Macross Frontier OST 2 and May’n live in Singapore

No this isn’t the OST cover but I wish it is.

It has been a long time since I felt such joy listening to a music album. Songs from the first Macross Frontier OST are a personal favourite in my jukebox. The recently released second OST is equally brilliant with new songs, remixes and classics from the original series.

The first OST focuses more on Sheryl so Ranka’s fans will be delighted that in this new OST, Ranka has 5.5 songs out of 9 songs (excluding track 19, which is a compilation of multiple songs). Only complain is the CD cover looks uninspiring. Ranka looks terrible. >.<

I love how OST songs are able to bring back memories of a particular scene in which the song is being played. It’s even more heart-warming when the seiyu is also the one singing the songs, like Megumi Nakajima as Ranka. Below are some of my favourite tracks.

Track 3. Triangler (fight on stage)
A duet by Sheryl and Ranka heard in the final episode. A refreshing and fitting take on the first OP, since one of the central themes of the anime is the love triangle between Alto and the two girls.

Track 6. Anata no Oto (アナタノオト, Your Sound)
My favourite song in this OST. Images of Ranka singing it at the school concert in episode 19 just before she is going confess her love for Alto immediately pops to mind. One can feel the excitement and joy of Ranka as she prepares to finally express her feelings.

Track 12. Shinkū no Diamond Crevasse (真空のダイアモンド クレバス)
My favourite Sheryl song from the first OST. This version is heard in episode 20 as the background song chronicling Michel’s heroic last fight and his fateful departure. This heart-rending scene makes me like this version more.

Track 14. Ao no Ether (蒼のエーテル, Azure Ether)
A sad song by Ranka at the end of episode 21. Ranka chose her destiny and tearfully bids Alto farewell after telling him that she love him.


Strangely Ranka’s Neko Nikki (ねこ日記, Cat Diary) isn’t in this OST but it can be found in Ranka’s first single Seikan Hikō. So if you are a fan of Macross Frontier, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to get your hands on this OST. Order it at CD Japan or alternately sharing is caring .


In related news, May’n, the singing voice behind Sheryl will be performing at the upcoming Anime Festival Asia next month. More info of the event over at the official web.

May’n is <3. *faints*

Majority of local anime bloggers has already reported this and the response has been overwhelming, which got me pondering. Macross Frontier wasn’t televised here. So if it were not for fans sharing love, we wouldn’t get to watch this awesome series and get to know May’n, Megumi Nakajima (Ranka) and their songs. In fact the whole Anime Festival Asia wouldn’t be possible without this love. Let’s just hope a certain local anime distributor understands this…

Lastly, credits to Yoko Kanno for composing all the great music in the series. Yakh Deculture!


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20 Responses to Macross Frontier OST 2 and May’n live in Singapore

  1. k says:

    when’s this anime festival asia?

  2. gordon says:

    end of Nov. first of it’s kind in singapore.

  3. Blowfish says:

    Im usually not the guy that likes Anime OSTs but this one could be interesting! Thanks for the post ^^

  4. Pyoro says:

    OH **** i didn’t know they would be coming! omg
    but it’s during the exam period nooooo!

  5. Gunstray says:

    T_T to bad i cant go

  6. chun says:

    To be honest I did not like Ranka’s voice at first, I felt that it was kinda deliberate for her to have a particular tone and manner, but as the episodes went on I guess her singing voice grew on me 😛 I enjoy listening to macross frontier’s music when I’m in my hubs car, and sometimes the music made me a bit teary when am reminded of certain scenes etc ^^; I think Sheryl has a very nice and special voice as well from the start, even tho I only liked her character development near the end of the series ^^

  7. ed says:

    not really a macross fan (gona start watch frontier soon thou) but May’n looks oh-so-drooling kawaiiiii =3

  8. picchar says:

    I don’t watch Macross Frontier (considering it though), but the top picture is really pretty ^_^

  9. sbhboi says:

    Yoko Kanno ! She sang the ED for Turn A Gundam right ? Wow no wonder some of the songs quite touching.

  10. hika says:

    Wa, really hope that the top pic is the cover for the OST. アナタノオトis also one of my favourite ranking no 1 is still the song where they sung together.. 娘々サービスメドレー!! Triangular (Fight on stage) is also nice~

  11. tflops says:

    I hope this OST will give me more power to moe with ranka’s songs. I’ll gonna pick Azure Ether I think

  12. andra says:

    dunno if studying too much makes my ears deaf but I only can hear May’n singing in the duet, kind of cant hear Ranka ^^;

    May’n’s voice is like more recognisable or maybe special like Mizuki Nana’s or Momoi Haruka’s, once heard can recognise.

  13. gordon says:

    @ Blowfish,
    this is more than interesting. it’s deculture.

    @ Pyoro,
    exams can always be retake. May’n only comes once.

    @ Gunstray,
    i’ll open up a long distance fold up for u.

    @ chun,
    ranka is Megumi Nakajima’s debut anime role so the voice acting might be sound as anime-ish as we are so used to. ^^;

    @ ed,
    do watch it. u won’t regret it. and yes may’n is cute isn’t she? ^^;

    @ picchar
    a warm welcome to my humble blog. ^^

    @ sbhboi,
    she’s the Composer for Turn A but i don’t think she sang in that series.

    @ hika,
    looks like we share the same taste.

    @ tflops,
    i find it to have more depressing songs than moe actually. but still good nevertheless.

    @ andra,
    yes May’n’s voice is rather distinctive as Sheryl.

  14. Mizunaga says:


    I wanna see May’n too!

    Have not heard the duet yet (just have the last episode to watch, and I’m done with MF), but I bet it’s full of awesome win.

  15. Hynavian says:

    Oh…LOL at the last picture. The sign that the female figure is making doesn’t match her gloomy looking face. XD

  16. Rin says:

    May’n live…..
    I want to see her live!!!!!!
    Lucky for people who gets to go…..
    I give those people evil stares~~~~~~

  17. The fact that May’n is coming to Singapore to perform is an indirect nod towards the popularity of the series generated by torrent and streaming. Ironic, isn’t it?

  18. gordon says:

    @ Mizunaga,
    why come come down to sg for AFA then? it’s only a few hours ride. plus u can get to meet the crazy guys from TB. lol. i believe some Malaysian anime bloggers are also coming down for the event.

    @ Hynavian,
    i take that u haven’t watch macross frontier yet right? ^^;

    @ Rin,
    go borrow that magical door from doraemon.

    @ The Sojourner,
    yes indeed. that’s why i’m trying to bring across.

  19. sammyb says:

    Hey, long time no see.
    So after reading a bunch of your posts about Macross Frontier I watched it, and it’s a personal fav now^^ You’re right when you say it’s the perfect combination; mech, great music, great story, and cute girlies 😀
    ty for influencing me to watch it!

  20. gordon says:

    @ sammyb,
    lol. glad to know i have influenced u to catch this great series. u won’t regret it. ^^

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