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So there I was clearing space for my increasing toys collection when I came across boxes of PC games I used to play buried inside my cupboard. Thus decided to stack them up and there you have it.

I used to be an avid PC gamer but have somehow grown out of it now. The wall of collection is mostly games from the late 90s to early 21st century. If you notice, PC games boxes of the last century are big like cereal boxes. Nowadays almost all PC games out there come in standard small boxes. I much preferred the big boxes. The current packaging looks boring and lacks characters.

Since we on the topic of games, will like to touch on some of my PC favourite games on the wall.

Hitman: Blood Money (2006)
One of the most recent games I have played. Loved the stealth gameplay where you play the title character, a hitman. Instead of mindless shooting, the gameplay involves you killing off your assigned target silently with the use of disguises to blend in with the surrounding and various fun ways to kill your objective.

The best satisfaction is to assassinate your target without triggering any alarms, with nobody knowing and making it look like an accident. A new installment is coming up, can’t wait. Oh btw, the film version is disappointing. Damn movie studio.

No One Lives Forever (2000)
A first person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a female spy set in the groovy 60s. I love the game so much for many reason. Firstly you play as a female character. Very refreshing since most games you play as a guy.

Secondly the game is extremely humourous. The joy of the game is eavesdropping on unsuspecting enemies. Their conversations are really funny like how they feel working for an evil organization, their personal lives and other random stuffs. Not to mention the enemies are a colourful assortment of characters. Sometimes you will find notes, dossiers lying around and whatever written on it are a good laugh as well.

The game features a great soundtrack and has also won many “Game of the Year” awards. I also have the sequel. It’s equally fun to play with all the winning formula of the first game.

Max Payne (2001)
The most awesome third person shooting game I ever played. It combines good complex storytelling, mind blowing gameplay with slow motion shoot’em up (think bullet time from Matrix). The game also incorporates elements of comic books narration, John Woo’s movies, film noir, Norse mythology and violence. The sequel is also fun but the film adaptation is terrible. Damn Hollywood.

Freedom Force (2002)
A Superhero RPG game based on the Silver Age of Comic Books . I’m superhero fan so I really enjoyed this one packed with obligatory superhero dialogue and humour. I didn’t get the sequel though as the storyline doesn’t seems interesting.

And lastly my favourite game of all time. Nuff said.

Summing things up, I has always love shooting and action games. I like Real Time Strategy games as well like Starcraft and Warcraft but aren’t really a strategic person so will likely lose in competitive games against humans. Will just stick to single player for the storyline.

So what games am I playing now? Just this one.


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33 Responses to PC Games

  1. Gunstray says:

    I aint surprised its your favorite. Anyway what are you planning to do with all of them?

  2. optic says:

    I remember Jedi Academy as it was my first Star Wars lightsaber PC game. I love it to bits where I’ve completed the storyline 5 times. ^^

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it the 6th time as it got repetitive. lol.

  3. tflops says:

    I’m not fond of PC games but not MMO, if I’ll go to Single player instead I’ll use my home consoles.

  4. Adun says:

    Wow, some of those games sure bring back memories. Many hours wasted away during high school and uni thanks to some of these games. But Half Life and Jedi Academy were the ones that impressed me the most.

  5. dice says:

    I think I have one quarter of yours + Dune 2 and Dune 2000… remember those? I feel so OLD now!

  6. k says:

    played most of those games myself too. ^^

  7. sbhboi says:

    Diablo 2 LoD still is my favorite even though got Starcraft 2 released… I just love dungeons with demons from hell. =D

  8. Lethia says:

    wow, thats alot! 😀 the only pc game i play is THE SIMS series though haha. Played games mostly on consoles though..

    For PC games, me & hubby only have CRYSIS, FALLOUT 3, GEARS OF WARS, OVERLORD, BIOSHOCK though.. XD

  9. GNdynames says:

    I have WC2, WC3+exp, Red Alert 2 and exp, and D2 LOD. I’m more of a RTS and RPG gamer because I can’t shoot on the computer (with real gun I’m fine). Was into WoW for about a year and then gave up gaming completely.

    And I’m not at all surprised at your “favourite” game. Very original *cough*

  10. Q says:

    Nooo where’s Starcraft?! >_<

  11. Marianto says:

    Aha! Warcraft II Thats a classic!

  12. Whoa. You keep the boxes? I used to do so until they were occupying too much space.

  13. Panther says:

    Used to be an avid gamer but yeah, like you, I mostly gave up on it. Still I am replaying some old games that I heard were good, though it really is very sporadic playing. Half-Life though, I agree, was good. Showed the FPS world what a FPS could be made of at the time.

