Anime Festival Asia 08

Day one was alright. The greatest pleasure was meeting Setsuna-san and Shin from across the causeway, Stifler and a few other new faces. Pardon me if I can’t remember who is who, I’m terrible at names and remembering faces. ^^;

This is on sale. 1/100 MG RX-78-3 G3 Gundam Ver. OYW 0079, a C3xHobby Chara Hobby 2008 event exclusive.

The Celestial Being action base looks beautiful. Want!

This Shin Musha is one of the entries for BAKUC, simply awesome. The horse is from another model so don’t go complaining why yours didn’t come with one.

This Perfect Zeong is the winner of the BAKUC competition at AFA08.


There’s a human size Exia statue near the entrance…

… who suddenly came to life and starts eliminating targets around him. Same Exia who appeared at Cosfest earlier this year. Awesome work.

On display but not on sale. Pfff.

Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

Ranka-chan is <3. From Collateral Damage Studio.

Wow. It’s autographed by the galactic fairy herself! Hmm. Gotta steal it when no one is watching.

Lulu and C.C.

She looks familiar. I think one of them cosplayed as KOS-MOS and Saya previously. Can anyone confirm?

Misa is cute.

Saw this sweet young thing by the railing. Sweet young thing are meant to be photographed.

Simply lovely Ranka-chan. Deculture!

The thing about shooting cosplayers in an indoor convention is that other than worrying about the poor lightning, there’s always so many people walking around in the background and we end up with a messy background with faces all around. >.<


Small loot.

May’n is on today. “私の唄を聴け!!” :3

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57 Responses to Anime Festival Asia 08

  1. Danny Choo says:

    Lovely pics and Gundam goodies. Also see quite a few nice girlies.

  2. gordon says:

    @ Danny,
    thanks. hope to see more nice girlies today. got to improve on my photography as well. :3

  3. Danny Choo says:

    how come you not at AFA yet?

  4. gordon says:

    putting on shoes now. going in a few minutes. :3

  5. I am folding there nao.

  6. Larein says:

    Oh! Nice cosplayers! I really like the Gundam and Code Geass cosplayers in the black outfits.

    I soooo want that Gundam with the Celestial Being stand. >_<

  7. tueac says:

    thanks for helping out with the video!

    It was awesome!

  8. tj han says:

    The thing about shooting cosplayers in an indoor convention is that other than worrying about the poor lightning, there’s always so many people walking around in the background and we end up with a messy background with faces all around.

    That means you should get a flash and some initiative! That Misa girl is cute though.

    Btw yes, the CC girl is Lenneth, who also did a few other cosplays. Had a feature on her on my site.

  9. chun says:

    I like da sweet young thing sitting on floor lol

  10. Panther says:

    Well TJ beat me to it. That C.C. was Lenneth and she did do KOS-MOS at Day 1 of Cosfest. She was with her partner, the Lelouch (lol I heard from Hexlord her nick is Kanasai*) as SZS characters. Lenneth did not appear today, much to my dismay.

    Missed the sweet young thing though.

  11. cavalock says:

    nice pix. Wasn’t there on first day but made it today, sunday!

  12. Saku says:

    XD a lot of nice girlies. Looking forward for more photos ^^

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  14. Q says:

    Oooh MG G-3 OYW ver. I hope Ngee Khiong has someone to get one for him; he’s been crying for one ever since its announcement.

    Nice coverage. Wish I can travel 9000+ km to attend it now 😛

  15. misakichii says:

    After seeing this, i feel i really need a DSLR camera. Nice shots!

  16. gordon says:

    @ The Sojourner,
    great. misakichii got what u wanted.

    @ Larein,
    the celestial being action base will be out soon in dec.

    @ tueac,
    welcomed. nice talking to u too.

    @ tj han,
    flash i know (working on it) but how about messy background with faces all around? >.<

    @ chun,
    she look just like a doll doesn’t she? ^^;

    @ Panther,
    ah yes Lenneth, that does ring a bell.

    @ cavalock,

    @ Saku,
    sure. maybe within the next few days when i’m free. too tired right now. ^^;

    @ Q,
    gosh, i could have gladly helped anyone who wish to buy it.

    @ misakichii,
    thanks. but still need to learn how to shoot human subjects.

  17. AK says:

    Bah. Hope you had fun today. I need to really pick up with my blog catching-up skills. As well as blogger-spotting skills. Seems I missed quite a lot of potential networkers on both days.

