Gundam 00 S2 Episode 6 – Love Complicates War

Gundam pilot Saji is not.

Love really complicates war doesn’t it? Marina’s love for her country, Allarujah’s love for Soma, Soma’s love for Sergei, Sumeragi’s love for Emilio (ex-boyfriend?), Setsuna’s love for Gundam, Graham’s love for Setsuna…

Who’re you calling a bishonen? *Slap*

Saji doing what he does best.

Ok stop! Too much info.

Obligatory fan service for Yuri fanboys.

What happened to your nose?

Hong Long turns out to be Wang Liu Mei’s onii-chan, which I doubt will make any significant impact to the plot. And if he is her brother why is he addressing her as ojousama?

Doesn’t look comfy sleeping in one of those.

Have no ideas how Soma (Marie) decode this by herself without any tools.

Never imagined Soma to pose in such a way.
Ya you know, the innocent girl look with hands in front?

Don’t cry for me Argentina.

Hey there’s a mosquito on your cheek! *Slap*

What’s with the shoulder pads?

A-LAWS, the premier military force in the whole galaxy is proudly brought to you by the following sponsors.

A determined and ruthless Louise is fine too.

Ah ha! Marina Ismail caught red handed in the act trafficking children!

Smirnov Jr. has the hots for Louise.
Another love triangle, now Saji doesn’t stand a chance.

Mr Bushido, gay for Setsuna, gay for Gundam or both.

“Unable to hit the emeny with our canons on auto”
That’s right. Real DSLR photographers shoot with minimum P mode.

Ian you are a fool to trust Saji with the guns.

Saji is a wimp to play CS with autolock on.

Mr Bushido is shocked to find out that due to lukewarm response to his season debut, Sunrise will be killing his character off next week.

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28 Responses to Gundam 00 S2 Episode 6 – Love Complicates War

  1. k says:

    there’s always a masked character in gundam. ^^

  2. koshiko says:

    2 slaps in this episode~! I had to lol xD;

    Lots happening in episode 6, do like :3 Wonder what happens next with Saji and Louise =/

  3. Seo says:

    Nice post. I laughed at some points like Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.haha

  4. Z says:

    “Saji doing what he does best” XDDDD

    I’m bothered by how they didn’t cover what happened to Ali last episode -_-

  5. Mimi says:

    Very nice DarkMirage-style epi review lol or did you start it ^__^ All the better for us visual learners :3 ..that yuri moment looked soo wrong…

  6. marvin says:

    I agree with Koshiko, to many slaps in one episode. ^^; lol on the bishonen slap. ^^ wonder if Saji would end up as a meister after the series. ^^;

  7. GNdynames says:

    You know how they were complaining that guns on auto can’t hit anything? So why did they let Saji man the guns? At least when they’re on auto they still fire.

  8. Saku says:

    Saji will end up as a meister in Gundam OO season 3 XD

  9. mikiwank says:

    Damn Saji ! Be a man push on target !!!

  10. gordon says:

    @ k,
    the mask can always go to someone else. like graham’s son for example.

    @ koshiko,
    love triangle.

    @ Seo,
    thanks for your support.

    @ Z,
    ya. what a tease!

    @ Mimi,
    it’s not only darkmirage who do captions. many other do it too and are very good as well. ^^;

    @ marvin,
    probably not. cos he will get rejected.

    @ GNdynames,
    it was a mistake on Ian and sunrise’s part. or is it?

    @ Saku,
    there will be a season 3? O_O

    @ mikiwank,

  11. chun says:

    finally watched this episode 😛
    soma’s coat in that photo look ugly ^^; also looked like she was the guy’s waifu ^^;

  12. Marvin says:

    who knows. in the end, Saji might embrace the way of Gar. ^^;

  13. yumeno says:

    I hope Saji dies. 😀

  14. Larein says:

    I really wonder what will happen with Saji. Either he’ll stay the wimp, turn out to be a useful good guy in the end or maybe go evil (kind of doubt the last one though).

    Is Mr. Bushido actually gonna have a impact on the story or is he just gonna continue to be the guy who gets in Setsuna’s way? I liked Graham so, I wanna see more story with him.

  15. gd4u says:

    I think SonyMusic would have folded if they sponsored the A-Laws. (2 Mobile Suits lost in each episode …that’s faster than burning money)

  16. gordon says:

    @ chun,
    pedo bear alert!

    @ Marvin,
    lol, i highly doubt that.

    @ yumeno,

    @ Larein,
    it’ll be a dramatic turns of events if a saji saves everyone in the end.

    @ gd4u,
    all the taxpayers’ money…

  17. Mizunaga says:

    “Mosquito on your cheek” lol

    Currently, I, too, see no reason for Mr Bushido to be around, other than to fight Setsuna :\

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