EOY 08

TK8316’s eternal quest of looking for the droid he’s looking for takes him to a far away land in the outer rim of the galaxy where he encountered many droids of all shape and sizes. Will he find the one he’s looking for?

TK8316 was assigned to participate in a charity Christmas party in the morning that day. Instead of going back to base to store his stuffs, he decided to go straight to the annual EOY in the east. Since he’s there, he might as well suit up.

One thing that this year’s EOY impressed me the most is the availability of a luggage storage room to deposit my big suitcase. No long queues, fast transaction, hassle free registration and not forgetting the friendly and approachable staffs. Thumbs up.

TK8316 poses with a lovely doll. Her name Matsudaira Umeko (Abio Angel shi) and belongs to a friend. Check out his photos here.

Found one.

She will make a fine addition to the Empire.

Another lovely droid in yukata. Special thanks to dice and her cousin for taking some of the pics here.

英雄难过美人关。 Forgive me Lord Vader, I have failed.

The trooper is shy.
Pic by Ah Dong from sgcafe.

Having some fun with a non-movie accurate Vader in leather. Perhaps a modern day version? Pic from The Banzai! Effect

Winry Rockbell on the left is hot! Took me a way to realise the lady on the right is actually Edward’s sensei.

The LTC Hughes cosplayer is great. The drawing and photograph of his daugher is a nice touch. Pic by ahpoke from sgcafe.

Tifa and Cloud. Please ignore the recycling bins in the background. Kinda spoils the shot. >.<

A sexy Santarina. Forgotten where I got this pic from. If it’s yours please let me know. Too bad I didn’t see her when I was making my rounds.

Yummy… Pic by Hyoh

Lulu and C.C. looking sad because there was no pizza hut at the venue.
Cheese-kun looks awesome.

As I mentioned before in my AFA08 post, taking pics of cosplayers in a crowded place often results in a messy background with lots of faces, people and unwanted objects like the recycling bins. So i tried blurring the background for some of the shots. How do you find the result? Above is the original shot without blurring the background.

Bought this at the event. Fall in love with this giant poster when i first saw it at AFA08. Thanks Collateral Damage Studio.

Lastly do pardon me for the lack of pics as visibility is very low in the bucket. There are lots of nice cosplayers which you may want to check it out by fellow anime bloggers below. If you have a coverage and want me to add on to the list, please let me know.

The Zhu Keeper
The Banzai! Effect
Yumeno no Sekai
THAT animeblog
SP Lifearts
Kyouran Kyodai

Lots of pis at sgcafe as well.


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43 Responses to EOY 08

  1. malzias says:

    Blurring helps alot, makes the subjects more visible. Try darkening the background as well, it might help take attention away from the crowd behind 😛

  2. FatB says:

    “Friends you have there… It is the future you see…
    Always in motion is the future.” – Yoda

  3. Otaku Dan says:

    Gordon has become the Singapore storm trooper.

  4. Panther says:

    Shit, Dice was there? I no spotted her!

    Also crap I have to wait like a few days before I can even finish getting and post-processing pictures lol. Not sure how the shot I took with you came out.

  5. k says:

    now all you need is an arm band. ^^

  6. MrMayat says:

    It’s great to see that some people put enough afterthought to post-processing pics. The blur works fine enough. I was wondering if you were using a Voightlander or one of those f1.2 lenses initially.

  7. AK says:

    Well done, comrade!

  8. chun says:

    lol my favourite is trooper is shy shot! 😛 nice pix Gordon! 😀 I like the one U blurred out the BG too ^^

  9. Pyoro says:

    i dunno about you guys, but the blur background makes the pic look like a blue screen effect or something…
    also, i have been eyeing your desk in that last photo at funan for sometime now…me in the process of moving some stuff…

  10. hika says:

    wa didn’t know that giant poster can be bought lol.

  11. Rin says:

    Just wow!!!!!!
    Do like!!!!!!
    I want that giant Ranka poster!!!!!!
    I want it!!!!!!

  12. blazin says:

    I saw that Ranka poster lor… I wanted that…lolx

    Hope CDS can produce somemore… or smaller ones…XD

  13. Setsuna-san says:

    Your giant poster makes me green with envy.

    Woe is me for not splashing my money on it!!!

  14. dice says:

    die trooper die! hahaha ~ the 英雄难过美人关 shot is v funny becos this 美人 is not really very 美 blush blush LOL.

    Panther – I didn’t know you were there. I bet you spotted me – You just didn’t know its me ne~~~ 😛

  15. Hangmen says:

    Hughes? You’re alive? ;_;

  16. Persocom says:

    blurred really does make a difference. awesome pictures, and rofl @ shy trooper pic XD

  17. gordon says:

    @ malzias,
    will try that out in future.

    @ FatB,
    very mind pondering words.

    @ Otaku Dan,
    lol, there are other stormtroopers in the local garrison. ^^

    @ Panther,
    take your time, no rush.

    @ k,
    that’s ok, don’t think i need that. no red armband wearing troopers in the movies anyway. ^^;

    @ MrMayat,
    was using the compact camera as it’s easier to carry around.

    @ AK,
    u too buddy.

    @ Pyoro,
    yup i got the desk from funan. it’s a good deal and allows me to put figures on the attached shelf.

    @ chun,
    lol, have no idea why your comment is stuck inside the spam filter. glad u like the blur. but i still find it not blur enough despite being strength being 100%.

