. Jarmel says:

    I watched Heroes on TV and yes season 2 was nowhere near as goo as season 1 as it was too slow and boring in the beginning. I’m hoping season 3 is as excellent as I’m hoping.

  9. ed says:

    yea like finally! season 3!!!!!!

  10. TinyRedMan says:

    WTH?!! WHY?!!

    Oh, open source.

  11. リョ Ryo says:

    Never watch it before. Seem like it’s a great TV show, isn’t it? ^^;

  12. Stifler says:

    I brought the DVDs. 80 bucks for Season 1 and 40 for Season 2. Currently waiting for the DVD for Season 3 to be out so I can finish it in one shot.

    And oh, 4th season is in the works, apparently.

  13. marvin says:

    watched the first season on DVD. loved it! watch season 2 on open source as well. can’t wait for the third season to start. ^^

  14. FatB says:

    Me watch on TV because… I can?

  15. zenical says:

    OPEN. Lol. TV is too slow. I’m waiting for season 3… which will be soon . Yay!

  16. Pyoro says:

    hmm i have little patience for sci fi tv shows…
    on the other hand, HOUSE is starting next week as well. can’t wait for it!

  17. phossil says:

    I only had watched the first season.
    A friend of mine, has the 2nd and I hope he lends me his files.


  18. tflops says:

    I want to watch this, my buddy recommended me to watch this, if only I don’t have a stiff sched on my schooling.

  19. gordon says:

    @ k,
    japan haven’t shown season 2 yet right?

    @ Vaken,
    in that case i’ll get hiro to freeze the time so that u can watch the series. ^^

    @ Aoki-sama,
    yes no costumes please.

    @ chun,
    season 3 is shown in your area too?

    @ bk201,
    and u will get it.

    @ suneo,
    i find that clare and peter doesn’t make a good couple. personal opinion. ^^;

    @ danny,
    me too!

    @ Jarmel,
    i enjoyed season 2. who would have known kensei takezo is a gaijina nd the main villain?

    @ ed,
    share with me your sauce. 😀

    @ TinyRedMan
    long live open source!

    @ リョ Ryo,
    best american TV series in recent years i dare say.

    @ Stifler,
    4th season is titled “fugitive”

    @ marvin,
    so i assume season 3 for u will be open source as well? ^^;

    @ FatB,
    great. tape it and mail it to me.

    @ zenical,
    yay as well. 🙂

    @ Pyoro,
    house? on cable?

    @ phossil,
    threaten him if he doesn’t. lol.

    @ tflops,
    watch in school then. 😀

  20. Sandykun says:

    Yaaaay! Season 3!? i’ve wait it for a long time! finaly…
    Gotta watch it as soon as get it! XD
    or, there is one at youtube?

  21. they got supa powahs! I still prefer web shooting spandex wearing heroes tho!

    I do watch a little but often forgot which episodes I’m at.. so streaming here and there to get back to the correct episode makes me lazy, end up I stop watching haha

  22. Rin says:

    AH!!!!!! HEROES!!!!!
    I’m waiting on it too!!!!!!
    Hiro is my fav!!!!!

  23. James says:

    Can’t wait for it too !

    I don’t watch it from the TV , as i don’t like watching french dubbs :p (it’s awful)

  24. alafista says:

    I love heroes but I just couldn’t find enough time to finish watching Season 2. There are so many american shows I love:

    House, CSI, Criminal Minds, Prison Break, etc ….

  25. yumeno says:

    I’ve always wanted to watch this on Channel 5 but due to the rareness of me watching the TV, it never happened. =.=

    By the way, your link to my site abit outdated. ^^;

  26. gordon says:

    @ Sandykun,
    don’t think it will be on youtube.

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    don’t stop!

    @ Rin,

    @ James,
    do US movies over there get dubbed in french too?

    @ alafista,
    no LOST?

    @ yumeno,
    thanks for the reminder. already updated it.

  27. Tirana says:

    I almost forgot about heroes season 3. cant wait for the show. 2 more weeks right?


  28. James says:

    @ Gordon : everything is dubbed in french here , that’s why i didn’t watch any tv for like 8 years ^^ . I’m buying R1 dvd’s , at least i can hear the real voices …

  29. Hynavian says:

    The advertisement for Heroes Season I caught my attention when it was playing on mediacorp but I didn’t get to watch any episode at all. I’ll be giving it a try during my mid term break as it has been on my list for a very long time already. Hopefully I’ll come to like it and hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be confusing (like the other american series that have many seasons; like buffy and dark angel) as the season progresses.

  30. blauereiter says:

    Heroes is big in Japan too, probably because one of the leads is a Japanese I think. I’m still amazed Masi can juggle between his acting work for the series and the CG work he does for ILM.

  31. Mimi says:

    Never knew these types of shows were so popular outside of US ^^; I have it on TV but have never seen it before. >.>

  32. malzias says:

    It didn’t really appeal to me, I dunno why. Still prefer Prison Break over most other “hit shows” like Heroes and Lost.

  33. sbhboi says:

    I must admit, I quit Season 2 for the going-no-where storyline, but this year’s Season 3 trailer gaves me all hope I need to watch this !

    “Choose a side”

    I choose Side A…can ?


  34. gordon says:

    @ Tirana,
    yes 2 more weeks indeed.

    @ James,
    didn’t watch tv for 8 years. really? i’m impressed.

    @ Hynavian,
    trust me u will sure love it.

    @ blauereiter,
    even more amazing is that Masi has to speak in a Japanese accent. he speaks fluent American English in real life. seen him on talkshows.

    @ Mimi,
    u should watch it. it’s good.

    @ malzias,
    everyone’s taste is different.

    @ sbhboi,
    lol. side A it will be then.

  35. mikiwank says:

    I love Heroes. I saw seasons 1 and 2 open source but I’m so addict I had to buy DVD pack ^^

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