  18. Ben says:

    Looks like a lovely AFA. Unfortunately I had to give it a miss. 🙂

  19. I need to go revise on the points that were taught in my photography class! This post is urging me to do so.

  20. Garion says:

    Nice shots and coverage Gordon! Nice meeting you on the 1st day (I was the one who picked up ur lens cap when u dropped it near the entrance when the doors first opened, lol). You’re right, as the others have mentioned the one in green hair sitting on the floor is the same one who cosplayed KOS MOS and Saya. I din see her on 2nd day either. 😦

    Yah agree sweet young things are meant to be photographed LOL.

    There were at least 3 Ranka Lees on the 2nd day. ^^;

    Nice loot…which booth did u get your Mikuru from?

  21. tflops says:

    Nice shots on the gundams and figma, and liked the ranka from Collateral Damage Studio and it made me look twice.

  22. Panther says:


  23. soonkiong says:

    too bad I can’t go… ><

    how was May’n btw? She’s the only reason I would ever contemplate of going… XD

  24. YuKi-To says:

    Pleasure to meet you as well Gordon! ^^ (though u prob dun rmb me, lol)
    Nice job doing this post+photos even though u were busy..

  25. Marvin says:

    Gordon a RX-78-3 oyw kit! I envy! ^^

  26. Stifler says:

    lol Glad I finally got to meet you, Gordon. Pity I couldn’t talk for long as some of my friends were coming over. Still, you will be going for EOY next month, yes? If so, I’ll see you there. 😀

  27. Leefe says:

    A pity I didn’t manage to find you; I was there for both days.

    Great photos you’ve gotten. Very nice. It’s still long before I will learn enough to warrant a DSLR. :/

  28. gordon says:

    @ AK,
    don’t worry, you are doing fine.

    @ Ben,
    why? time conflict?

    @ The Sojourner,
    photography class teaches u on how to shoot babes?

    @ Garion,
    nice to meet u too, though only briefly. got my mikuru at toyntoys. she was going for $50 from $85! always wanted her so decided to get her since she’s at a bargain. ^^;

    @ tflops,
    i was caught trying to steal the 2 standee and got thrown out. 😦

    @ soonkiong,

    @ YuKi-To,
    will love to meet u again. this time will chat more. ^^;

    @ Marvin,
    oh bro i’m so sorry, i read your comment on that u wanted one. was planning to ask u whether you like me to get one for you but was afraid sending u an e-mail will take too long for a reply. 😦

    @ Stifler,
    ya i’ll probably be there. missed it last year. this is a great opportunity to practice shooting skills.

    @ Leefe,
    thanks. i see that u have a nice report of the event as well.

  29. marvin says:

    lol no worries Gordon, I wouldn’t want to be a bother. ^^ besides I still have a lot of kits to build. ^^

  30. Blowfish says:

    Need moar girls!
    How id like to own that Rei ❤

    Im bad with names and faces aswell.Its not even funny sometimes^^;;

  31. Raven says:

    Yes that display of Rei finally convinced me to purchase her. But I do need to start looking around Singapore hopefully around some dark corners of the island, she is still waiting to be taken (ok this sounds wrong now >.<)

    Had a bad time on those 2 days. Entertaining 2-3 groups of friends attending the event is really bad. Getting dragged all over the place. Plus the shops there slashed the prices of those figures down so much that I ended up doing early X’mas shopping for myself (the selfish bastard).

    Come December, it looks like I have to co-host some Jap students at my place.

  32. Wow… your photography is slick. Great composition and ultra-sharp pictures. Awesome!

    What camera do you use?

  33. yumeno says:

    T’was great meeting you at AFA. 😀

  34. andra says:

    I think I saw alot of faces I saw somewhere before; was hopping around looking for a spot to look at May’n ^^;

  35. phossil says:

    I agree with Jonathan.. Cool pictures and great event you had in there!!..

  36. G2 says:

    Nice photos. Seems like u manage to get hold of some pretty cosers. ^^

  37. GNdynames says:

    Awesome! Asian cosplayers are much better than the ones we have here >.> Exia looks simply amazing. Do you know what the suit is made of?

    Can’t wait to see the finished product of Alto’s VF-25^^

  38. MrMayat says:

    You got a discerning eye and steady hands. Good stuff.

