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Happy Halloween. Was looking for a nice Halloween pic and found this nice witch girl pic inside my comp. It’s drawn by chun so do check out her blog for more beautiful drawings. Btw tonight I will be going trooping … Continue reading

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 4 – The One with the Funny Name

Muhahahhahahaha Allelujah recounts his initial encounter with Rei Marie, Setsuna escorts Marina Ismail back to Azadistan and the return of an arch enemy.

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Life’s a Beach

I love the beach. I like getting my feet covered in sand and looking at the sea. A good way to escape temporarily from the hassle of everyday life. Special thanks to Anonymous Coward for the Konata t-shirt (love it!) … Continue reading

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Zero No Tsukaima. An Impression

The third season of Zero No Tsukaima ended a month ago so this post is very late. Nevertheless with the three seasons still fresh in my mind, let me just pen down some of my thoughts before I delay any … Continue reading

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3 – Allelujah’s Prison Break

Allelujah and Marina Ismail are rescued. Soma (Marie) remembers fragments of her past, Lockon shoots and last but not least, Happy Birthday.

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Who is TK-8316?

“Let me see your identification.” Who is TK-8316? ^^;

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Suitcase of Unknown

Hmm… whose scraps are these anyway? (‘~’)

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