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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 13 – My Cannon is Bigger than Yours

Lots of shooting in this week’s episode. Not much to talk about so whoever with the biggest cannon wins I guess. Pew Pew Pew.

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Readers familiar with the Taiwan entertainment scene will recognise 川島茉樹代 (Kawashima Makiyo) or better known as Makiyo.

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Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone. Got the worst Christmas present today. I went back to work. Well anyway, here’s a lovely xmas girl pic by chun dug up from my archive of her works. Happy holiday!

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 12 – The Breakup

Things turns for the worse now that Louise and Saji find themselves on the opposite ends of the battlefield. Love truly complicates war.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 11 – The Big Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

oh Tieria you are the ❤ So when Gundam 00 docks with the 0 Raiser and activates Trans-Am, strange things begins to happen…

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EOY 08

TK8316’s eternal quest of looking for the droid he’s looking for takes him to a far away land in the outer rim of the galaxy where he encountered many droids of all shape and sizes. Will he find the one … Continue reading

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Random Photo Shoot 1

Here are some pictures I took when I was running around town and other places.

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