In Camp Training Debrief

Back in one piece, the past 2 week has been a tiring but eye opening journey for this lad.

Firstly, some introduction before I go on. In Singapore, all able bodied males upon reaching 18 years of age must serve 2 years of National Service. After completion of the said 2 years, we will need to come back for in-camp training (ICT) annually after being allocated a reservist unit. The period ranges from 1 to 3 weeks and we must complete 10 cycles aka 10 years after which we will then be released from the force.

During my active days I was doing routine work and had no formal combat training. This in-camp training (ICT) which I attended together with 500 men from all walk of life for was to convert me into an infantry rifleman.

I was glad that the regimentation wasn’t as strict as during my active days. The senior/junior commanders and trainers are friendly and approachable. One particular senior warrant officer left a deep impression on me with his style of teaching and sense of humour.

The first week of training was pretty tough. We have minimal amount of sleep as we have to wake up very early and only get to hit the sack in the wee hours of the morning.

One highlight of training includes a section live firing whereby a section of 7 men gets to shoot live ammunitions in a simulated enemy attack. Initially I was having butterflies in my stomach with the thought of live firing with my section mates so close by my sides. Any slight mistakes can result in friendly fire but fortunately everything turned out well and I enjoyed the experience.

Another memorable experience has me shooting an anti-armour weapon system (rocket launcher). Called the Matador, this new weapon was designed locally and commissioned a few years ago. The sound of the blast and shock wave was earth-shattering. It was fun and a rare opportunity.

The Matador. Pic from Mindef

So that basically sums up my 2 weeks back in uniform as a civilian soldier. An important lesson learned from this ICT is that having control of one’s own time is a valued liberty. The confinement in camp taught me to treasure my freedom more as we only have one weekend off for the whole 2 weeks. Anyway it’s good to be back. Time to catch up on the things I missed. ^^;

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  1. Vaken says:

    Welcome back safely.. ^^;

  2. Raven says:

    Welcome (back) to civilization. Lucky there is no military freaks like Sagara Sauske in the the local military anymore (or we have not met them).

    Going for the Motor Show?

  3. k says:

    welcome back!

  4. sbhboi says:

    Wow a Matador…tht’s awesome ! Wht bro hit with such firepower ? 🙂

    Anyway welcome back (as previous post forgot type ’em) !


  5. you sound like you had so much fun.. damn

    why is my ICT like torture….

  6. Panther says:

    Ok you are back. Lol my ICT is not like that at least. You probably just missed our team photoshoot too.

  7. marvin says:

    hey Gordonn welcome back! glad that your two weeks training went well. wish you found some moe 2d girl there like the ones in the pictures. ^^

  8. otaku dan says:

    welcome back. it seems you had a “blast” during your training

  9. TinyRedMan says:

    HAA!! I just came back from 2 weeks of confinement in BMT and u too, went for 2 weeks of reservist.. Except that I have another 1 yr and tons of months to go. Lol..

    Anyway, my short 2 weeks stay in BMT taught me lots of things. It made me mature even more and strengthen the Kamina inside of me. GAAAR!!

    Army is the GAR~

  10. Hynavian says:

    Welcome back Gordon! ~<3
    Also thanks for sharing your in-camp experience. Live firing sounds scary, I would also have butterflies in my stomach if I were to partake in it.

  11. meimi132 says:

    Eeeks… training…..

    And I cant live without my Matsui-chan(the tv lol) I use it alot, watch marathons of How I met your mother on it lol. Amongst other stuff.

  12. sammyb says:

    Welcome back! :3
    Sounds interesting. Wow you fired a big gun. Isn’t the recoil on that gun like, crazy huge? If not, stupid me (lol I know nothing about weapons).
    Nice pics too^^ especially #3.

  13. Stifler says:

    I think I came across that visual novel in your first pic somewhere…

    Carrying a matador and running around isn’t much fun. The freaking thing weights you down so much that you’d just fall over. Add it on to your field pack items and you’re in for a hard march.

    But yeah, things in the army have gotten easier now. Good for those who just went in.

  14. xJAYMANx says:

    @Gordon: Back in one piece = good thing! But wait~~ what happened to your stormtrooper helmet? O_=

  15. Pyoro says:

    ooo that matador looks wicked…. although the name’s kinda corny… hurhur

  16. gordon says:

    @ Vaken, k, sbhboi
    thank. good to be back.

    @ Raven,
    nope, not into automobiles.

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    which unit and vocation are u in?

