501st Legion Merchandise

Another cool thing about being part of the 501st Legion is the wide range of merchandise available. Since I’m still a newbie, my collection is still pretty small. Let me just briefly touch on some of the cooler ones.

Probably the most popular of them all is patch trading. A patch is a logo of our garrison/squad/outpost that we wear on our armour for official trooping events. A standard patch is usually circular, 3.5” in size and mechanically sewn with colour fabric.

Patch trading is restricted only to 501st Legion members and is not allowed to be circulated publicly, that means no selling on ebay etc.

On the top is the 501st Legion patch. At the bottom left is the Singapore Garrison v1 patch, on the right is the v2 featuring a sandtrooper.

Typical design of the logo incorporates characters from the Star Wars movie, usually a stormtrooper, who is probably the most recognizable. Iconic features of the country are also integrated for a personal and unique touch. For example we see a merlion symbol on the Singapore Garrison logo. See more garrison logos from around the world here.

11” inch version of the 501st Legion patch. Mikuru not included.

This is my first patch trade. Daichi-san from the Japanese Garrison was kind enough to trade his patch with mine. Not only that, he also sent me a New Year card with his family on it and a very cool autographed copy of his trading card. The 501st Legion does their own trading cards as well. Will touch on that when I get mine done some day. ^^

This is one of my favourite merchandises. My very own 501st Legion Name Badge made by a fellow 501st member, the CO of Neon City Garrison in Vegas. Very nice.

Here we see the name cards of my fellow troopers. Guess which one is yours truly? The biker scout is a trading card of my CO. Ranka name card holder is love too. (‘~’)


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31 Responses to 501st Legion Merchandise

  1. Marianto says:

    You card must be the one on the bottom row, 2nd from the left. Again, the pose is undoubtable ^^

  2. nutcase23 says:

    Your’s is the bottom row second from the left. I know because you gave me one at EOY ^^

  3. bk201 says:

    that name badge is pretty neat!

  4. phossil says:

    Thats not fair nutcase23….
    Well, I know its that because of a previos post of business cards. which reminds me my desire to get one of yours!!

  5. optic says:

    If there is a Darth Varder related merchandise in the future, plz let me know as I wanna buy one. I can pay Trooper points. xD

  6. optic says:

    It’s an insult to get his name incorrect. >_<
    “Darth Vader”

  7. rangerroh says:

    That AWESOME! I didnt know there were garrison throughout the world. The patches are “PIMP”.

  8. Lene says:

    Ooh, you have a chubby Vader! So cute 😀

    Lester gave me an extra patch of the Hong Kong Shadow Outpost…it’s so neat. You guys get such neat merchandise *_* I didn’t realize patch collecting was so vast~

  9. k says:

    i have one. ^^

  10. MrMayat says:

    Trading Cards, eh? Gotta collect them all. 😛

  11. Blowfish says:

    May your Patch Collection grow!
    Thats some pretty nifty stuff you have access to

  12. 501st Legion just has to be one of the coolest things in this world. haha

  13. Otaku Dan says:

    that is pretty awesome that you get all of those goodies, i wish team blue would have goodies like that

  14. Rin says:

    That’s pretty cool!!!
    Some of the stuff you get is pretty nice too…do like that name tag…

  15. andra says:

    OMG that patch is soooo BIG! Does that patch has any special use?

    I think I can tell from the pose now ^^;

  16. AK says:

    I can’t wait to get up there with all those 501st merchandise too. First step is to become a 501st member. 😛

  17. gordon says:

    @ Marianto,
    bingo, uc an even tell from that pose?

    @ nutcase23,
    so the next time i see u will i get your name card then? ^^

    @ bk201,

    @ phossil,
    i can send it to u if u really want one. ^^

    @ optic,
    what sort of merchandise are u interested it?

    @ rangerroh,

    @ Lene,
    patch trading is very big in the 501st. can’t wait for Lester to get more San Diego v2 patches so that I can trade with him. ^o^

    @ k,
    namecard? ^^;

    @ MrMayat,
    it’s impossible to collect them all i guess. one can’t possibly know all the members.

    @ Blowfish,
    right now need to get more of my own patches in order for me to trade.

    @ AnimeVocalist,
    u bet!

    @ Otaku Dan,
    point taken! i’ll let the boss know.

    @ Rin,
    more to come!

    @ andra,
    still thinking what to use for it.

    @ AK,
    can’t wait for that day to come buddy.

  18. RobLucci says:

    Hi.Gordon.I am a Singaporean too.I am not that good with talking I wonder if that why I made a lot of people online ignored me.I am just a 16 years old chinese boy who about to turn 17 soon.I don’t understand why danny
    has disabled both my account on his website all I did was to ask him is his wife Japanese or it is from the same country London together and pointed out where I left the reply because I thought the reply did not show up because of my own curiosity I don’t know why he gets offended and disabled my accounts I don’t know what I did wrong and I don’t think I did anything wrong.Well its getting late tomorrow I have school so see you again.

  19. GNdynames says:

    Corps/squadron/garrison patch trading is popular everywhere. During my days in Cadets people would tear off their squadron patches from their tunics and trade them. Then once the year starts the NCOs would be screaming at those with missing patches (those of higher ranks yell at those of lower ranks, cuz more junior NCOs do that than anyone else XD). I never traded mine because it’s a pain in the butt to sew them on properly.

    But yeah, trading cards are cool ^_^

  20. marvin says:

    for a moment there, I though you had Ranka Lee’s name card. ^^;

  21. RobLucci says:

    gordon do you know danny email?I am a bit mad at him because when I ask him some questions he disable my account don’t know why.

  22. RobLucci says:

    Gordon will you please ask danny to enable my account again.Its tiring to have created so much accounts and it is disabled all at once.

  23. gordon says:

    @ RobLucci,
    perhaps u should respect others’ privacy and reflect upon your action.

    @ GNdynames,
    who do those cadets trade their patches with?

    @ marvin,
    lol. i’ll love to have one then.

  24. GNdynames says:

    @Gordon: Patches from other squadrons/corps. Each division is given a number and a name, and yeah, it’s cool to have those from other divisions.

  25. jusuchin85 says:

    Wow, that’s uber cool, man! Love the patches, to bad not distributable online/outside the circle. And love the name card as well…Glossy! *blinds eyes*

    The Darth Vader and Stormtrooper figures reminds me of Nendoroids, though…

  26. koshiko says:

    I like v2 with the sandtrooper~ Awesome collection~ I can has mini Vader? :3

  27. Froggy from dannychoo.com says:

    hi there

    how i can get these 501st legion merchandise ?


  28. RobLucci says:

    Gordon it is better if you send a email to me.It is not about privacy it is that I think he said before that they come from London together so I thought I would ask as I also remember right that he said that if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask.Have you ask him to unban your email yet?

  29. gordon says:

    @ GNdynames,

    @ jusuchin85,
    the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper figures are actually egg like design and each set comes in 3 figures; small, medium and big. small can be out inside medium and medium into big.

    @ koshiko,
    really i prefer the red V1 though. red kinda symbolised singapore more.

    @ Froggy,
    i afraid not unless u join the 501st.

  30. RobLucci says:

    I don’t think I need to reflect it is not a big deal anyway.

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