  14. Lene says:

    Aw, I love D2/D2:LOD!

    I actually never got around to playing Half-Life, though. I’ve never been too confident in FPS’s, but I’m actually trying them out to see if I’d be able to get into them. I had a bad experience when an old high school friend threw me into a game of CS and I panicked so much ;_;

  15. Stifler says:

    That’s alot of games. Played most of them myself, lol

    Hitman’s awesome. I’ve always loved these silent assassin games, through Assassin’s Creed was disappointing as it got repetitive after Memory Block 3.

  16. RobLucci says:

    Gordon email to me,

  17. andra says:

    I play Age of Empires too!! I love making ym own maps. They are my very very favourite since its the only strategic game I can ever handle lols . Those like red alert, tiberium sun, command & conquer games, starcraft. warcraft…. – I epic fail lols.

    But now I hardly touch any games ^^;

  18. gordon says:

    @ Gunstray,
    keep them and pass down to future generation.

    @ optic,
    Jedi Academy was fun but gameplay is pretty much about stage completing. jedi knight was more fun with a better story.

    @ tflops,
    i never owned a console.

    @ Adun,
    same here.

    @ dice,
    Dune II = Floppy disk or Cartridge?

    @ k,
    sure? even no one lives forever?

    @ sbhboi,
    diablo 2 = good fingers clicking exercise machine.

    @ Lethia,
    all your PC games are so high-end. O_O

    @ GNdynames,
    it’ true, i love half life.

    @ Q,
    my starcraft is open source so it’s not there.

    @ Marianto,
    but the single player is so hard to play. O_O

    @ The Sojourner,
    too nice to throw away.

    @ Panther,
    half life is the only game where the hero don’t talk.

    @ Lene,
    didn’t knew CS has such an effect on u.

    @ Stifler,
    there’s just a humble collection. i believe many others have more.

    @ andra,
    age of empire is my first real PC game. love it, can learn history as well.

  19. phossil says:

    Half life is my favorite game of all time (with Unreal tournament and CounterStrike…hehe). Now Im taking some time off playing pc games but I want to play Half Life episode 2, *need a better graphic card*.

  20. dice says:

    eek now that you mentioned, i don’t remember the media that Dune II came in. Do they have cds back in 1989? I think it might have been the 2.5″ floppy.

    I still remember playing frogger & load runner on apple computers. and it came in those 3.5″ real floppy floppies. You know, those that can be flapped like a fan. haha.

  21. Blowfish says:

    Yay another NoOneLivesForever Fan!
    I loved the games to bits^^

    One of my favorite moments was when you where hunting down the enemy on a trycicle driven by the scotsman ^^

  22. Akiraman says:

    I see Blizzard Games but no StarCraft??? But Diablo and Warcraft is there ^^

  23. ron~ says:

    I prefer the small boxes tho, bigger box is pretty but eating plenty of space 😦

  24. Persocom says:

    I don’t play hardly as many PC games as I used to, most of my collection is missing the boxes too, but I did recently dust off Sims 2 and start playing again a bit..

  25. Cavalock says:

    after some bad experience with copy games many many years ago, i been buying originals. its ok as i only have time for less than 5 new games (mostly DS n PSP) each year. Plus buying originals makes me wanna complete the game even more.

  26. RyoBase says:

    which remind me the good time I used to play Half-Life in Lan mode with my friends. Blow people heads with RPG, good time.

  27. Nice collection :3

    I’ve never been into PC gaming but I watched my cousins play from time to time. One of them use to use play Starcraft and all I can remember about it was little things on the screen and the phrase “Food for thought”

    Lately I’ve been thinking of trying some FPS games, but I think there’s a chance of me getting motion sickness from them…

  28. rangerroh says:

    Good Collection of games. I actually played all of those games except freedom force. ^^ I am currently playing world of warcraft: wotlk.I’m surprised you dont have that in your collection.

    Oh man! diablo 2 was a fun game! “Cow level” anyone ^^

  29. blauereiter says:

    Loved doom 3. Scared me quite a bit in parts, but that’s what made it fun !

  30. Pyoro says:

    woah ancient games ya have there
    i sold most of my old stuff to cash converters, kinda regretted it though (1 dollar a Disc wth!)

  31. m1sfit says:

    I played most of the Valve and Ensemble Studios games. I remember Age of Empires and Half Life was what really got me into gaming. I played them up to AOE3 and Half Life 2 Episode 2 respectively.

    Maybe their cutting down the size of the boxes for the economy?

  32. Bsim says:

    Baldurs gates is my fav series.

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