Gundam 00 S2 Episode 13 – My Cannon is Bigger than Yours

Lots of shooting in this week’s episode. Not much to talk about so whoever with the biggest cannon wins I guess. Pew Pew Pew.

That’s something you don’t see outside the window everyday.

I’m screwed. I should have become an accountant like what mother said.


Face palm doing it wrong you are.

Celestial Beings doing their part for the environment.
Save energy by doing battle in the dark.

Purple smoke is purple.

Just like Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star in A New Hope.

You wish you had some of Patrick’s luck now right doncha?

Stop it Nena, you are no Ranka.

A name like Hercules doesn’t seems so funny now that we seen funnier Innovators’ names.

There will be no episode next week.

Instead it will be a New Year Gundam 00 Special.

So I guess next episode will be Macross Frontier inspired? 私の唄を聴け!!

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26 Responses to Gundam 00 S2 Episode 13 – My Cannon is Bigger than Yours

  1. Pyoro says:

    also, the only line Allelujah got to say was “TransAM” hurhur

  2. nutcase23 says:

    “Pew pew pew” is indeed the appropriate phrase for this episode ^^

  3. Lene says:

    Poor Allelujah never gets any screentime 😦

  4. Q says:

    Arios still hasn’t lived up to itself; it got stabbed by Soma’s Ahead, and now it’s just acting as a support/Ptolemy’s booster battery. -_-

  5. Kiri says:

    @Pyoro, Lene, Q: I’m hoping Arios will get to kick some ass when Hallelujah crawls out of the dark again. Eventually. 😐 Who wants to bet that Marie’s going to play damsel in distress at some point eventually?

  6. Marianto says:

    The Nena screencap seems like a very viable candidate for a fail pic.

    I can’t help but keep noticing the way her palm are drawn. Or is it just me?

  7. sbhboi says:

    Memento Mori, sounds like a food to me. 😀

  8. FatB says:

    My cannon is indeed bigger than yours.

  9. Pyoro says:

    oh wait he said “Lockon” at the end too

  10. Rin says:

    It was on heck of an ep…
    Ah….no ep next week…

  11. Mizunaga says:

    I still wonder why their smoke is purple. :\

  12. andra says:

    now I dont really get Stratos =/

  13. justpassingby says:

    why are people complaining the smoke is purple?
    even in the first gundam the smoke caused by explosion is purple (ep 1, Side 7 got blown up when the stabbed Zaku exploded) 😦

  14. justpassingby says:

    and happy new year to fellow gundam fans
    best wishes for the best celebration of gundam 30th celebration 😀

  15. marvin says:

    just love your comments. ^^

    @justpassingby, we aren’t complaining about the purple smoke, we just love poking fun at it. ^^

  16. BOoob says:

    Louise remindme to someone hmm… i thin she like stella loussier or cagali

  17. BOoob says:

    Louise remindme to someone hmm… i thinK she like stella loussier or cagali

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