    @ Panther,
    that’s ok. there’s always next time.

    @ marvin,
    didn’t find any sadly. ^^;

    @ otaku dan,
    it was a blast oh right.

    @ TinyRedMan,
    oh u have seen nothing yet my young recruit. nothing…

    @ Hynavian,
    leave the shooting to men, girls can nurse the wounded. ^^

    @ meimi132,
    i see. i only watch the TV once a week.

    @ sammyb,
    recoils are ok. worst is when bullets get jammed in the chamber.

    @ Stifler,
    yup it’s definitely heavier (8.9kg) than the old LAW. running and firing with that thing on one’s back is kiiler.

    @ xJAYMANx,
    out it in the wash.

    @ Pyoro,
    initally i don’t even know how to pronounce the name.

  17. Rin says:

    I’m staying clear if you have a gun dude…
    Your lucky to get to fire live round weapons…that’s so cool!!!

  18. Blowfish says:

    Welcome back!
    Im a lucky guy and never had to do any national service but i feel for you guys.I think its pretty hard that you have to do this for 10 years of your life.
    Im glad that you had luck and got a nice superior.

  19. samejima says:

    Wow… nice that you have the chance to hold a real gun.
    And welcome back.

  20. adaywithoutme says:

    Glad you’re back and can catch up on sleep – I know that military sleeplessness kind of feeling, and there’s nothing better than just being able to fall into one’s own bed and sleep afterwards.

  21. Neutrinos says:

    Woot! You’re back in a single piece =)
    I’m a techie back in those nsf days but i’m luckier not to be converted to a rifleman. I thank my lucky star (no pun intended) everyday ^^

  22. Garion says:

    Welcome back!

    Hey look at it on the bright side…at least you get to spend the taxpayers’ money! That Matador ain’t cheap! Probably cost a few hundred smackers per round…or more. So too the live 5.56mm rounds…every round u shoot probably cost a few dollars.

    And also you save quite a bit in camp, especially if you are a stay-in personnel. At most spend money on canteen breaks and such…the meals are free and the food ain’t too bad!

    For the record I finished my 10 yr cycle last yr. (that shows how old I am =_=) Kinda missed those days though. ^^;

  23. tflops says:

    Welcome back dude! So what did you learn? Are you now another man now that can protect your own kind?

  24. shiro says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  25. andra says:

    welcome back alive, gordon! ^^ I so want to take that BANG BANG thingy but only get to play with the failed camouflaging helm ;_;

  26. phossil says:

    Welcome back Gordon from the ICT. No ICT where I live but it seems you had a good experience (with the Matador…lol..)

  27. Glad you’re back!
    Hmm.. but if you have to keep going back for 10 years, what would happen if you move to a different country?

  28. chun says:

    okaerinasai~ glad U came back in one piece ^^;

  29. Justin says:

    An eye-opening experience indeed, my friend!
    Looks like you have loads to catch up on; since you were gone, many has changed and sprout up here and there!

    Oh well, at least you have Gundam 00 to look up to next week! ^o^

    p/s: btw, did the Hiiragi girls learned anything while you were there?

  30. gordon says:

    @ Rin,
    only when i’m in uniform and at the firing range. it’s against the law to be process of any firearms here. ^^

    @ Blowfish,
    that’s ok. it’s only 2 or 3 weeks every year. 🙂

    @ samejima,
    thank you.

    @ adaywithoutme,
    indeed. i miss my bolster. ^^;

    @ Neutrinos,
    lend me your lucky star. i might need it.

    @ Garion,
    finish already!? wow! and yes the matador aren’t cheap. thousands of sing dollars.

    @ tflops,
    i learn the freedom is not free.

    @ shiro
    thank you.

    @ andra,
    bang bang thingy is dangerous. u went for which army event? should be blanks i suppose.

    @ phossil,
    very loud bang. ^^;

    @ Coco the Bean,
    depends. if u migrate to another country, u will be free. if u work overseas, u will be excused but still subjected to be call back depending on how long u are abroad.

    @ chun,
    thanks. how about drawing an army girl for your next art? ^^;

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    so secretive. lol.

    @ Justin,
    nothing much. kagami and tsukasa kept me company by chatting with me during breaks.

  31. Sandy-kun says:

    Uwwhh.. 10 years in serving country,eh?? What a long force.. XD

    That anti armour weapon is so cool!! how was your feeling shoting that weapon??

  32. James says:

    Welcome back !

    Glad to see they let you out ^^

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