    @ hika,
    one just need to ask.

    @ Rin,
    no it’s my precious!

    @ blazin,
    u can always e-mail them to ask.

    @ Setsuna-san,

    @ dice,

    @ Hangmen,
    i like hughes’ character. why must he die~~!

    @ Persocom,
    trooper is shy as he seldom see girls on the death star.

  18. DS says:

    gordon, the photos with the blurred backgrounds are way better IMO, though at first I wondered what lens did you use, I thought you were using tele lenses but it turned out to be a shop LOL

  19. Q says:

    lol 英雄難過美人關

    Now I know what to use to strike against the Empire~ 😛

  20. actar says:

    Hey! Great pictures. EOY had some great cosplayers!

    Sadly, couldn’t make it yesterday due to the fact that I had other appointments. But will definitely make it next time round! You’re one of the Singatakus that I’d love to meet up with! So many things to talk about…

    Oh, if I could so shyly ask… Could you add me to your blogroll? (^o^)’

  21. Marianto says:

    Looking good there Gordon ^^

    Judging from the pictures, its great to see that the quality of Cosplays in Singapore have improved quite a lot as compared to the last few years.

    Have been wanting to meet up with you but, sadly, did not attend this event due to some personal appointments. Next time perhaps ;D

  22. Fariz Asuka says:

    I do like the pictures with blurred backgrounds IMO.. They look more presentable and nicer.. Great pics..

    Well, it is good to see you doing your part for the Empire Gordon.. ^^

  23. Rokku says:

    Nice pictures, thanks for the coverage.
    You must be one really lucky man to have that poster
    Btw, where are you gonna put the poster?

  24. otaku says:

    alo there….blog hoping here…nice blog u have here…nice collection u have also…..have a nice day….XD

  25. Stifler says:

    OMG You actually brought that Ranka poster home??! LOL

  26. That giant poster is so cool! I wonder which artist drew it.

  27. lol. Gawd. Shin is gonna raid your home at night.

  28. GNdynames says:


    hahaha so true…so true…

  29. yumeno says:

    Many better cosplayers this time round. Will relay some feedback back to STAC from your responses 😀

  30. gordon says:

    @ DS,
    glad u like it. will work on improving the technic.

    @ Q,
    only certain 美人, not all. ^^;

    @ actar,
    i’ll love to meet anotehr comrade too. added u to my blogroll. ^^

    @ Marianto,
    no problems. that’s always another time to meet. singapore is small afterall. and yes i agree, cosplaying standards has improved over the years.

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    vader assigned me to find the prettiest droid, but there’s so many! anyway thanks, i like your coverage too. missed some cosplayers u shot.

    @ Rokku,
    no ideas yet. too dangerous to put anywhere for fear of people knocking into it. gonna clean it and roll it up for the time being.

    @ Stifler,
    it was calling out to me! yahk deculture!

    @ Coco the Bean,
    good question. i’ll be sure to ask the boss of CDS the next time i see him.

    @ The Sojourner,
    noted. he will never know i store the poster in the locker marked with a big red x.

    @ GNdynames,
    i’m unworthy…

    @ yumeno,
    great thanks.

  31. RyoBase says:

    umm..there’s something missing about Stormtrooper. Not sure what it is, but as if it’s so important. ^^;

  32. Orange says:

    Good stuff. The blurring on that one image is a pretty nice touch, though I’m not sure if I necessarily prefer it over the non-blurred version.

  33. phossil says:

    ~Took me a way to realise the lady on the right is actually Edward’s sensei…. I think its Pinako you are talking about..

    The droid with the white cosplay looks very nice!!

  34. awsome pics loved everyone wished i could have been there and joined you guys you should of takin a pic of eiri yuki or eyes rutherford or inuyasha or naruto or zero kiryu but …… still awsome pics post some more by the by when is the next convention

  35. Sandy-kun says:

    Just. SO many cosplayer Laying around… A nice object to be shoot to, ehhh???

  36. ron~ says:

    hoo that big poster is very nice!

    3 photos with dice! haha, thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

  37. koshiko says:

    Shy Tropper is shy, but so cute~ That’s a really nice photo

    Isn’t ‘Santarina’ Asuka from Eva? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her with that outfit on an image somewhere, lol.

    I like the blurred background as it looks good, but since I would want to see what things are like in fellow bloggers’ neighbourhoods, I’d rather see the originals :3 Less work for you that way anyhow, lol.

  38. andra says:

    Oh god, you brought that Ranka home! Is she really for sale or did the stormtrooper… do something else? ^^;

    Blurring the back sure makes the whole thing look neater but I cant find anymore random people to guess ^^;

  39. gordon says:

    @ RyoBase,
    my abdomen armour with the buttons is missing.

    @ Orange,
    ya i know. the blur effect is not as nice as produced by the camera with a big aperture.

    @ phossil,
    ah yes pinako! winry’s grandma.

    @ shreese _Richardson,
    lol. sorry couldn’t understand what u are saying. ^^

    @ Sandy-kun,
    u mean shooting with a camera right?

    @ ron~,
    4 actually. she’s lovely.

    @ koshiko,
    ah yes. someone told me later that the santarina is indeed asuka. couldn’t really tell. ^^

    @ andra,
    yes i really did something. i asked for the price. ^^;

  40. Why this web site do not have other languages support?

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