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Christmas Kettling

TK8316 and his gang of merry making troopers were spotted in town doing their part for charity with Christmas kettling for the Salvation Army.

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Name Card

Not only does the 501st Legion Singapore Garrsion looks good in armour, they have cool looking name card as well.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 8 – Beautiful Stranger

I’m late with the review again. Anyway Admiral Ackbar will enjoy this episode.

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May’n Does Not See Herself as Anime Counterpart Sheryl

Young aspiring J-pop singer May’n, the vocal behind Sheryl Nome of hit anime Macross Frontier, was in town last week to perform at Anime Festival Asia. Before the concert, she had an interview with a local newspaper. When asked whether … Continue reading

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Anime Festival Asia 08

Day one was alright. The greatest pleasure was meeting Setsuna-san and Shin from across the causeway, Stifler and a few other new faces. Pardon me if I can’t remember who is who, I’m terrible at names and remembering faces. ^^;

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 7 – A Father’s love

This post is long overdue. It has been a busy week. Better late than never.

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Danny’s Blogging Workshop

left to right: wcloudx, Danny, no-idea-who-this-guy-is, AK-kun Danny was in town and conducted a workshop today organised by Animax for local anime bloggers on how to do marketing, attracting readers, search engine optimization, monetization etc. It was great to have … Continue reading

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