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Japanese Anime Studios Sue Singapore Downloaders

I was reading tflops‘s latest blog post and found out about this piece of news.

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Konichiwa Goshujin-sama, would you like coffee, tea or me?

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007 Quantum Of Solace

After watching the lastest James Bond flick, I am happy to announce that my all time favourite bond girl is now M. :3

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 6 – Love Complicates War

Gundam pilot Saji is not. Love really complicates war doesn’t it? Marina’s love for her country, Allarujah’s love for Soma, Soma’s love for Sergei, Sumeragi’s love for Emilio (ex-boyfriend?), Setsuna’s love for Gundam, Graham’s love for Setsuna…

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Tare-Danny Mirai and Haruka Shirt

It finally arrived this week. Those of you who frequent Danny’s blog will know what this shirt is all about. It’s drawn by Chun and I bought one as a form of support for the lass. Those interested to get … Continue reading

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Halloween Clarke Quay

TK-8316 (extreme right) survived his maiden trooping on Halloween. It was quite an experience. Pretty droids everywhere.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 5 – It’s all Saji’s Fault

Miss me? Saji got into trouble again and gets everyone in Kataron killed, plus the return of the mercenary whom everyone loves to hate. Wait, or it hate to love?

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