Christmas Kettling Week 4

Pardon me if I’m boring you with the recent trooping posts. This will be the final trooping mission for this year as we finally finished the last Christmas kettling last Saturday.

Hmm… maybe I’ll put up an idol post next week.

OK back to topic. A look at the first shift before my turn. Introducing our every own Santa trooper and my senior the TIE fighter pilot who was my partner for the past weeks.

Taking one last look at the mirror to check everything is in order before heading off. Notice anything different with the trooper this week? Cookies to the one with the correct answer.

This week my partner is another TIE fighter pilot from the garrison.

Hmm… Looks like this is becoming TK8316’s standard pose already. ^^

This little droid wants a hug from the trooper.

This is how the crowd looks like when the troopers are in action.

Oh ya, this Salvation Army volunteer is a cutie. ^^

Shaking hand with a little droid.

Lovely droids. I think they call them girls on this planet.

Something unexpected occurred. Tk8316 was suddenly assaulted by a mini droid before he could draw out his blaster to retaliate.

Thumbs up for this one.

One last photo request from another lovely droid before yours truly retires for the day.

My buddy AK-kun trying out my helmet.

More pics including previous kettling pics are consolidated over at my flickr.

Lastly special thanks to my buddy AK-kun who took majority of the photos here and his friend Ron for looking out after me. Thanks both.

On behalf of the Empire, TK8316 wishes all an early Merry Christmas. Now time to find that hidden rebel’s base.

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26 Responses to Christmas Kettling Week 4

  1. Pyoro says:

    a stormtrooper suit is the ticket to hooking up with more gals, ’nuff said
    i am full of envy now

    also blue kid reminds me of fist of the north star.
    merry xmas to all!

  2. hika321 says:

    was the mini droid who assaulted you promoted? ^_^;

  3. Blowfish says:

    Who would have thought that beeing a starwars fanboy would attract so many cute girls^^

    How long is one trooping shift?I think its pretty exahausting to be in that armor all the time

  4. GNdynames says:

    Difference is the sticker/decal on the right shoulder ^_^

    Santa Trooper looks kinds of scary o_o

  5. Orange says:

    A quick glance at the apron and I thought it said “I am a burger” as opposed to “I am a bellringer.”

  6. k says:

    come now… spread some christmas cheer. leave the rebel base alone for christmas. ^^

  7. Lene says:

    Santa trooper! XD Is that a Snowtrooper in there?

    Also, do you have your garrison patch on your shoulder bell? It looks spiffy! 🙂

  8. Panther says:

    What you were assaulted by a minidroid and could not respond in time? You are a shame to the Empire!

  9. Gunstray says:

    LULZ Sweeet, Santa trooper, guess santa decided to join the Empire^_-;

  10. koshiko says:

    I’d have to guess the something new is on your right arm? Hehe~ looks good though.

    Nuu~ you’re not boring me at least xD Photos with the mini droids are so cute~ :3

  11. FatB says:

    Looks like you’ll be needing a bigger codpiece.

  12. bk201 says:

    the new thing i’ve noticed are the stickers.
    and yay for the droid kicking you!

  13. Rin says:

    Really nice!!!!!
    Ah, I want to see more!!!!!!
    Droid kicking you…I don’t know whats good or bad through that…

  14. Optic says:

    by any chance did the kid kicked really hard and cry?
    I assume it’s a tough suit. lol

  15. alafista says:

    Oh man I gotta get myself one of these suits. They are babe magnets.

  16. phossil says:

    Wha?? Some minidroids wants a hug and some gives you a kick… ^_^
    I think the mini droids was sent from the rebelion. Probably they simpatizes with the ewoks… Lol!!

  17. gordon says:

    @ Pyoro,
    the girls love vader more.

    @ hika321,
    promoted? i should have arrested him. lol.

    @ Blowfish,
    2hrs. it was alright as the place is air-conditioned.

    @ GNdynames,
    correct! i have my garrison patch on. so proud to wear it. cookies are sent. ^^

    @ Orange,
    lol. a burger is fine too.

    @ k,
    guess u are right. no warfare this holiday session then.

    @ Lene,
    yup santa is wearing a modified snow trooper armour passed down from a senior. u are correct as well. cookies for u too.

    @ Panther,
    i is phailz.

    @ Gunstray,
    yup. the empire have very good welfare and benefits.

    @ koshiko,

    @ FatB,
    indeed. already requested it to the imperial quartermaster.

    @ bk201,
    not stickers, just a normal patch. can be easily taken off depending on events.

    @ Rin,
    bad for me of course. lol.

    @ Optic,
    the kid is tough as well. he seems to be enjoying himself.

    @ alafista,
    the imperial recruitment officer will get in touch with u shortly.

    @ phossil,

  18. Persocom says:

    nice new patch ^^ I wonder how a stormtrooper outfit would feel in the ice cold US this time of year, probably a lot warmer than my coat XD

  19. Kazearashi says:

    A lot more droids huh… xD

    Merry Christmas too! ^^

  20. TJ says:

    Unfortunately i didnt have time otherwise i would have stayed for a pic. Was already late meeting my friend. I saw you and I thought, “Hey! your that dude at EOY! I have you picture on my iphone” Then I prompty walked up to you and tapped you on the chest plate, I didnt see you left eye so i thought u could only see out your right. Then I quickly showed you before i had to dash off again. Great seeing you again. Keep it up Trooper Dooper!

  21. marvin says:

    I’m willing to bet that kid must be hurting after kicking your shin armour. ^^; oh well, at least he wasn’t aiming at the codpiece. ^^;

  22. Lene says:

    Yay, cookies! ❤

  23. chun says:

    awww thanks for the hard work ^^!

  24. tflops says:

    I never had myself a picture with a SAFS too bad u_u

  25. gordon says:

    @ Persocom,
    perhaps a snow trooper outfit will be more appropriate. ^^

    @ Kazearashi,
    yes many nice ones. ^^

    @ TJ,
    thanks for coming up to say hi. now i really got to get some tints for my visor.

    @ marvin,
    lol. the kid is fine.

    @ Lene,
    check your mailbox for the cookies.

    @ chun,
    welcomed. we enjoyed doing it.

    @ tflops,
    lol. wrong topic?

  26. oOgA says:

    seems like a lot of cute lovely droids got attracted by you .. tsk

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