    Mind if you link my coverage too?

  39. hika says:

    Opt for photo of May’n signed board from the handshake session!

  40. Babes? Well I could consult you for that matter.

  41. Fariz Asuka says:

    It was a great pleasure to meet those who came for AFA08..

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  43. Garion says:


    Wow that is pretty good pricing for the Mikuru! Should have gone over the figures on offer at TnT more thoroughly. ^^; Heard there were many good bargains to be had, esp. for the last few hrs on Sunday…some booths were offering discounts, presumably to clear stocks.

    Yeah it was kinda short, hope can meet up wif you next time round for a nice long chat or something. Btw ur photography skills is pretty good, not easy to shoot at events like this coz of the lighting and crowds.


    Dude!! So sorry that I didn’t come up to say hi…I’m a shy chap lar. ^^; LOL. XD Maybe at the EOY event, if you’re going for it that is?

  44. Rin says:

    Some of the cosplayers are just amazing…
    The Gundam one is jsut crazy!!!!!!
    Do love the Code Geass one too!!!!!!!
    I want that base for 00 Gundam!!!!!

  45. Loba says:

    Hey hi, thanks for dropping by. Might have saw you at AFA, I was playing Magic the gathering with bj0rn and 2 other dudes on the first day. Definitely memorable AFA in more ways than one (LEGENDARY MR. KOWTOW.)

    By the way, did you know that TnT was selling their stuff at 2 for $30 at the last hour? ._.

  46. Paliodor says:

    CB action base is looking great. Will have to order it with Over Flag in next month ^^.
    Also Rei figure looks cute. But i’m more into gundam stuff then figure still don’t know which to buy for my first one XD.

  47. Shin says:

    Glad to have met everyone from Team Blue and then some. The only thing I wanted was that Ranka banner ):

  48. gordon says:

    @ marvin,

    @ Blowfish,
    moar girls later.

    @ Raven,
    the students are going to stay in you house?

    @ Jonathan Wong,
    canon 1000D. still needs improving though. not very happy with how the lighting turns out for the rest of the pics. 😦

    @ yumeno,
    u are awesome too. u remember all the anime songs. XD

    @ andra,
    too bad i didn’t see u.

    @ phossil,
    thanks. will work on improvements.

    @ G2,
    most of cosplayers are pretty. i need to improve on how to capture them in the most beautiful angle and best expression etc.

    @ GNdynames,
    the exia is made of cardboard and other paper material i guess. else it will be impossible to walk around.

    @ MrMayat,

    @ hika,
    posted it already in a new post. too bad the board aren’t mine. 😦

    @ The Sojourner,
    sure. we can get misakichii to pose and we will shoot him.

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    indeed. i enjoyed the humor of the company.

    @ Garion,
    the mikuru was kinda hidden. didn’t saw it the first time i walked past. glad that i visited the store for a 2nd time and found it.

    @ Rin,
    lol, i love the way u comment.

    @ Loba,
    so that was u guys! i saw a bunch of guys playing magic but not sure is it day 1 or 2. XD i didn’t knew TnT are clearing their stock so cheaply. but that’s ok, probably left with the less popular stuffs.

    @ Paliodor,
    u are not gonna pose overflag with the CB base right? ^^;

    @ Shin,
    me too! >.<

  49. Loba says:

    Day 1 lol. We were sitting beside NUS Graphite booth (or rather opposite Graphite, beside NUS tables), playing at around 5+pm to before 6pm. At first it was a one versus one, then it became four person free for all. Bj0rn won =(

    Ya, freaking cheap. You could have gotten this ( and this ( for $30 together but the former was out of stock so I didn’t get them…kinda regretting now. Badly. /me looks to his GFF infinite justice($40!) for consolation.

  50. paliodor says:

    nope it’s just that I will order it with Over Flag 😉 .This action base will be looking good with my 1/100 Dynames.

  51. Raven says:

    Some hiccups with the agency organizing. Not too sure of the outcome though.

  52. Ryo-Base says:

    Nice photos. About that sweet young thing, I want to take her home >///<

  53. gordon says:

    @ Loba,
    i wamned to get Revoltech Rei but they only have the banaged version. i want non-banaged version. 😦

    @ paliodor,
    alright. i see.

    @ Raven,
    no ideas here as well.

    @ Ryo-Base,

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