Suitcase of Unknown

Hmm… whose scraps are these anyway? (‘~’)


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31 Responses to Suitcase of Unknown

  1. alafista says:

    OOOooo I can forsee another stormtrooper walking around our sunny island soon.

  2. woo woo…. ready to rock and roll soon huh!!!

    what are the big plans?!

  3. Snark says:

    Cutest/Coolest. Suitcase. Ever.

    *btw, added you to teh blogroll ^^*

  4. tflops says:

    How about a big suitcase for that?

  5. Edwin says:

    woooo. full set alrdy eh?
    nxt time i see one stormtrooper walking ard, i’ll just ripped off the helmet to see if its u! XD

  6. k says:

    how big a hole did it put in our wallet ^^

  7. Panther says:

    Congratulations on the full set.

  8. ETERNAL says:

    You, sir, are about to become the next Danny Choo XD

  9. marvin says:

    hey, you be full armored Gordon now. ^^ congrats on the full set. will you be going around Singapore in armor now?

  10. Lsio says:

    nice suit, congrats!

  11. Stifler says:

    Our very own Singapore trooper! Danny, your position as the Dancing Trooper is under siege. lol

  12. gordon says:

    @ alafista,
    many others in fact. ^^;

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    more events will be announced soon.

    @ Snark,
    thanks for adding me.

    @ tflops,
    it’s big enough.

    @ Edwin,
    that is assuming before i shoot u. ^^;

    @ k,
    worth every penny.

    @ Panther,

    @ ETERNAL,
    i’m flattered, but we are different. Will explain more in next post. ^^;

    @ marvin,
    yes but not by myself. not that brave yet.

    @ Lsio,

    @ Stifler,
    lol no of course not. i can’t dance to save my life.

  13. mikiwank says:

    You were disintegrated, gordon? lol

  14. YuKi-To says:

    Hoho… nt sure whats gonna happen but sounds interesting indeed gordon… ^^

  15. Kairu says:

    Kagami!!! XD. I dunno. I figured since everyone else pointed out the awesome Stormtrooper armor. I shall give notice to Miss Kagami lol.

  16. リョ Ryo says:

    Finally, you’ve got full set. Congrats to you man.

  17. Blowfish says:

    Cant wait for the videos/pictures whatever.
    Now youll be the same chickmagnet that danny is in his armor^^

  18. bk201 says:

    Hope to see Storm trooper adventures soon !!

  19. Danny Choo says:

    It all fits in the case? @.@

  20. optic says:

    Stormtrooper vs Jedi Knight.

    I can see that. lol

  21. Q says:

    I see that Danny now has proper overseas reinforcements!

  22. chun says:

    Hoohoo congratulations again! Look forward to see pix of U trooping in SG! lol

  23. gordon says:

    @ mikiwank,
    lol no.

    @ YuKi-To,
    thank you.

    @ Kairu,
    ya cute isn’t she?

    @ リョ Ryo,
    thanks buddy.

    @ Blowfish,
    yup i hope so and look forward to that. the girls part. ^^;

    @ bk201,
    gonna look for some droids first.

    @ Danny,
    yup, everything except the helmet. the armours for the limbs are stacked into each other and then into the torso piece. very compact. ^^;

    @ optic,
    haha. we do good actually. ^^

    @ Q,
    many actually. most of the troopers heard of danny as well.

    @ chun,
    ya but i;m afraid i need to look for a photographer who is willing to take pics of us trooping. does anyone has peter parker’s number?

  24. FatB says:

    I already knew you were skilled in cramming bodies into cramped spaces…

  25. Sandy-kun says:

    Wow! Full armoured now!
    Which star you’d attack first now? XD
    Anyway, is it possible if u use it at your army training?that must be wonderful. lol

  26. Garion says:

    Coolness…so soon we’ll likely to see a fully armoured stormtrooper shopping at the likes of La Tendo and Sunshine Plaza. XD

  27. sbhboi says:

    Stormtrooper ! Now all we need is Darth Vader…


  28. gordon says:

    @ FatB,
    lol. just between u and me ok?

    @ Sandy-kun,
    trooper boot camp!

    @ Garion,
    that will be fun. ^^

    @ sbhboi,
    we have a lord vader. 😀

  29. Hynavian says:

    Hmm I saw the Star Wars mask and items on sale at one of the shops near Raffle Place MRT station. Did you happen to get your usual Star Wars items from that shop? ^.^

  30. zenical says:

    I hope to see you one day – in that suit. LOL.

  31. gordon says:

    @ Hynavian,
    oh that’s shop is simply toys. it’s a great place if one is into movie related figures and stuffs but can be expensive. i bought my stormtrooper blaster from there.

    @ zenical,
    i’ll sure we will. do come and say hi to me. ^^;

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